Scott Walker Needs to be recalled ASAP. Wisconsin, Recall this asshole Scott Walker NOW.

5 Responses

  1. Scott Walker is a disgrace. I hope the recall goes through. Time is against those involved with the recall. Hopefully they can pull it out.

    And we need to do this with many more politicians.


    • Michelle, The Recall Of Scott Walker is vital. Politicians have no fear, after elected to office, of reprisals for their actions. This recall will put the fear of the people in a politicians head.


      • Yes, and that is EXACTLY what they need. If they do not do what the PEOPLE want (at least the majority) then the PEOPLE can kick them out before the next election.


      • I am sure Mr. Walker will soon be an ex politician.


      • I certainly hope so. And I also feel that should anyone be recalled, like Walker, then they lose ALL their benefits and retirement and anything else earned due to their elected position. That would REALLY hurt them where it needs to hurt.


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