Racism & President Obama

By Jueseppi B.

The day Barack Hussein Obama was sworn into office, America became the model for a racist nation. The hatred against the 44th President Of The United States Of America was and is blatant. A racist person, whether they be Black or caucasian, does not scare me, I am not frighten by a red neck backwoods cracker, as a matter of fact I feel sorry for any individual who needs to oppress another human being in order to feel superior. I am tired, fed up, disgusted by the “code words” used by racist to communicate when speaking about Black Americans. Words & phrases such as “uppity”, “articulate”, “well mannered”, “educated”, “speaks so well”, “different than I thought”, “well spoken”, and my personal favorite…”you don’t sound Black on the phone”.

I would rather a racist be honest and straight forward and say the word nigger, or porch monkey, or coon, rather than have them say the moronic code words when talking about Black Americans. Simple fact is we Black Americans know every code word you racist use, we have known for centuries. When the FLOTUS was called “uppity” by Rush Limbaugh, what he was too chickenshit to say, what he really meant was, First Lady Michelle Obama was acting above her “place”. He wanted to say she should know her “place” and stay confined to her station in life, based on her skin color, which is beneath any caucasian person. The racist believes that the current First Family has no business being in the White Mans House.

Here’s a simple challenge to all you racist folks who read this, and are man/woman enough to recognize you are a racist, honest enough with yourself, and everybody else, to admit you hate Barack Hussein Obama because he is Black….give me one example of anything POTUS Obama has done that is detrimental to this country. I don’t want to hear any stupid ass bull shit either, like he is not an American, or his religion is Muslim (Muslim is not a religion, Islam is the religion). Don’t come to me with the idiotic excuses like POTUS Obama has no experience to be President, name me one President, who had the experience of being President Of The United States Of America, before being elected President. Still with me racist? The challenge is to find ONE issue or policy that this President has failed to secure for the betterment of ALL American people. Name me one thing POTUS Obama has done, and nothing better be connected to his personal being, it had better be issue related, that makes an American unhappy and hurts Americans.

The non racist Americans, of ALL colors, understand the mission of the TeaPubliCANTS is to do whatever is necessary to keep this Black Man from winning re-election in 2012. The racist RepubliCANTS, GOPretender,Tea-Baggers, Conselfishservative’s, right wing nuts, white supremacist and uninformed Americans can not see the good deeds done by this President against all odds. Odds that include a hostile House Of Representatives, an evil Senate, and local government politicians such as Mayors & Governors who have an agenda of protecting the wealthy 1% of America. The only reason you hate Barack Hussein Obama is because you are scared of his power to change the distribution of wealth and power in America. The battle in America is between POTUS Obama and the top 1% of wealthy caucasians, and if you are not a wealthy caucasian, you are being used by wealthy caucasians to further their agenda.

I’ll make this a simple as possible, so you can comprehend, if you make below $200,000 a year, and you vote TeaPubliCANT, or GOPretender, you are helping corporations like the Koch Brothers, Trump INC., Citibank, Wells Fargo, Bank Of America, British Petroleum, and Citizens United to name a few, steal America from Americans. Now I am confused as to how a poor white person, on Social Security, or working a 9 to 5 job at the local utility company, can vote for a party that wants to limit your wealth, while increasing their own prosperity. How can “Joe The Plumber” vote for a party that will abolish 8 government agencies that employ hundreds of thousands of American workers. This TeaPubliCANT party will not even give you poor Americans a tax credit that will put money in your pocket….this same political party you love, is interested in raising your taxes while lowering the taxes of millionaires and billionaires, yet you racist voters plan to vote for this party simply because they are the caucasian party, the lily-white party.

Racism is a learned/taught sickness, and it is taught by our parents and the environment we surround ourselves with as youth. No infant is born into this world being a racist. A new born has no fear or hatred of a new born of a darker skin color. Babies could care less what your religion is or in what country you were born. But soon, real soon, a racist plans on educating that infant how to hate. That is the purest form of child abuse in America….teaching your child to become racist.

So in closing, if you poor white folk want to lose your Social Security check, have Medicare and Medicaid in the hands of the wealthy who don’t give a rats ass if you are covered or not, if you want thousands of jobs to be lost when government agencies are shut down, if you don’t care about health care coverage for you or your family, if you are OK with your right to vote being taken away from you, and if you can live with a reduced pay rate and insurance coverage when you are unemployed…..then vote TeaPubliCANT. Just keep your mouth closed when you get your wish….and the Black man leaves office…..in 2016.

“Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts & Truth”.

48 Responses

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  2. So very well said and directly hits the targets both ways…the whys, the what for..and the How it is! Clear, no stutter plain and simple! BAM OUT OF THE PARK!

    What else can I say, I just Love The Way U do U sir!!

  3. [...] Racism & President Obama (theobamacrat.com) [...]

  4. [...] Racism & President Obama (theobamacrat.com) [...]

  5. Interesting comments.
    Though I’am not erudite in subject matter history, and geography, I would highly reccomend one to consider accepting as much knowledge as time permits to these two I have mentioned.
    There are many surprises involved.
    All is not always as it appears..

    Sending the best from me to you, Juseppi.

    • Beryl,
      Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah AND Happy Kwanzaa!! Good to see you here.

      • Hello Juseppi,
        I made a comment of recent here saying many of us consider learning more geograpy and history.
        Though I stand by that and say it often.
        After finally seeing a picture of you I saw much, interesting to say the least.
        You with pride aswell you should told of your many bloods.
        And it is there to see in you.
        As a Journalist for sure you understood with clarity that the message was for those who know nada about such things.

        Much Regards Beryl

      • Ms. Beryl,
        You saw a photo of me?? Where? Much regards to you my friend.

  6. Jueseppi, I agree with you wholeheartedly. America(and other countries as well) is racist. Not just against black people, but against anyone they percieve as “different” from themselves. I do not claim to know what it is like to be an African A
    merican. I only know what it is like to be a 51 year old white married woman with three children. I am very pro Obama and have been since day one. I think he is doing the best job he can (with integrity) given what was handed to him.
    I consider myself an open, honest and caring person. I have been a foster and adoptive parent and I believe that I try to meet others as fellow human beings. Black people can be racist too. I feel your sting when you say that “white people” cannot understand discrimination. I and my beloved children have experienced discrimination on many levels. Although I support Obama and will continue to do so, I would never follow any person blindly just because of thier color. That would be racist in my humble opinion. I don’t fault you for speaking your mind honestly, I hope you don’t fault me for speaking mine.

    • Ms. Sherri,
      I am a 52 year old man of many different racial heritages, 1/4th Sicilian, born on the isle of Sicily, 1/4th Corsican, 1/4th African and 1/4th Pawnee Indian. I know first hand about racial discrimination and I stand by my statements written in this article. No one things ever covers ALL people. There are magnificent white people, like yourself, who get it, who understand we are all related on this planet. BUT by far there are more white people who fear and hate anything that is different from themselves. And that is a taught mindset, taught by their parents and their environment. We are born into this world as new born babies, as pure clean humans, and we do NOT hate, whether it be racially or otherwise. So along the way to adulthood, we are taught to become racist.
      You, Ms. Sherri, are different, and i wish all caucasians thought as you do. Yes there are racist if all colors and nationalities. And everything I sat about racism applies to any and all racist who oppress other people. I speak to my observations that apply to me, and this article was specific as to POTUS Obama. Tank you for being you Ms. Sherri.

      • Thank you. I sincerely hope that our President gets a second term. The alternative frightens me. I care too much about my children and everyone who is not among the 1%. I have young adult children who have aged out of the foster care system. They are still MY children. They struggle every day to make it and I can only help so much. I still have young ones at home. I truely do understand the need for a president who understands that everyone deserves a life, not just the privelidged few. Programs like Head Start, Medicaid and other funding for children, disabled and indigent people are not a waste. Why don’t people of means see that if they don’t protect the young and helpless, that they are just adding to the cycle of problems. There will be an increase in crime, health and mental health issues and fewer kids getting an education. You get out of people what you put into them. That is true for parents and for societies.

      • Ms. Sherrie,
        You said it better than i could ever say it..Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy Hanukkah AND Happy Kwanzaa!!

  7. It is unbelievable and extremely sad that American is still a racist country….allthough we have been free for 148 years,

    • Ms. Dunlap,
      It is sad, and although we are free for that 148 years you mentioned, we are still not equal in the mind of caucasians.

  8. Truer words were never spoken!!!! I am white from Bermuda live in SC and am totally disgusted how people aren’t smart enough to figure these things out!!! Thank you for writing this. Just maybe these narrow minded folks will see the light. I happen to love the Obama’s. Michelle has made a lovely first lady and our President could do a lot if it wasn’t for narrow minded people who can’t figure the simple facts out….what is more of a factor for me is lack of respect for the President of the USA. I’ve said when all this came about taxes for over 200,000. Do you make that kind of money? Answer is well no, I say then why the hell are you opposed to people in that brackets paying more taxes than us who make a lot less. Their answer ” I don’t know”…. Infuriates me to no end. I tell them to read the Bermuda Paper under the business section and see the money just in Bermuda that the US is screwed out of. Their reaction is really, my reaction is yes really … Instead of shooting off at the mouth know some facts first. Let me get off my soap box and back to work. Again thank you for writing this

    • Ms. Peeler, you are using common sense, logic and critical thinking, “they” have no concept of those character traits that you have. I just wrote an article in connection to this Racism & POTUS Obama….some blogger picked that article up and posted it on his blog complete with disagreement that there is any racism against POTUS Obama. Americans are truly insane and morons in their thinking. Thank you for your words of intelligence and for your support. Enjoy a joyous and happy holiday season.

    • Dianne, I agree whole heartedly. As you know, I too was born in Bermuda and now live in the Southern U.S. (North Florida). If only people could see character rather than color and realise that the middle class is the engine of our U.S. economy. Let the President do his job… don’t tie his hands!

  9. [...] posted an article ontoFacebook that she referred to as “the truth”. The article was called “Racism and President Obama”. In the first sentence the author, who calls themselves Jueseppi B., alleges that the United [...]

  10. [...] an article onto Facebook that she referred to as “the truth”. The article was called “Racism and President Obama”. In the first sentence the author, who calls themselves Jueseppi B., alleges that the United [...]

  11. I agree 100%! I have been saying this about the GOP since the inauguration! They all wore WHITE HATS. Most people do not know that this type of WHITE HAT with a black feather was symbolic of the Klan. After The Shrub’s inauguration Trent Lott wore such a white hat and He was whispered to remove it.

    This was nothing new to me what was infuriating was that our so called free and yes, even liberal press did not point this out other than saying “Gee what a fashion statement.” Give me a break. White fedoras en masse in January?

    I am mixed: My great mother was a slave brought to Puerto Rico. Unlike most Puerto Ricans who consider themselves Hispanic I always point out my African which often surprises people, especially racists, because I appear “white”. This is due to the European blood my mom had as well as my father being Irish and English American. At work one year someone asked how I stayed tan in the middle of winter to which I told them oh, that’s the Taino Native American in me.

    Kudos to saying what the press won’t: this is a racist movement that wants people to remain homeless so they have no way of getting registered to vote as you must have an address! Wake up America!

    • Mr. Cavanagh, you are correct, and the people of America just don’t care to notice things racial, unless we who do notice racial nastiness, are pointing the racial BS out to America, Then we are playing the “race card”. That’s like saying fighting a war for peace, the statement makes no sense. Hopefully we will continue to call the racist population out on their secret and no so secret racist actions.
      Thank you for your intelligence.

  12. Finally someone who truly speaks their minds against racist people!!!

    • I am way too old Ms. Laurel, to be a house nigger….I was a run away slave in a former life it seems. I am glad there are some who see the true way America thinks. Thank you for your support.

  13. Award need to win article.

    • Hello Beryl & thank you for your very kind words. How have you been?

      • Hello to you Jueseppi, all goes well.
        Continue on with your most open and enlighting comments for sure you have great insight.


      • Your words are very kind…I am just typing what I feel and feeling what I type…and I am pleased that my writing appeals to those with common sense and logic about life. My FB friends list is working again….you need to be on my friends list.

  14. Hi Jueseppi,

    Excellent post! I applaud your honesty. It amazes me how many people deny this. I am deeply disgusted by the idea that we live in a post-racial America since POB was elected. It’s a lovely idea but couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything, it seems as if as if having a Black POTUS has brought the closet racists out in droves. They would chew off their own feet before admitting the source of their scorn.

    There can be no other excuse for the virulence of the attacks against President Obama. The disdain, disrespect and hatred for him far exceeds that of Bush who was an idiot, liar and a whoremonger in stark contrast to POB. It breaks my heart because he is so undeserving of this hatred, his actions speak his truth.


    • Ms. Coco, I have been saying this exact same thing for 3 years concerning POTUS Obama…even his two daughters are not off limits from the racist ignorance of America. Four More For 44.

  15. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am really tired of people being judged based on their skin color. I personally find it insulting to be looked at as a color. We are ALL of one RACE and that is the human race. Mr Obama is constantly called BLACK and why is that when he has mixed blood like the rest of us? His poor mother and her side of his family has been made invisible. She was the one who raised him and gave him his values and morals. She was a single parent who did an excellent job from what I can see to make him the man he is today. He loved his mom and his maternal grandmother who gave him unconditional love and support to make him the man he is today, yet they are made invisible because they are not black. I find that insulting. Every time someone breaks into the good old boy network there will be attacks. I remember John F. Kennedy’s term in the White House. He was the first Catholic and boy was there a big stink because he was Irish Catholic. There were all kinds of weird rumors that went around about Catholics to make Kennedy look bad. Now we think nothing of it. Now Obama has broken into that network of white protestant membership being half black and upset the apple cart. The next black president will not have any problems because Obama has open the door. The first female president will get the same nonsense. As to Mr. Obama leadership as president, I will gladly vote for him again. As far as I am concern, he has been trying to help the American people and especially the Middle Class and all he has been getting from Capitol Hill and reporters have been lies and mud slinging. Everything he has been trying to do for us has been blocked by Republicans who don’t want him to help the American people and they are trying to make him look bad. Things are getting ugly and ridiculous and I am suprised Obama doesn’t have a full head of white hair by this point from all the stress he has been getting. He needs our support. So let’s knock of the racist bull and pay attention to what really is important and that is to get our country back on it’s feet and our people back to work. Give American people back their dignity.

    • There is nothing I can say to add to your post except I love Sherlock Holmes, and everything you said is gospel. You get it. I am 1/4th Sicilian, 1/4th Corsican, 1/4th African & 1/4th Pawnee Indian…and people who are ignorant about racial heritage only see the 1/4th African.

  16. We have dumb down America. We are not use to having an intelligent President and heaven forbid he happen to be a black man. I say shame on all racists.

    • And the TeaPubliCANTS want us even dumber Ms. Lambert. They want to remove the department of education, along with 7 other government agencies. help us all in 2016 if we don’t keep the White Mans House with another Democrat.

  17. In 2008, I would have agreed with you halfly and think what a buch of excuses! But now, I agree with you COMPLETELY! The right have become so racist, they deny it and call US racist for pointing out their racist additudes. Today they know have the galls to call themselves “Patriots” and spew such hateful rants!

    • Racism is a very nasty and evil sickness. I can’t wait until POTUS Obama leaves office & gets his family and his life back….in 2016.

  18. Taling white? I sat accross from this white woman for five years; when i called her from outside the office, she found it difficult to believe that she was taling to me…she said I sounded Caucasian over the phone. What does that say about her? I don’t tal differently, in person. What it says to me is…African Americans sound lie this…even when sitting across the table, eye to eye. So, when I don’t see her color, she sounds white. Therefore, our President speas lie an African American…NOT as one of us. Wow, that’s deep.

    • Absolutely…and no caucasian person can understand this Ms. Anderson, why? Because they do not experience discrimination or racism…they do not know what goes on with color, and why should they? I find it sickening that a person who has no knowledge of an issue, such as racism, does have an opinion on how we Black Americans should handle racism. Thank you for your experience because most of the people who comment believe me to be making this up.

  19. Come on, let’s not be criticizing the use of adjectives like “articulate”. Why read racism into it? Yes, our President is Black. Yes, he is articulate. No, the two characteristics are NOT related. So get the chip off your shoulder on that one.

    • I speak from experience, please do not lecture me on the racist shit I, and other people of color, have experienced. Maybe you have used articulate to describe someone of color? I love it when a caucasian tells me what is racist and what is not racist.

  20. Well…President Obama just signed a defense bill into law with some naaasty amendments that he said he was going to veto. He lied about that, outright, just like he lied when he said he would enact labeling requirements for all genetically altered foods. He used a lame duck Congress to shove a healthcare package sixty percent of americans opposed down our throats at the last minute…I could go on. Dont get me wrong…the right is as worthless as the left…but they’re both just two heads of the same corrupt and bought off body.

    • I will take your answers one by one, Obama never said he would enact labeling requirements for all genetically altered foods, what he said was he wanted to enact, and he would work to enact, go Google it. Next, He didn’t shove shit down America’s throats, I for one, benefited greatly from that health care reform, I do believed millions of Americans who were previously uncovered by NO health care, benefited from this law. So please, do go on, and your sixty percent figure is a Faux Spews talking point, also untrue. The NDAA bill is not a bill he can veto, for reasons I have explained a million times and once again you are incorrect on his promise to veto that bill, he said he would veto the bill unless the language was changed, which it was. Try again.

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