This Breaks My Heart…….

By Jueseppi B.









I hate The United States Of America.











10 Responses

  1. Sad that as bloggers; we so often find ourselves writing and posting things like this. I remember thinking the same thing when Trayvon was killed. I remember his Mom talking of him and it never gets any easier.

    It is an unnatural thing for a parent to bury a child. It is an unnatural thing for anyone to murder a child. It is ; it seems; always the mother who must stand and tell the world what it has lost; what she had lost. Probably because the fathers are not able to keep control of their saddness and anger. Women are the strong ones many times; stronger than I can be. My heart goes out to all the mothers and fathers.

    Only a parent can tell us what a child was; who they were and all the good things that nobody else sees. It is an honor to listen; to hear and appreciate this lost wonder of God. I hope they can find the peace to go on; though some may not be able to. Some may withdraw from life as we know it or worse. And so the toll of death and or the loss of lives goes on even after the bodies have been buried; in the fractured lives of the families of these shining stars; snuffed out when they were just getting their chance to shine so brightly.

    Yes; it breaks my heart as well. And it causes fear for the children of this nation and the parents of all of those children. Who knows when another parent or multiple parents will be in this same situation again. next time it could be you; or me; or my daughters who loose someone to this mindless cruelty and violence.

    I guess I am done. There just aren’t the words to describe the grief we as a nation should feel or we as individuals either. They were just Babies.


    • I hate being an American at this point in time. I am disgusted and sick about this nation and “some
      of it’s citizens.


  2. Oh, this makes me cry. So sad.


  3. This gave me chills… God console and comfort his family. May his loving soul rest peacefully in Heaven’s bliss.


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