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Series #7 From The OkieProgressive’s Mr. Terry Gresham….food to feed the hungry ass TeaTardedNation of GOPretenders & RepubliCANTS!!!

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by Terry Gresham

What has Obama done?  What happened to HOPE? Where has he been the last couple of years? How is a nation to survive? Where is this guy taking America?  Is there anything that this President has contributed to the great institution called America? Are average citizens safe in this country? How are we to get good leadership these days?   Is Obama out to make me look bad?  Whaa.  Whaa.  Whaa.  Whaa.  Whaa.  Whaa.

These questions and more will be discussed in an Okieprogressive segment called:  Talking the President’s Progressive Achievements.

Segment 7:  LGBT Equality

President Obama signed the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

I remember on this one, I was listening to my favorite liberal talk radio hosts who were mad at DADT and mad at the President for not doing anything,  I was convinced that I too should be mad at the President and at…

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I LOVE the art of photography…especially photography as spectacular as these examples of photos from Google Earth. Thank you to the blog: “art-profiles.com”

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From the blog: “The Fifth Column”….what sparked this fiasco from Lush Rimbaugh…..Just a spin of lies & misinformation of the truth & facts.

Originally posted on The Fifth Column:

Here’s what Ms. Fluke actually said in her testimony about contraceptives…NOT what Rush Limbaugh claims she said.

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In The Balcony Movie Review: HBO’s Game Change & Proofreader Book Review: Game Change

By Jueseppi B


Finally….a clear concise inside look at the players of the political game.



Game Change the book……





Game Change: Obama and the Clintons, McCain and Palin, and the Race of a Lifetime is a book by political journalists John Heilemann and Mark Halperin about the 2008 United States presidential election. Released on January 11, 2010, it was also published in the United Kingdom under the titleRace of a Lifetime: How Obama Won the White House. The book is based on interviews with more than 300 people involved in the campaign. It discusses factors including Democratic Party presidential candidate John Edwards’s extramarital affair, the relationship between Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama and his vice presidential running mate Joe Biden, failure of Republican Party candidate Rudy Giuliani‘s presidential campaign and Sarah Palin‘s vice presidential candidacy.

The book is divided into three parts. Part 1 consists of the first fourteen chapters and is about the Democratic primary race between Obama and Clinton as well as the Edwards affair. Part 2 covers the next three chapters and is about the Republican primary race. Part 3’s final six chapters describe the fall campaign between Obama and John McCain.




Game Change included several new assertions about the 2008 campaign that had not previously been reported. Among them were that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senator Chuck Schumer privately had urged Barack Obama to run for president in the fall of 2006, in hopes that it would energize the Democratic base and improve the party’s chances of winning the presidency. The book also detailed an hour-long meeting between Hillary Rodham Clinton and pollster Mark Penn, during which Clinton accused Obama of “playing the race card” and importing people into Iowa to improve his chances at the caucus. The book also alleges that Hillary Clinton wanted to make a bigger issue out of Obama’s drug use, but was dissuaded by certain members of her staff. Also during this meeting, she allegedly said, “I hate the choice that the country’s faced with. I think it is a terrible choice for our nation.”

Heilemann and Halperin wrote in Game Change that Clinton had considered entering the 2004 presidential race, and that polls indicated her odds were encouraging. She was encouraged to run by her husband, former-President Bill Clinton, but their daughter Chelsea Clinton advised her against it. Also in 2006, according to Game Change, advisers to Clinton worked on a strategy to deal with any public disclosure over an affair which some of Hillary Clinton’s advisers had believed Bill Clinton was then carrying on. The book did not provide any further details, except that the affair was “a sustained romantic relationship”.

Game Change also included reports about presidential candidate John Edwards‘s handling of his affair with filmmaker Rielle Hunter before it was made public. According to the book, Edwards angrily rejected requests by his advisers to distance himself from Hunter. The book also described, in some depth, Sarah Palin’s role in John McCain‘s campaign. In response to concerns that Palin was depressed and unresponsive to debate training, McCain reportedly suggested debate sessions for Palin be moved from Philadelphia to SedonaArizona, so Palin could be closer to her family. McCain aides reportedly were also concerned about Palin’s failure to understand basic facts prior to her ABC News interviews with Charles Gibson, including why North Korea and South Korea are separate countries. She also allegedly believed Saddam Hussein was behind the September 11 attacks.

The book ends with Obama being elected President of the United States and reporting on how he offered Clinton the job of United States Secretary of State in his administration. After initially turning Obama down in part out of fear that Bill Clinton would become a distraction for them both, she accepts the job after a late night phone conversation with Obama, who convinces her that she would be the best person for the position.



Also reported for the first time was a comment Bill Clinton supposedly made in trying to convince Ted Kennedy not to back Obama’s candidacy but rather that of his wife, Hillary Rodham Clinton. Clinton reportedly said to Kennedy that a few years ago, this guy would have been getting us coffee; the belittling of Obama’s candidacy helped lead to Kennedy’s endorsement of Obama shortly thereafter.Harry Reid was heavily criticized for comments he previously made about Barack Obama, which had not been made public until they were published in Game Change.

According to the book, Reid said he believed Obama could become the country’s first black president because he was “light-skinned” and had “no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one”. Reid acknowledged and apologized for the comments, and his apology was accepted by Barack Obama. The disclosure came at a time Reid was facing a difficult reelection campaign in his home state of NevadaNational Republican Senatorial Committee Chair John CornynRepublican National Committee Chair Michael Steele, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl called on Reid to step down as majority leader for his remarks.

Reverend Al Sharpton condemned Clinton’s remark, saying, “I think that’s far more disturbing [than Senator Reid’s comments] because this is someone seeking to stop Mr. Obama’s campaign… If someone said that he would have been getting us coffee like that in the context they said he said it, that would be very offensive to me, and I would definitely take Mr. Clinton on”.

Critics questioned the lack of explicit sourcing in Game Change, which was done on “deep background” with no sources being identified in any way. This followed the approach made famous in many of Bob Woodward‘s books. A Poynter Institute journalism ethics scholar said a danger of this method is that “both accuracy and fairness can be in jeopardy when anonymous sources are overused and misused” and that deep background sources “cannot be held easily accountable.”

Michiko Kakutani of The New York Times wrote that the authors of Game Change “serve up a spicy smorgasbord of observations, revelations and allegations — some that are based on impressive legwork and access, some that simply crystallize rumors and whispers from the campaign trail, and some that are hard to verify independently as more than spin or speculation on the part of unnamed sources.”

Kakutani and Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic both said that at times the book veered into gossip. The authors defended themselves against such criticism, with Halperin saying they maintained “an incredibly high standard” and that they left material out if it was not verifiable or relevant, and Heilemann saying “We tried to tell a story of the intimate reality of what it’s like to run for president. Gossip is that which is unverified … Everything in our book is factual.” The book was also criticized as being the embodiment of insider, establishment journalism.

Sarah Palin has criticized Heilemann and Halperin for Game Change’s depiction of her candidacy. Meghan Stapleton, Palin’s spokeswoman, suggested Palin’s autobiography Going Rogue: An American Life was a more accurate portrayal of the campaign and Palin’s role in it. Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary, when he was Joe Biden’s communications director, criticized the authors for not checking directly with any of Biden’s staff to verify the accounts in the book, but did not comment on the accounts themselves.



Game Change The HBO Movie……





Game Change is an upcoming Jay Roach film based on the book of the same name by journalists John Heilemann and Mark Halperin, which documents the Republican Party during the 2008 United States presidential election, with significant focus on the introduction of then-Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin as the vice-presidential nominee.




HBO optioned the book in January 2010. In February 2011, the film adaptation was put into production with Danny Strong writing and Jay Roach directing, to focus on the part of the book that deals with the McCain–Palin campaign. In March 2011 Julianne Moore was the first actor signed to star, playing Sarah Palin. The second cast member officially announced was Ed Harris, who will play John McCain. The third cast member announced was Woody Harrelson who will play McCain campaign chair Steve Schmidt. The film is primarily being shot in Maryland (along with a pivotal hotel scene shot in Wilmington, Delaware). The film will premiere on HBO on March 10, 2012.


Sarah Palin and aides

Palin said Game Change was based on a “false narrative.”

However, Steve Schmidt, the campaign’s chief strategist, stated: “Ten weeks of the campaign are condensed into a two-hour movie. But it tells the truth of the campaign. That is the story of what happened.” He later said that watching the film was tantamount to “an out-of-body experience.”

Nicolle Wallace, a chief Palin 2008 aide, said she found Game Change highly credible, saying the film “captured the spirit and emotion of the campaign.”



David Hinckley of The New York Daily News wrote “Julianne Moore’s physical Palin in Game Change, which debuts March 10, is even more dead-on than Tina Fey’s.”

The Hollywood Reporter‘s Tim Goodman says the movie “boldly raises the question about whether Palin is mentally unbalanced.” He calls Moore’s performances “virtuoso (and likely Emmy-winning).”


I suggest seeing & reading both the movie & the book.



Distributed by HBO
Directed by Jay Roach
Produced by Tom Hanks
Gary Goetzman
Screenplay by Danny Strong
Based on Game Change by
John Heilemann
Mark Halperin
Starring Julianne Moore
Ed Harris
Music by Theodore Shapiro
Cinematography Jim Denault
Editing by Lucia Zucchetti
Production company HBO Films
Country United States
Release date March 10, 2012

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