“One A Day” Black History Month ~ Mr. Russell Simmons

By Jueseppi B.

Sixth in the “One A Day” Black History Month Series….is Mr. Russell Simmons.

Russell Wendell Simmons (born October 4, 1957) is an American business magnate. He and Rick Rubin founded the pioneering hip-hop label Def Jam. He also created the clothing fashion lines Phat Farm, Argyleculture, and American Classics.

Russell Simmons is the third richest figure in hip-hop, having a net-worth estimate of $340 million as of April 2011. Simmons was raised in Queens, New York. He is the son of Daniel Simmons, Sr., a public school administrator, and Evelyn Simmons, a New York City park administrator. His older brother is abstract expressionist painter Daniel Simmons, Jr., and his younger brother is Rev. Joseph Simmons (“Run” of Run-DMC).

Def Jam became just one piece in Simmons’ corporation, Rush Communications, Inc., which included a management company, a clothing company called Phat Farm, a movie production house, television shows such as Def Comedy Jam, a magazine and an advertising agency. His nephew Jamal “Redrum” Simmons and his group Flatlinerz released the highly controversial album U.S.A. in 1994 on Def Jam but was dropped from the label soon after. Rick Rubin sold his share of the record company for $100 million to Universal Music Group in 1996. Simmons produced Def Poetry, begun as a television series on HBO, which also branched into a Broadway live stage production in 2002.

The up-and-coming component of Rush Communications, Inc. 2008 is the sneaker company Run Athletics, which was started in 2008, a company that produces both the legacy and Russell Simmons clothing line brand shoes. He is also majority shareholder of the website Global Grind. In 1985 Russel Simmons co-produced and appeared in the film, Krush Groove.

Simmons met model Kimora Lee Simmons in November 1992 at New York’s fashion week. They dated for four years and married on December 20, 1998 on the French Caribbean island of Saint Barthélemy, F.W.I.. Officiating was Russell’s brother, the Reverend Run, now an ordained minister. They have 2 daughters together, Ming Lee (born 2000) and Aoki Lee (born 2002). Before the couple’s divorce, they owned a 4-acre, 49,000-square-foot, 10-bedroom marital home located in Saddle RiverNew Jersey. The home includes both indoor and outdoor pools, a wine cellar and a movie theater. Just down the road is the home of his brother, Joseph Simmons, a.k.a. Rev Run.

In March 2006, Lee and Simmons announced that they would be getting a divorce. Their divorce finalized in January 2009. They would continue to work together on Phat Farm and Baby Phat clothing lines.

Russell Simmons has been vegan since 1998 and advocates the adoption of practicing Ahimsa and veganism citing animal rights along with the environmental and health benefits. Simmons is a supporter of Farm Sanctuary, an organization working to end cruelty to farm animals. People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals honored him with the 2001 PETA Humanitarian Award and the 2011 Person of the Year Award. In May 2009, Simmons was appointed Goodwill Ambassador for the UN Slavery Memorial at the United Nations to Honor the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade by UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

In a similar vein, Simmons is a supporter of the Somaly Mam Foundation, and he will be honored at their 2011 gala dinner. Russell Simmons officially endorses the second Muslim Jewish Conference 2011. Together with Rabbi Marc Schneier he serves as the official patron of the conference being held July 2011 in Kiev, Ukraine. In 2011, he has taken part in the Occupy Wall Street protests, visiting the protestors at Zuccotti park often and for many consecutive days.

Simmons is also a long-time supporter for gay rights. He encourages marriage equality. In 2011, when Lowe’s withdrew funding from the show All-American Muslim, Simmons promised to pay the Learning Channel for any revenue lost.

Simmons is going to have a cameo in the 2012 movie “Star Trek”.

In January 2011 he stated in an interview with Allison Kugel that he is not a Buddhist as previously reported, but is a non-religious practitioner of Yoga, where he prays to the Atman, or the self. Simmons practices a method of Yoga known as Jivamukti Yoga, which encourages vegetarianism and social and environmental activism.

Simmons is a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation (TM) and a supporter of the David Lynch Foundation for Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace, which was established to ensure that any child in America who wants to learn and practice TM can do so.

On January 4, 2011 he published the book Super Rich: A Guide to Having It All, which espouses giving as a lifestyle choice.

Next in the “One A Day” Black History Series…… Mr. & Mrs. Richard and Mildred Lovings

The Versatile Blogger Award

By Jueseppi B.

Today, a fellow blogger, Ms. She Speaks (Michelle) did what many have tried to achieve over a long period of my life,… shut my mouth & silenced the typing of my fingers. She accomplished that by awarding me The Versatile Blogger Award.

I am stunned, happy, grateful & appreciative to Michelle for this nomination. I am humbled & honored to be included in this group of award winners. I have discovered so many excellent people since starting my blog and I feel most welcomed into a very talented community. Thank you Ms. Michelle.

I am now going t proudly and gladly fulfill my duties as a new recipient of the Versatile Blogger Award by doing the following in order of the listing…

According to the requirements of the award I must:

•  Nominate 15 other bloggers
•  Inform my nominees
•  Share 7 random facts about myself
•  Thank the one who nominated me
•  Add a picture of the award to this post

So….in no particular order of importance…..droll roll please, click here for applause & cheers….please click on nominees names to go directly to their blogs, and enjoy!

The Versatile Blogger Award Nominations:

Two of the bloggers I originally nominated, refused the award, for their own personal reasons so I am removing those two and nominating two others in their place.

Ametia, Rikyrah & SouthernGirl2, invite you to join 3Chics Politico on grand adventures in the world of politics, culture, humor, music, & the spiritual…

There’s a whole lot of wisdom and some  humility in this lively trio.  Our claim to fame is that we do Not know it all, so we do welcome debate.

Someday’s we’ll post a diary, and if you feel like commenting, feel free.  We’re an eclectic crew here, and the absurd, the whimsical, and hard-hitting investigative commentary is definitely not off limits. 3Chics, a young blog shy of one year in the sphere was nominated for the 2011 Black Weblog Awards and were finalist in the category of Best Political Blog.

2). 90º Degrees to the Left.
This is the Blog of a facebook friend who shall remain nameless, so I will call her Justice for the sake of this award ceremony. This is her bio: Life is full of discrepancies and injustices. I believe that it’s our duty and responsibility to expose them without fear in a clear and concise manner, I don’t sugar coat my opinions, if people don’t like it they have the choice to ignore them, but I will not be silent when faced by adversity, whether they’re mine or others. We as humans can’t and shouldn’t be silent.

3). Writing From My Heart.
This blog belongs to a young woman who inspires me, and I like anything done from the heart. Her name is Elysia.
Her Bio:  My name is Elysia, and I’m 21 years old, living in Western Washington. I’m a writer, or at least I try to be. Welcome to my blog.

I feel most at home when I’m in nature, but more specifically, when it’s raining. There’s something about rain that brings me to peace. My favorite place to be is at the ocean on a rainy day. I find water very relaxing, and I’m constantly mesmerized by the openness of the ocean.

I love to read, and my favorite authors are Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau. I envy the way they lived their lives so naturally. Money was never an object of passion for them, and they simply lived for the pure enjoyment of what life had to offer them. I wish today’s society allowed me to live the same way.

My posts will hold a theme of writing, music, and nature. These three things are my passion in life, and I wish to share them with you, through my eyes.

4). The okieprogressive.
This happens to be a community blog with the following bloggers contributing:Eric Beck, Peter Gatliff, Kellina Vanpool, Susan Provos,t Charles Kolker, Sam McMichael, Don Nelson, Brenda Weber, Teri McGrath, Terry Gresham, Bob Bearden, Delricho Simmons & Steve Shaw. Go check them out.

5). The Scribbling Hermit.
I love her poetry, a little about her: A scorpio girl
scribbling thoughts my pen twirls
pessimist i self admit
a black coffee addict
Health conscious smoker
100% Dog lover
Seldom alcoholic
and such a Chocoholic
Obsessed with creative
in my head i’m held captive
Coldplay is my choice
with Death Cab for Cutie I rejoice

6). The Blue States.
I am currently a resident of Seattle (suburbs).  I grew up along the gulf coast in Mobile, Alabama.  My parents were both blue collar workers, my mother a teacher and father an electrician.  Because of unions, they were able to provide for my brother and I and give us a chance to make a better life for ourselves.
I am a 2 time cancer survivor (cervical cancer and metastatic melanoma).  Thanks to living a very healthy life, other than wine, which I will not give up (in moderation….smile), to date I am as healthy as a horse and thankful to be here.

7). Moses Junkyard.
Born to the classical composer and conductor Vartan Melkonian, Moses was surrounded by soul, funk and classical music from a young age. Multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer, Moses writes preforms, produces and engineers all his own music in the confines of KMD studios.
With his rhythmic partener Max Saidi on Drums, and visual artist Aaron Leaman, Moses is set to fill 2012 with tonnes of material. 21, about to release his debut album…. for now check out the singles.

8). Mashed Potato Bulletin.
I like this blog and admire this writer: Academic and research background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and a Master’s of Science in Environmental Science with research in coastal and marine habitats and published work in the area of marine mammal research. Professional background includes work in public health, environmental health and emergency response planning. Have lived, worked and traveled throughout much of North America, Central America and Europe. And holds on loosely, at least, to aspirations of fiction writing.

9). Harvest Liberty.
She write with style and panache. Her bio: I am.  Existentially ecstatic. I am motivated by self-preservation, love and the pursuit of euphoria. I am a mom, a wife, a daughter, a friend, a worker, a neighbor. I am remembering how to be a peasant farmer, a citizen, a witch. These are ordinary roles, old as Time. I walk the well worn grooves, my hips swaying.

10). Diary Of an Angry Fat Woman.
Shonnie, like a lot of people, struggles to become what she desires, a better person. i admire and like her. her bio: Hello, My name is Shonnie. I am a 47 year old female who is married to a Fantastic man named Mike (for 23 yrs.),  and the mother of 4 Amazing children, and one FANTASTIC Granddaughter.  I love my life, my family, my friends, and going for long bike rides with my hubby (30+ miles). I laugh at the trials in my life (I have had few), and my counselor maintains this the reason that I am sane — some would argue this is debatable. I have a counselor because my oldest son was hit by a car (he was on foot –had bad injuries but survived), while saving the life of his younger autistic brother.  This topic is food for another cathartic blog.

11). CANVASS 44.
I love art, especially art on the subject of Barack Hussein Obama, our 44th President of The United States.
About CANVASS 44: CANVASS 44 was born out of the desire to re-elect our 44th president and to raise awareness for charities with missions that are in alignment with the Obama administration’s values such as education, healthcare and veterans and military families.

12). As My World Turns.
maboulette had no bio or information available on this blog, but that does not stop me from liking the content of this blog. I like the work and the subject matter, maybe you will as well.

13). Barbara Stevens Art.
I am an art fan, as I stated above. I love Ms. Stevens work. Her bio: My career as a professional educator has a new artistic focus:   Watercolors! I have enjoyed pursuing art opportunities for fifteen years.  These include art classes, workshops, active membership in art guilds, participating in exhibits, and teaching watercolor classes. I find inspiration for my paintings in color and light found in nature.  I love to explore the world of tiny shapes and subtle color shifts found in plants and flowers.

14). A Phrase You’ll Remember.
I love this blog as well….but then again thats why she is on my list right? Her Bio: I’m here to share thoughts and opinions – I’m hoping they will be interesting or thought provoking for readers (if there are any). I love Politics, Music and Travel. I say that and cringe at my own phrasing because I feel like most people love those things. However, I like to think that I’ve travelled more than the average young person. I’ve lived in 6 countries and my passion for exploration hasn’t dwindled. Politics is my degree – also my intellectual outlet for things most people don’t want to properly think about. And music, well, has been the constant variable among among all of these things.

15). California Ink In Motion.
I love art, yes I said that already, but I love body art as well as other art forms This lady is genius. Besides being a tattoo artist, she is also a poetess Her Bio: I write from the heart, so if you take the time to read my poems, you will discover a part of me in each poem. Put the pieces together and tell me what you think. Poets United interviewed me. Click here to read it. Would love to hear your thoughts and please feel free to critic, I am always open to suggestions.
Thanks you for Visiting!   Enjoy the different flavors.

7 Random Thoughts About Me: 1). I hate oppression & racism. 2). I am a very private person. 3). I detest drama in any form. 4). I love cloudy/stormy days over sunshine. 5). I am a diabetic who is hardheaded and does not do exactly as I should in treating my diabetes. 6). I am exactly in person as I appear to be online. 7). I love dogs of all types, hate cats.

Ok, I am finally done with passing forward my Versatile Blogger Award nominees. Take a bow as we applaud your great work.


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