Update: Welfare Recipients….Which Race Gets More Benefits?

By Jueseppi B.






The photo says it all. Caucasian women are the largest recipients of welfare assistance in America.  Thats a fact, be it food stamp assistance, medical, WIC programs, financial assistance or section 8 housing assistance. I first wrote the article Welfare Recipients….Which Race Gets More Benefits? back n January 5th, 2012. The response was phenomenal.


Most response came from caucasian racist who had teeth missing, wore bib overalls, chewed tobacco, lived in states still pissed about the civil war, couldn’t form cognitive sentences, could not spell or do simple math equations. Thats ok though, at least my article got them from in front of the TV. I mean whatever it takes to get them away from the Kardashians.


I had all kinds of mindless racist drivel that made me smile instead of mad or angry, which was the hope of the racist hater responding. Didn’t work because I’m intelligent, educated, insightful, strong, savvy, and most important, taught by my grandparents to never take advantage of the mentally inferior. Such as a racist caucasian.


Now to the facts:






Here are the statistics on 2011 welfare recipients:


Traits of families on AFDC Race 
White    38.8%
Black    37.2
Hispanic 17.8
Asian     2.8
Other     3.4

Unemployment rates as as follows:
Black Men unemployment rate 17.5%
Black women unemployment rate 13.0%
White Men unemployment rate 7.6%
White women unemployment rate 6.9%

Black unemployment has been roughly double that of whites since the government started tracking the figures in 1972.

“Even when you compare black and white workers, same age range, same education, you still see pretty significant gaps in unemployment rates,” said Algernon Austin, director of the Race, Ethnicity, and the Economy program at the Economic Policy Institute. “So I do think the fact of racial discrimination in the labor market continues to play a role.”


About 155,000 blacks got jobs in August, but the group’s unemployment rate still went up because those jobs weren’t enough to make up for all the people who started looking for work during the month.


However, the gain for whites of 211,000 jobs was enough to bring their unemployment rate down.


Economists blame a variety of factors. The black workforce is younger than the white workforce, lower numbers of blacks get a college degree and many live in areas of the country that were harder hit by the recession — all things that could lead to a higher unemployment rate.


But even excluding those factors, blacks still are hit with higher joblessness.


Black unemployment has now remained above 10% for four straight years, and the given current economic sluggishness, some experts say it’s safe to predict the rate will remain above 10% for four more years.


“Our job creation is just not happening — certainly not at the rate necessarily to bring rapid reductions to the unemployment rate,” Austin said.

Latinos saw their unemployment rate remain unchanged at 11.3%


Now with those facts, caucasians are still leading the welfare rolls as the race with the most recipients on welfare. Yes I know you hardcore racist will doubt what i say and create your own stats to prove I am wrong about you caucasians being the real welfare recipients. Here’s more grief for you racist who have lied to yourselves for years, telling the lie that Blacks & Latinos are the highest welfare recipients: POTUS Obama is not responsible for adding the most Americans to the welfare rolls.


George Dubbya Bush was the original welfare President.  The welfare system increased by 37% under good old Dubbya. You listening Newt Gingrich?


Racism is a disease. Racism is a taught disease ingrained on the brain of infants when they are old enough to be taught common everyday lessons. When a newborn is brought home from the maternity ward, that newborn does not know one skin color from another skin color. That infant will suck the milk filled tit of any race of female. That toddler will happily play with the next door toddler no matter what that babies skin color.


It is adults, who are filled with racial hatred and prejudices, that will over the course of that toddlers life, teach that baby to hate differences in other humans. We teach our babies to hate.


That is child abuse.


Racism is a sick disease taught to babies.


A message to all you hate filled racist caucasians who send me comments on my blog posts in an attempt to engage me in conversation; You’re not even remotely intelligent enough to get me to respond like you want me to respond. Please continue to visit my blog and keep attempting. I like my blog numbers inflating everytime you click on my URL and come see me. I also love when you reinforce my opinion of your levels of intelligence based on your comments of penis envy, racial jealousy and uneducated babble.



Remember, you racist caucasians make up more welfare recipients than any other race.



Have a nice day & “BARACK” The Vote.





102 Responses

  1. Black unemployment is higher, for the same reason the black incarceration rate is higher: Niggers are violent stupid animals that belong in cages and chains.

    • Before you are allowed to kill niggers, you and your mom must find some Big Black Penis, and suck it. 8-)

  2. This came in my e-mail and I’m glad I saw it. People need to realize that the deck is stacked against Blacks and other minorities simply because of race. Some Whites like to say it’s not true but it is. I’ve got ears and eyes and I know it’s real. The only way people will be treated fairly when going for employment is when the one hiring only looks at facts on paper – not seeing the skin and not hearing the voice.

    • Thats the gospel truth, read the paperwork and not the applicants face.

    • I chuckle when racist cracka ass caucasians such as yourself school me on racist/racism issues. Go suck a penis Richard, and stay the fuck off my blog.

    • Richard, you make assumptions that are wrong and you are putting words in my mouth that are untrue. Just so you know…

      • Jack, don’t even waste your time, he won’t be back. :twisted:

      • I state facts, I don’t get into personalities. The dude has issues. :) <3

        If I were a racist as he said, did he not question why I would read from your website? Some folks can't figure 2+2.

  3. Please cease speaking with your little caucasian nasty mouth full of Big Black dick, Beverly. Have a nice day when you finish swallowing. ;-)

  4. Nikki, Please Go Suck U some Dick, OK? ;-)

    Don’t return to my blog.

  5. Your comments are dead on. So tell me why every time white republicans try to reduce welfare, the only people who get upset are black activist? They immediately scream racism and repression.

  6. Bravo. Kudos. I had to repost in my political debate forum, “Defendingthetruth.com”, to the chagrin of the forum racists. Thank you.

  7. […] the truth can be found, if sought: Update: Welfare Recipients?.Which Race Gets More Benefits? | The ObamaCrat.Com? The photo says it all. Caucasian women are the largest recipients of welfare assistance in […]

  8. Educated. Ha! Educated people don’t have the ignorance that you have displayed.
    You, are by far? The definition of a nigger!

    • Ms. Trish, you and your mother are also the definition of a nigger, since those of us who are educated, know color has nothing to do with being a nigger.

      That said, please go find yourself a Big Black Dick, wrap your lips around it, and suck. Have yourself a wonder day Ms. Trish. ;-)

  9. Go Suck A Dick.

  10. Wow, you are a waste of air. Bitter because you are shit skinned

    • Bitter because I can’t get to your racist caucasian ass. My shit skin is a color you dumbass caucasian cracka’s lay out in the sun getting cancer to achieve…..dumb muthafucka. Go get in a tanning booth to get this shit skinned color you fucktard.

      • This is satire, right? Because when factoring in per capita rates blacks get at least 20% more welfare then whites do, which only increases each year as they have children at twice the rates of white people who they can’t raise without government assistance. Not to mention white people pay most of the federal taxes…

      • Your muthafuckin life is satire. Go Suck A Penis. Have a very wonderful Father’s Day Richard. ;-)

  11. Who cares which race uses it more, everyone from every race and gender pays taxes at some point, everyone from every race and gender uses the benefits at some point. Welfare is such a dirty word, if you use any kind of welfare then you must be lazy. No one should have to feel ashamed to seek the help they need to get by in the hard times. Yeah there are people who abuse the system and make it look bad, but it’s a legit system that works for the most part. No one is more entitled to it and no one is lesser because they use it.

    Racism is a disease fueled by the media and ignorant people spreading hate. Uneducated and ignorance are not the same, you can be highly intelligent and educated but still be ignorant and intolerant. As humans we act as how we are taught, when attacked with racism people will fight back with racism. We as a people need to teach our children that we are all one race, the human race. You can be proud of your background and heritage without putting down other people. 200 years from now humans will all be mixed races anyways.

    Politics is garbage as well. The US government will fail if we continue to separate our nation into two different parties. Beliefs will always differ on different subjects but no one believes strictly on one side on every subject. Separating our nation spreads hate and blame.

  12. You probably don’t realize it because you’rr so blinded by hate – but your statistics prove the opposite of what you want to say. Yes, 38.8% of welfare recipients are Caucasian. Not surprising since 78.1% of the US population is Caucasian. Blacks are only 13.1% of the population but they are 37.2% of all welfare recipients. Think about that – 13% of the population gets 37% of all welfare money. Which race gets more welfare? quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/00000.html

    • I do realize you know not one muthafuckin fact about Me, you dumb racist fool….go eat a dick Nora J, then come back when you’re finished. Have a very wonderful evening. ;-)

      • Try taking that advice…..Go Suck A Dick is what i typed, if you reference me, do it correctly.

  13. Are you attempting to combat racism with more racism? This post is full of racist remarks toward Caucasians. You seem bitter and hateful. All this does is spread more hate and infuriate intelligent Caucasians such as myself. You act like there are not racist people within each race. I think it’s funny how black people are never racist. Just white folks.

    • Ms. Glenda, your very first ignorant mistake is to assume you know jack shit about what I, as a Black man think, from this post. You don’t. If you were intelligent enough to recognize satire and the real reason behind this post, you’d be one enlightened caucasian woman. You are not.

      Racism is never limited to caucasian people. To assume so is just plain stupid. Enjoy a nice week. ;-)

  14. [...] "white society", I really don't need them representing my firm. Over-represented? Update: Welfare Recipients?.Which Race Gets More Benefits? | The ObamaCrat.Com? And AA doesn't discriminate against "qualified" white males. It discriminates against [...]

  15. “GEADF.”….erikwithak…That means Go Eat A Dick…..Fool.

    • Jueseppi, why do you have so much hate for whites? Because 200 years ago our people were forced into slavery? While this is true, it was our ancestors in Africa who sold their own people and put them on boats headed for america. It was American whites who stood up for our rights and without them we wouldn’t have Obama as president. Every time someone comes on here and states their opinion, you jump all over them and are being the exact person you say you stand against, a racist. I pray for you, my brother, that you can be tolerant of others and their beliefs. That is what this country stands for, not to racially divide it.

      • I have hate for anyone who oppresses and continues to oppress. The question you should ask yourself is why you’re such a pussy and are willing to forgive AND forget a people who have massacred and butchered many more cultures than the Black/African culture. It was BLACK American who stood up for themselves in the civil rights struggle, and dies for that right, that gave US Barack Hussein Obama. Go study some history you dumbass, and never return to my blog with your caucasian mentality. Now have a very nice week. ;-)

  16. Barack is a bigot, liar and a fool, but he can get away with it because he is black in a nation that had someone pay with their own blood to give him that choice of being a racism, liar and fool.

    • Correct, Native Americans, like my forefathers, paid in their blood so a dumbass fool such as your ignorant self, could sit at your Rent-A-Center computer, in your rent controlled trailer park, and type stupid racist jack ass shit for brains thoughts…spoon fed you by the likes of your idiot parent.


      That means Go Suck a Dick….Fool. Have a very nice day. :lol:

  17. I suggest your readers and supporters read Patrick J. Buchanan’s message…Buchannan to Obama”.

    • My “readers and supporters” don’t need suggestions from some asswipe who uses fake e-mail addy’s. Show your coward ass face then leave comments. Thank you “dennos”. Return when you get some balls and a spine.

  18. Actually since 65% of the US population is white and 13% is AA. 5 times the AA’s receive welfare in relation to white populations and 2.5 times in relation to hispanic americans. If you claim to be telling the truth – use real numbers

    • Asshole Freeman, I am what is labeled the by-product of racism. I hate racist dumbass caucasians based on their actions going back to slavery days, until now, against Black Americans. My racism against fucked up humans such as yourself, is CAUSED by racism directed at people of color by your kind. I am a firm believer of fighting racism with stronger racism.

      Until you educate yourself on race issues, don’t return to this blog. Enjoy Prez Day. 8-)

      • Way to address facts stated by Freeman. Facts do not lie.
        You just can’t fix stupid! And Jueseppi…you are stupid. Way to set back race relations with all your personal attacks.

        There is no such thing as justifiable racism. I will pray for you.

      • I don’t believe in anyone that you’d pray to, you fuckin idiot. What sets back race relations, and society, is dumbass retards like yourself. Now please “GSADF.” Do yourself a favor idiot, the next time you get that itch to type stupidity on this blog, go swallow a Bushmaster 223…. Have a nice day. :mrgreen:

      • Stay, and pay attention, in school. Don’t have kids if you’re not married. Don’t commit crimes. Take responsibility for your actions. Quit blaming others. You’re a foul mouthed, crude, no class racist. You’re not a very good spokesman for your side.

      • I suggest you follow this advice asswipe….”GSADF.” When it comes to racism in America, dumbass, there are no sides. You opened your mouth and showed us exactly what a redneck ass-sucking racist caucasian sounds like. Now go off and enjoy the evening fool. :lol:

      • That would be exactly the word that comes to my mind when I think of every female in your family…especially your mother. ;-)

      • In the battle of wits, you are seriously devoid of weapons fool. “GSADF.”

  19. yeah, my grandfather predicted this 40 years ago when desegregation was enforced. Now all the white woman are being knocked up by multiple black guys, and embracing the ghetto culture. Is anyone really surprised? White woman are skanks in today’s society. That’s why I only date Latinas.

    • Thats probably why you’re a total assdouche as well. 8-)

    • As a white woman who has never been “knocked up by a black” guy but is married to an extremely well-educated and gorgeous Persian immigrant… I can say love is best when it is color blind and based more on compatibility and genuine respect. You obviously lack the ability to respect anyone who doesn’t have superficial value to you… so I’ll gladly live an eternity in your grandfather’s prophecy than a day that you would deem acceptable in your hateful views :)

  20. Racism is no more a disease than being black is, and I’m white and no I don’t consider blacks inferiors just because they have a different colored skin.

    • You might be caucasian, you ain’t white. You are however a fuckin idiot. Racism is a muthafuckin disease you dumbass fuckin cracka. Enjoy your day dumbass. 8-)

      • Nothing wrong with being a cracka, I much prefer it to the alternative 8-).

      • Nothing wrong with being stupid either. The alternative is What I am…your worst muthafuckin nightmare. Ignorance is indeed bliss for you caucasian asswipes. 8-)

      • Wow, today was my first day visiting your site and after reading your blog on Welfare Recipients and how you consistently praised yourself on not stooping to such low depths when you encounter someone you believe to be racist or a bigot–but this post right here completely contradicts the self-praise you gave yourself. I for one, am terribly sadden and ashamed that you allowed yourself to stoop to such low levels. How can you eradicate racism and bigotry, when you fight with racist, bigot filled words. Don’t fight hate with hate. Elevate yourself above the ignorance because when you allow yourself to fall so low you only further the ignorance and hatred of the bigots that want to feel intellectually and socially above. I am a Black and Latina woman and it is my duty in life to carry myself at all times with class and intellect because sadly it is responses like yours that we are often only believed to be able to conjure up and it is those characteristics that poorly reflect who we are as a group. I hope that through your post and comments you can represent people of color and women of color in a positive and intelligent light.

      • Miss Mercedes, I’d be worried why your mom named you after a dame German automobile…..then I’d “GSAD.” If you’re interested what “GSAD.” means, come back and ask me. Have a wonderful Easter.

  21. When I was a child my mother temporarily had to go on welfare and foodstamps. She was going through a divorce to my father and simultaneously gave birth to my sister who was born with a lot of disabilities that required years of extensive time and money dedicated to surgeries and doctor visits to keep my sister alive. White middle class woman who had all of her children under wedlock and married to someone hardworking but ended up at some point in her life where she needed help. So my sister is now a healthy happy 22 year old that should have been crippled by her teens but instead teaches equestrian horseback riding lessons and my mother who was at some point in her life on government assistance went on to start a company with my stepfather and paid back in taxes far more than what she ever received. So to all of you whining that people are living off your tax dollar can shut it… it is a system that WE ALL pay into and god forbid an unexpected curve ball gets thrown at you in life and WE ALL could end up needing it at some point in life. Yes, there are abusers but I don’t care how fine tuned you get any system there will always be people who will find a way to cheat. So these people are not living on YOUR tax dollars they are utilizing a system that THEY ALSO pay into in the times in their life that they are working.

    • Ms. Lauren, I and this blog, are honored by your comments here today. YOU are exactly why I started this post months ago. Congratulations to your sister for surviving, to your mother for her intelligence and perseverance and to you for your honesty and good heart. ;-)

      • Thank-you! Informing hateful self-righteous bigots of when that they are misinformed is also a passion of mine. :)

      • Ms. Lauren,…it is a passion you do very well. I wish I had the patience and intelligence to do it as well as you do. I tend to get ghetto with idiots, racist, and morons. Enjoy a wonderfully joyous Sunday. I am honored you are here. ;-)

      • I teach U.S. Government in a rural, southern, white community where racism occurs. I start each class, each semester, with two concepts. First, we will discuss controversial issues. However, you will always respect differing views, but always feel free to express yours with sound data. Second, if we get into issues of racism, remember this–it is up to you to not teach or indoctrinate racism to your children, for only then might we eradicate racism in this country. We are not born racist, we are taught racism–by the way, I am caucasian. Anthony R.

      • That is absolutely correct, Mr. Anthony R., we are taught racism. No new born has ever, nor will it ever be born into this world knowing what hatred of another human being is. That emotion, hatred, is a taught mental condition. And who do we as babies learn from? Our parents and guardians. Those responsible with early stage education.

        Hatred of differences in other humans is taught by our mothers and fathers and our peers.

        At a very early stage in our developmental process.

      • I have a question for you. If you believe that racism is taught, and has no genetic component, then how did racism start to begin with? How did tribalism start?
        I guess that if you studied genetics at the collegiate level, you would understand that “nature” is just as big of a contributor to who you are as “nurture.”
        Did you know that according to 3 separate studies done decades apart that 90% of convicted murderers in the United States has an IQ between 80-90? This is significant because it shows that the majority of people who kill aren’t intelligent enough to weigh out the consequences of their actions. Interestingly, Asians have the highest mean IQ of any race (106), and the lowest number of people with an IQ between 80-90. This results in Asians having the lowest murder rates of any race. Conversely, since the mean IQ of blacks is 86 (right in the middle of the kill zone) blacks have the highest murder rates of any race.
        Charles Darwin, the father of the Theory of Evolution, wrote about the differences in intelligence by race, but liberals and minorities like to pick and choose what parts of Darwin they like to agree with.

      • U’re a dumbass, I have a question for your dumbass, when an infant is brought home from the maternity ward, does it know Black from caucasian? Does it know straight from gay? Does it know Muslim from Christianity?

        It Is Taught, you muthafuckin stupid cracka.

    • The RC’s are RC’s, low ed, abjectly ignorant, and generally failed people. However, their racism and attitudes are exacerbated and their “beliefs” are reinforced by watching FOX Noise and listening to Rush Lumbaugh, Glenn Beck and most of the US talk radio shows. Why we haven’t evolved as the human race (and yes, we are all one) beyond those evils mystifies me.

      Caucasion follower of Christ’s real teachings (although I don’t trust organized religions) and Vietnam grunt.

      OFA volunteer in ’08 and ’12

      • Mr. Daily, racism is a disease, and with any disease you have to be educated on what to do to heal the body. In the case of racism, it must be removed like a cancerous tumor, or the body (America, the planet) will die. Happy Holidays to you and your family and Thank You for being an OFA volunteer in ’08 and ’12.

  22. I don’t care what race they are, foreign or domestic, legal or illegal, rich or poor just get off my tax payer dime!

    • You, dumbass, are not the only one who pays taxes, I pay muthafuckin taxes and I want them on my fuckin dollar!!

      • Easy there, don’t be a hateful hypocritical douche, Jueseppi B., sounds like you have a diseased mind yourself, his comment does not warrant hate.

        Also if racism is a disease I would hate to see what you would categorize homosexuality as haha..

      • You are a total asscrack sucking dumbass. I’d hate to see you period, now stay the fuck off my blog you racist piece of feces.

  23. Why would you write a racist article and then call anyone who disputes your reasoning a racist. The fact is there are too many AMERICANS receiving welfare benefits and the trend will continue to rise as long as any democrat or republican is allowed to lead this country. Welfare is not a race issue until you make it one!

    • Because only you asswipes would consider it racist. I am not interested in the article itself, I am interested in the racist comments it produced.

      • The article in itself is racist, therefore it will only provoke racist responses. You really wish to put an end to racism, then why write such trash? You are only adding to the problem. You have become part of the problem that you are so against.

      • Uh huh, the day some caucasian male who is the absolute reason racism exist in America, tells me I’m the reason/cause for racism, because I am a Strong, Educated Black man who has the authority to speak out against your evil ass oppression…and I buy that bull shit opinion….is the day hell reaches 45 degrees below “I don’t give a fuck what your opinion is”….Mr. Bob Coselman.

        Have a very good weekend,….Bob.

  24. So, what would would those percentages be of the population… meaning… what percentage of each race in America is on welfare? Just curious. I’m thinking those numbers might say a bit more than your numbers. Also, is “cracka ass” a derogatory racial slur? Does it in any way promote education, or elimination of racism? Seems kinds of hypocritical to me, unless I am misunderstanding something.

  25. Let’s eliminate the white women who have kids by unemployed black males… I BET that the percentage would significantly drop! Just telling it like it is.

    • WHILE WE’RE ELIMINATING PEOPLE ON WELFARE, LETS ELIMINATE THE BLACK PEOPLE WHO ARE UNEMPLOYED BECAUSE OF SKIN COLOR, then lets move on to eliminating the welfare recipients who have been placed on welfare because they can’t get a decent paying job based on an employer being a racist asshole like you, reality bites, then we can also eliminate the people of color who live in an socioeconomically depressed environment, have a job, but can’r make ends meet so they get government assistance to supplement their income…..Just telling it as it tis, you racist piece of shit.

    • Oh, if you can’t come up with a reasonable reply, don’t attempt anymore of your lame ass comments because they will be deleted, cracka ass.

    • I just love how you dumbass crackas continue to visit, drive up my numbers, leave stupid ass comments, and get them deleted….win win for me, lose lose lose for you dumbass caucasians. I guess that makes me a winner, winner, chicken dinner….huh dumbasses?

      Leave another comment I can delete, fool.

  26. I’m puzzled by your post, since AFDC hasn’t been a program since the Clinton-era welfare reforms of 1996 (PRWORA). It was replaced by TANF- Temporary Assistance to Needy Families.

  27. Racism can be fixed with re-education. Your stupidity is a life long illness.

    • You hit the nail squarel on the head with that one, Jueseppi. When roughly 40% of whites vote for your Arab idol and very close to 100$ of blacks for for him, I damn sure have to agree with you that racism is alive and very well, indeed. Oh, and by the way, 98$ of it is on YOUR side ! ! !

      • Good, it’s about time racism jumps up and bites you racist caucasian fucks in your uptight nasty evil oppression spreading rectums. U dumbfucks voted for Lyin UnFitt Mitt because he is caucasian….because you certainly didn’t vote for his Mexican ass because he was qualified.

        Mitt is qualified to be a cuckold to his wife and thats about it.

        Have a very nice day racist ass caucasian.

      • A caucasian man asked his Black friend, “are you voting for Barack Obama just because he’s Black”? The Black man responded saying “Why not? In America Black men are pulled over everyday while driving just because they’re Black; passed over for promotions just because they’re Black; labeled as criminal just because they’re Black; not to mention the millions who will vote for Lyin UnFitt Mitt Romney and NOT Barack Obama because he IS Black. You don’t seem to be too concerned about that do you?

        I am voting for Barack Hussein Obama because he is intelligent. Barack is a diplomat. Barack is a father and a husband of the highest quality. Barack is compassionate and cares about ALL Americans. Barack is smart. Barack tells no lies nor does Barack flip flop. Barack is kind, gentle, strong, decisive and humble. Barack is class personified.

        AND I voted for Barack Hussein Obama just because he IS a Black Man.

  28. While it is true that Caucasians receive a large percentage of the “welfare pie,” the population percentage (according to the U.S. Census bureau) of non-hispanic whites as compared to blacks is nearly five times as much (63.4% to 13.1%). Not trying to start any controversy, but I find your article misleading.

    • Ask yourself why the “non-hispanic whites as compared to blacks is nearly five times as much (63.4% to 13.1%)” is as it is. Ask your misleading ass why you feel as you do as well. If you’re honest enough to reach the truthful conclusion you might be honest enough to realize Black are 5 time below the poverty line as are the “non-caucasian/caucasians. Not go get a fucking education on racism in America.

  29. Hello all and obamacrat,

    Does anyone have a link to these statistics?

    • Links are contained in the article Nina, the links should be working, they were operational at the time this was posted.

  30. [...] Hope something in this post helps clarify something. cheers. YES IT DOES Take a look here: Update: Welfare Recipients Update: Welfare Recipients….Which Race Gets More Benefits? Caucasian women are the largest [...]

  31. Whites are also most likely to have the unrealistic view that government is always bad and never helps them with anything, while they simultaneously reap the benefits. These are the same igorant whites shouting “get your government hands off of my MediCare!”

  32. The interesting thing about Welfare, is it seems to breed an entitlement mentality among the recipients that is difficult to abide. A couple of weeks ago I was getting my jeep serviced. A pair of disheveled women walked in to the lobby area, one young, and one middle aged. The younger woman was toting a baby. They were kinda loud and kinda stupid. At one point I heard the older woman say something like “I don’t care about what name you put down for it (the baby), just get the Social Security number so you can get the money!”

    They were both white. Now I don’t know if these two characters were racists, but I know for a fact that millions of middle class black folk pay the taxes that allow these two women to discuss “getting the money.” And the question remains the same: To what extent are the middle class workers obliged to help women like these? I suppose the answer lies in that fact that they were toting a baby, and that baby didn’t get a vote. Personally… I prefer to err on the side of compassion.

    • The problem with this planet is the disease of racism. Racism affects everything.

      • Racism effects everything, historically because of it’s utility for stealing the labor and resources of people who might not be inclined to view life as a zero sum game. But it is also useful for preventing common people from finding common cause. The point of funding the Tea Party is not to establish white supremacy. The point is to keep white people on the chain and barking at people of color, who, it comes as no surprise, are inclined to bark back. Hard to get a consensus in that environment, even for a talented leader like President Obama.

      • So in your dumb ass racist cracka head, it’s cool and acceptable for you racist caucasians to be racist, in deeds and words, toward people of color or different religious faiths, but when an educated, strong, unafraid of you caucasian devils, Black man speaks the facts and truth against your oppression and hatred…..I am not allowed to be racist against you racist ass fucks. That about right you dumbass racist caucasian? Go get fucked up your diseased ass, and please don’t return to my blog.

        Have a nice week. ;-)

  33. I don’t understand why they deny what they are, why not be proud of the racism that you exhibit? It get’s worse daily, I saw an article that at a Republican Convention in some place called Missoula they had on display a outhouse as a replica as President Obama’s presidential library! This is despicable behavior at it’s best, and on another note why would any minority would vote for anyone with an (R) disturbs me. Hope it’s OK to post the link.


    • Hi Ms. Rose. Yes this was all over the Rachel Maddow show & the Ed Schultz show on MSNBC last night. I often wonder how any person of color, elderly, disabled, women, students, and the LGBT community could ever consider voting Republican.

  34. So true, racism is a disease. Great post!

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