The Cause Of All Racism Is……Penis Envy. Got Girth??

By Jueseppi B.







Medical Definition of Penis envy

1. The psychoanalytic concept in which a caucasian male envies The Black & African male physical characteristics or capabilities, especially the possession of a penis larger in size & girth than the caucasian male penis, as well as the sexual prowess that has kidnapped the caucasian women from the tiny dicked caucasian male, exactly as the slaver kidnapped African people from the Continent of Africa.


Ok, That was MY definition of penis envy, not Webster’s. You have to admit it was a very good definition. Very good.


This post, while it could be labeled as satire, is totally my belief of the basic underlying fear that caucasian males have when it comes to Black men in America today. They be scared we gonna steal their caucasian women, stretch ‘em all out, and return them to the caucasian male after we be done.


That is, after all, what the caucasian male meant when they said a caucasian woman is considered un-pure or spoiled, once she engages in an interracial relationship…..right?


Once you go Black, you are stretched. Or something like that.


Seriously, my theory is that every caucasian male who is racist, and who fears Black strength, has had “the caucasian talk” from his racist father or racist mother at some point in his upbringing: Son, never allow your girlfriend or wife to mingle with those Black male niggers cause they will do something to her, and she will be powerless to resist that strange Black sexual magic.


Africans were kidnapped and sold into slavery because caucasian male colonialist didn’t have the intelligence, strength, or fortitude to work their own lands, raise their own children or even cook their own meals. Being lazy in mental and physical character, they did the only thing they could do, the only thing they still do well, and that was steal what they could not have. In the case of African people, it was strength, intelligence, heart, soul and love of life. That explains how we have survived 400 years of slavery.


Yes, I said 400 years of slavery. You imagine slavery is over today? That makes you stupid.


The exact same thing was achieved with the building of the railroads with the Chinese. Caucasian American males couldn’t figure out how to work the building of the American railroad system on schedule, they stole/Shanghaied and forced Chinese men & women to do the labor they were not mentally or physically able to accomplish.


Lets not even begin to talk of the Native Americans, who were feared for decades because the “white man” could not harness the fierce spirit of the Native American tribesmen.


When it comes to Black men in America today, caucasian males fear the BBC/BBD. They are so afraid that they can’t help but cringe whenever a Black American achieves something they are too weak or too simple minded to accomplish.


Such as being President Of The United States Of America.


Barack Hussein Obama does the Presidency like no past caucasian POTUS ever has.


He does it with Style, Class, Swag & the Intelligence of a Diplomat and a Man.


Couple that with the Strength, Beauty, Grace and Sharp Intelligent mind of a Black Wife & Mother…..and you have a recipe for fear from all the racist corners of caucasian stupidity.


Plus the way the Prez walks, you know the racist caucasian male thinks back to “the caucasian talk” he remembers as a youth. He knows the POTUS is powerful in ALL ways. He realizes he, the racist caucasian male, is not.


Hence the reason for every racist, idiotic, stupid, moronic thing you’ve heard said, written, or recorded about this President, First Lady, and their family.


Penis Envy…..


The reason they mad at him.


Got Girth???



My Absolute LAST Photo Of Lyin UnFitt Willard Mitt Romney. I Swear.

By Jueseppi B.




Click on pitiful photo of UnFitt Mitt to see enlarged text if your eyes are bad like mine.





And Of course this is magical……..








Thank you to both of you…….







For saving America from both of them……





America has never been about what can be done for us. It’s about what can be done by us, together, through the hard and frustrating but necessary work of self-government. That’s the principle we were founded on.”


President Barack Obama, November 7, 2012~



“Disagree Intelligently, Use The Facts & Truth™”




Jueseppi B.:

Thank you Ms. Marion….Happy Thanksgiving & God bless your family & you.

Originally posted on cadesertvoice:

It was many years ago, but I remember it clearly today. I was going through a divorce and my then husband had the children while I relocated and started a new life in another city. The plan was to come back for the girls once I got a job and had a place to live for them.

I was not looking forward to that Thanksgiving Day and the entire holiday season. I was depressed and uncertain as to which way to go and what to do, being all alone. The day before Thanksgiving I found myself crying and alone in my mother’s apartment. I couldn’t talk to her or anyone else. “I’m an adult,” I thought to myself, “and I will act like one.” Yeah. Right…as the tears flowed.

That afternoon, I picked up a newspaper to look for a job and saw an ad looking for volunteers to help…

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Jueseppi B.:

Visit “sharing me myself and i” a very beautiful place in the bloggersphere.

Originally posted on sharing me myself and i:

I dedicate this post to Celestine‘s father.
May he rest in peace.

Angel in heaven
Once a glowing beam on earth
Now a twinkling star

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Jueseppi B.:

Beautiful. Simply beautiful. Thank you Ms. RoSy

Originally posted on sharing me myself and i:

Treasured momentos
Of a love that once existed
Love notes
Pressed flowers
Old photos
Fading away
As time passes by
It seems like just yesterday
They started their lives
As husband & wife
Tears of excitement
Turn to tears of sadness
For today they say their goodbyes
As one departs to heaven
Now life only a memory
Until they meet again

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