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President Obama Leaves Hawaii Vacation For White House: Fiscal Cliff Work To Be Done

By Jueseppi B.






President Obama Cancels Vacation to Resume the Fiscal Cliff Fight


By Dashiell Bennett | The Atlantic Wire – 1 hr 26 mins ago








Obama Cancels Vacation to Resume Fiscal Cliff Negotiations With Congressional Leadership.



“After a nice long holiday weekend, President Obama and members of Congress suddenly rememberedthat they never took care of that fiscal cliff thing that happens in just six days. The President will end his holiday vacation early, leaving his family behind in Hawaii and heading to Washington on Wednesday night  in order to resume work on budget negotiations.


Congress will also return to work on Thursday, giving the two sides just five days (including two weekend days and New Year’s Eve) to strike a deal before taxes go up on everyone in America—among other economic disasters.


Heading home early is as much about the appearance as it is about any actual progress. Americans might have overlooked a little golf and family time during the Christmas holiday, but it’s not a good look to be hanging out on a Hawaiian beach when everyone’s financial future is on the line. According to reports, the President and House Speaker John Boehner have not spoken directly for days and there has been almost no movement since Boehner’s aborted “Plan B” vote last week. There are plenty of predictions about how the next few days will pan out, but it does appear that there will at least be one last ditch effort to salvage a solution (even a temporary one) before January 1.”


My question for the writer of this piece is why should The President be denied his Christmas vacation when Congress, including John Boehner, left Washington days before The President?


Should The President have stayed in D.C. twiddling his thumbs while Congress enjoyed their Christmas vacations?



Obama to Congress: Drink Some Eggnog, Then Come Back and Solve Fiscal Cliff


ELSPETH REEVE DEC 21, 2012 The Atlantic Wire


After the markets had closed and elected Washington had headed home for the holidays, President Obama took to the White House podium early Friday evening and suggested Congress cool off over Christmas — “drink some eggnog, eat some Christmas cookies” — and then return to work and solve the fiscal cliff before it hits January 1. Obama said he’d talked to House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and suggested they’d be pursuing a a less ambitious plan than a grand bargain.






Speaking a day after Boehner was unable to get enough Republican votes to prevent a tax increase on income under $1 million — the Speaker said at his own brief press conference that some lawmakers “were dealing with the perception that some might accuse them of raising taxes” — Obama seemed to suggest House Republicans should lower their expectations. “I met them halfway on taxes, and I met them more than halfway on spending,” Obama said. “With their votes, the American people have determined governing is a shared responsibility between parties. That means nobody gets 100 percent of what they want.”


As he closed his statement at about 5:40 p.m. on the Friday before Christmas, Obama said, “Merry Christmas… and because we didn’t get this done, I will see you next week.”








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9 Responses

  1. In case you didn’t comprehend this whole fiscal cliff shit….The POTUS won the election based on HIS economic plan….he don’t have to concede jack shit, we the 64 million people have spoken….dumbass.

  2. [...] President Obama Leaves Hawaii Vacation For White House: Fiscal Cliff Work To Be Done (theobamacrat.com) [...]

  3. I have often wondered why a guy with such a great family wanted a second term for a such thankless job. I guess that’s what being a patriot is all about.

    Hope you had a great Holiday, Mr. Jueseppi.

    • Hello Mr. Publius, I had an OK holiday, couldn’t stop wondering about all the pain and sadness in Newtown, Connecticut.

      POTUS Obama is a much better man than I. Had I been President, and faced all that hatred over my skin color, I would have told America to kiss my Black ass, while packing my family up and walking out the door to leave Joey B. in charge. ;-)

      When people are too stupid to look past their prejudices to recognize someone is helping them…..

      • Understood. Evidently the color of his hide was consequential to some, but the thickness of his hide made the difference for the rest of us.

        The man has one hell of a nervous system. If Billy Dee Williams and Chuck Yeager had a love child, this would be the guy.

      • I think that describes him to a “T”.

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