Barack Obama Slow Jams The News With Late Night’s Jimmy Fallon

By Jueseppi B.








Willard Mitt Romney, remember when William Jefferson Clinton walked onto the Arsenio Hall Show with his sax and immediately won the election that night? Last night Barack Hussein Obama Slow Jammed The News into a second term.







And if that was not enough to win your vote………






Yeah….this election is ovah!!!



15 Responses

  1. Thank was great…:-)


  2. You knew I would love it, Jueseppi. Thank you for posting this on my wall. I love to hear and see him entertain.


    • Ms. Carol,
      Yes dear, I knew you’d get a kick out of this. Something Mitt can never do. Glad to see you this afternoon.


  3. I damn near fainted….Love my President! :-)


  4. Loved it!! Thanks for putting it on my FB page I probably wouldn’t have got to this on WP until Friday.


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