FLOTUS Michelle Obama, Sen Dick Durbin & Democratic Senators


By Jueseppi B.









First Lady Michelle Obama: “It Takes One”

First Lady Michelle Obama announces the launch of “It Takes One”. “It Takes One” is a new effort that asks you to inspire one more person to join you every time you take an action to move this country forward. If you’re making phone calls or knocking on doors, take a friend along. If you’re registering to vote, make sure that a family member is registered as well. If you’re attending an event, bring one neighbor along. And if you’re voting early on election day, bring one new voter with you. You could inspire five, or ten, or 100 new people before November.

As the First Lady shares:

That one new voter you register in your precinct. That one neighbor you help get to the polls on November 6th. That could make all the difference. That one conversation you have. That one volunteer you recruit. That could be the difference between waking up on November 7th and feeling the promise of four more years or asking yourself, ‘could I have done more?'”

“As Barack has said all along, ‘It takes one voice to change a room. And one room to change a community. And one community to change the direction of our nation’. It takes one and it starts with you.”








Republican Filibuster Of Bill To Bring Jobs Home Must End


Democratic Senators Debbie Stabenow (MI), Dick Durbin (IL), Sheldon Whitehouse (RI), Richard Blumenthal (CT), joined by Tim Bryan of Galaxe Solutions and Lori Manuel of U.S. Airways.







Disclosing Tax Havens and Regaining the Public Trust

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) spoke on the Senate floor to decry the use of tax havens and urge support of the Financial Disclosure to Reduce Tax Haven Abuse Act which would require candidates for Federal office, Members of Congress and certain federal employees to disclose any financial interest they or their spouse hold that is held in an offshore tax haven.












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“BARACK” The Vote



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