Happy New Year

By Jueseppi B.







“Happy New Year 2013″ – Video Sequence






Happy New Year Count down 2013






Happy New Year 2013 Fireworks






Happy New Year 2013 Greeting






Happy New Year 2013


































34 Responses

  1. Happy 2013 !!!


  2. Happy New Year – I updated my New Year Traditions blog post.


  3. Just sitting here studying your site brainstorming on banner ideas and also remembering when you started it just over a year ago. We had “met” then and have been loyally following each other since then.

    Then I noticed your hit counter… Holy crap!!!! HUGE congratulations to crossing the big million mark!!!

    Through this evening, I’ve kinda halfway been watching your view traffic today, and you are rockin!! Between two of my refreshes on your site, which was an hour or two apart, you jumped up nearly 400 hits! LOL… and I went up less than 100 during that same time frame. Your site is hot and it should be. You have truly devoted your time and your life to it. You have a lot to be proud of. Happy New Year, my friend.


    • I have been using the key words in my posts a lot, my wife who passed away in 2001, she was a html girl from way back and she taught me to write a bit of html code from back in the day. She always stressed key words and WP allows us that option.

      So whenever I post something I use a lot of keywords.

      Happy New Year to you as well…you are one of the very first bloggers I stumbled upon when I started blogging.


      • The key words is, well, the key! LOL. And if you haven’t been, title your images with key words too. Even if they’re long. I typically get a couple thousand hits just from google image search alone. Except tonight. My site pooped out majorly this evening, which I expected.


      • Check out your banner…that banner is the difference in looking professional and looking like a rank Amateur…you do amazing work Michelle. Thank you


      • Awww.. .shucks. Thanks so much for your compliment! Oh, there is plenty of crap I come up with that looks like I never studied design ever.


      • Well this banner is NOT one of those crap things.


      • LOL.. thanks. I do like this one. Having found that image helped a lot. A lot of emotion and class in that photo.


      • Did you hear….Tax Relief Extension passes Senate with an 89 Yays to 8 Nays vote. Now it’s on 2 the dumbass house of douches.


      • Ayup. Heard when in bed watching the news early this morning. Reading your latest post now about cleaning out the House.


      • A total waste of space. ;-)


      • And you still have the stick figure/animated gif “hello” in the top left. I have loved that from day one and glad it is still there.


      • Yeah, if it’s not broke, leave it alone…that hello gif is fun to watch.


    • Check out your banner on the blog.


      • Sweeeeet! Fits nicely with the champagne background. That’s the recent TIME photo of person of the year. I masked out the other stuff and flipped it. Glad you like it!!! :D


      • That is one of the best I have seen in WP…..really. And I never imagined adding key words to the images….damn I feel dumb cause I should have known that.


      • I recognize that image from the Time cover….I wish I was skilled enough to make banners for myself…that is an amazing piece of work Michelle.


      • I checked a couple of your images and the ones I checked did. But if you grab them off of Facebook and it’s that 30 digit file name… change that. The trick is to think like the searcher. If you wanted to find a certain image in google images, what would you enter in for the search words. And then, bam! If your hits are going this well without that, you’ll break 2 mill in no time.


      • That WP Zemanta app is so good about key words, it’s one of the few things I like about WP


      • I just discovered it about a month or two ago. I love it, too.


  4. Happy New year to you and your loved ones ! Yay ! And no fiscal cliff ! ( Although I don’t really mind jumping off )


    • I had my parachute all packed and ready, for this fiscal cliff jump….now I have to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. ;-)

      Namaste my new friend.


  5. Happy new year!!!!


  6. Happy New YEar to you too!!!


    • I wish you, your family & friends a wonderfully joyous and healthy, safe, fun Happy New Year….See you right back here next year….Namaste.


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