The Last One…..Ever.

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President Obama Full Speech in Des Moines, Iowa – 11/5/12






Rachel Maddow – A presidency of historic consequence










The Final Rally: POTUS Obama, FLOTUS Michelle Obama And Bruce Springsteen In Des Moines, Iowa

By Jueseppi B.






President Obama’s Final Rally with First Lady Michelle Obama with Bruce Springsteen


Watch Live Here




Yes We Did + Yes We Will: Inspired by “Yes We Can” by (Official Video)


Published on Nov 2, 2012

A stirring closing argument for Obama with music, featuring a cross-section of veterans, teachers, students, workers, business owners, and famous faces — including from the original “Yes We Can” video by

























Jueseppi B.:

great angle ms. Barbara. love this post.

Originally posted on idealisticrebel:

Tomorrow is Election Day. Soon the ads will be over. We will be focusing on other issues very soon, but tomorrow, for twelve  hours we have the ability to have our say about who we want to guide our country for the next four years.

I realize there are some who do not plan on voting. They are sick of the negative ads and lies. I understand how they feel. I am sick of a Congress, elected by the people, for the people who has not done what they were elected to do. I say Shame on all of you for watching your backs first and the American people last.

The problem with not voting is that it gives officials too much power. Voting can prevent a dictator or someone like Hitler from taking the Power from the People. We as the American People need to vote and protect…

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Jueseppi B.:

A slight break from all the political ramblings….Thank you Mr. David.

Originally posted on Thoughts from the Outdoors:


After the fog rolled in,

Grey mist slid forward…

Gliding along like felled timber

in a Canadian river…

Slowly settling down

in a cool,

but oppressive blanket….

Languidly sliding down throats…

and smothering the life

out of every living thing…

Caught trespassing in the woods…

that dank,




David L. Whitman 11/05/2012

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Just In Case You Missed This…..

By Jueseppi B.






President Obama Full Speech in Columbus, Ohio – 11/5/12










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