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Great post Ms. Michelle….very informative and right on the money!!

Originally posted on Motley News:

Confederate money

Lately the hot topic in the news is that residents from a good majority of our states have now started on-line petitions requesting secession. Specifically these petitioners are asking to “Peacefully grant the State of [state name] to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government.” When I first caught wind of this story, I laughed loud and I laughed long. Naturally my first thought was a bunch of far right tea-bag conservatives – and racists – are throwing some pretty big tantrums and being a bunch of poor losers. And most of the people who are signing these petitions probably fall into that category. However, I just read an article posted on CBS News that explains some petitions have a bit of a different angle to this whole secession deal.

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  1. They need to issue passports too… and print new stamps, need to print new books, establish embassies,, the list is endless…. I’m liking the idea.


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