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Great post Ms. Barbara, especially in the wake of Michael David Dunn, 45 & caucasian, murdering Jordan Davis, age 17 & Black, over loud music. Enjoy your trip, and be safe.

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      Jimi Hendrix in Concert


I am going out of town to see a Manet exhibit so I thought I would let these images speak for me today. I hope you enjoy them and I hope that they speak to you because if we can’t create peace, we won’t have anything else to create. Blessings to all. Rebel



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Jordan Davis 1995-2012.
Gunned down by Michael David Dunn while sitting in an SUV: For Playing Music Too Loud.

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Melissa Harris Perry…

If you are a young black man, who you are is threat enough

The police acted the very next day. A man was arrested, charged, and is in custody, being held without bond. So this–the alleged shooting of Jordan Russell Davis by Michael David Dunn, is not that–the shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman.

But in so many other aspects of this case, the parallels are undeniable–another 17-year old African-American boy, shot and killed. The alleged assailant, an older white man, said he felt threatened–although the boy he is accused of shooting was reportedly unarmed. Another claim of self-defense to justify the killing, and in a “Stand Your Ground” state. Another pair of grieving parents, losing a child and seeking justice.

And again, that sense–for those of us who know and love them–that this is no country for young black men.

Which is why this week…

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Thank you The Zoo….this goes a long way is proving just how stupid our elected officials can be. And WE sent them to D.C.

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Boehner and the rest of the Republicans in the House could learn something from this 6th grader.  Even an teabagger could understand this 6th grader’s explanation.

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You are whom you are, by what you do. You are a blessing to your “critters”.

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I am not complaining, I love my little farm, and all of its critters…yet, there are mornings I would rather not venture out quite so early. Like this morning all damp, and cold. Once I step out of the kitchen door, everything seems as it should and I relax in to the morning’s flow of activity ~ happily ~ if not admittedly a  skosh weary.

October snowfall 1

Mind you this is not a glamorous undertaking.
This is how I usually go about my chores:

Farm Fashion, or early chore attire

By the time I get out the sun is usually cresting just above the east hills; the roosters are crowing, the ducks are squawking; and the llamas are chewing their cud quietly greeting the new day. They all know the routine; the girls (llamas) line up at the fence line. The Chickens and ducks come running full steam ahead to greet me…

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A truly powerful man or politician, need not flex his muscle all the time, just when absolutely necessary. POTUS Obama has always been a powerful man & politician. Thank you The Fifth Column for your continued reporting of facts & truth.

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President Obama channelled the Michael Corleone of The Godfather in his opening fiscal cliff bid.

President Obama channelled the Michael Corleone of The Godfather in his opening fiscal cliff bid.

As a fan of The Godfather, I’ve been enjoying MSNBC commentators’ comparisons of the president’s fiscal cliff negotiations to The Godfather movies.

I was watching Melissa Harris Perry this morning and she also used the Godfather analogy to describe president Obama’s leverage in the current fiscal negotiations. (The relevant portion of the video link above starts after the 30 second intro from Ms. Harris.)


President Obama presented his fiscal cliff proposal to Republicans Thursday, calling for $1.6 trillion in new taxes, $50 billion in new spending to bolster the economy, and an elimination of the debt ceiling as we know it. In the way of capitulation, Obama’s first proposal offers exactly nothing.

Whether or not the president is taking his bargaining cues from Michael Corleone is still being determined.

For film buffs out…

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