Mr. Militant Negro:

This is a real “feel good story”. Thank you Ms. Michelle.

Originally posted on Motley News:

nypd-facebook-boots-homeless cropped for thumbnailThis image below was loaded on to NYPD’s Facebook page recently from a photo taken in early November, and it has now gone viral. I just heard about it on the news this morning, but you may have already hear the story and seen the image. Regardless, it’s worth sharing.

Larry DePrimo, from the NYPD, saw a homeless man sitting on the sidewalk without shoes, nor socks, and apparently had blisters on his feet. DePrimo stopped and talked with the man for a while. In doing so, he found out the stranger wore a size 12, so the officer went into a nearby Sketchers shoe store and bought a pair of $100 boots for a little over $75, after the store gave a discount, as well as thermal socks.

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  1. That act of kindness by this officer is what great Americans do for those who are less fortunate.I would hope that the Republicans in Congress would do the same for the middle class and the poor.


    • The RepubliCANTS in Congress care for the wealthy racist caucasian elitist known as America’s top 2%. And only the wealthy racist caucasian elitist known as America’s top 2%. Nobody else.


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