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From The Intersection Of Madness And Reality: Sister Shoots & Kills Brother Posing With Gun For Facebook Photos

By Jueseppi B.



Brother & Sister: Msnuel Ortiz & Savannah Ramirez. Police believe both Ramirez and Ortiz were drinking and the weapon was in Ramirez’s hand when it accidentally discharged. If blood tests confirm that alcohol was indeed involved, Phoenix police Sgt. Steve Martos said Ramirez would likely be charged with manslaughter.



I met Mr. Rippa about a week ago on Twitter, I admire & respect his blog, and his mind.


About the author

RiPPa is the creator, publisher, and editor-in-chief of The Intersection of Madness & Reality. As a writer, he uses his sense of humor, sarcasm, and sardonic negro wit to convey his opinion. Being the habitual line-stepper and fire-breathing liberal-progressive, whether others agree with him, isn’t his concern. He loves fried chicken, watermelon, and President Barack Obama. Yes, he’s Black; yes, he’s proud; and yes, he says it loud. As such, he’s often misunderstood.





This cause, about guns being in the hands of ordinary everyday America citizens, is near & dear to my heart. This story out of  Phoenix, Arizona, just breaks my heart.





Sister Shoots and Kills Brother Posing with Gun for Facebook Photos


by Rippa Jan 05, 2013


So, are you having a Happy New Year thus far? Hopefully you are, because there are many who are not. Case in point, check out what happened to the Ramirez and Ortiz family of Phoenix, Arizona. Like many across America, their celebration of the new year involved guns. Now, I don’t know where you may live, but it’s very common to hear the occasional celebratory gunshot around here at midnight when the ball drops. Unfortunately for the Ramirez family, their moment of joy turned to tragedy, when the 19-year-old Savannah Ramirez accidentally shot her older brother while attempting to take photos for Facebook. Yep, yet another case that proves that alcohol and guns do not mix.


This from Gawker:


“A 19-year-old woman in Phoenix who accidentally shot and killed her brother was posing with a gun for Facebook photos, according to local police.

Savannah Ramirez and her brother, 22-year-old Manuel Ortiz, were celebrating New Year’s Eve at Ortiz’s apartment along with three other people, when a Facebook photo shoot with a gun turned deadly.”


Police believe both Ramirez and Ortiz were drinking and the weapon was in Ramirez’s hand when it accidentally discharged. If blood tests confirm that alcohol was indeed involved, Phoenix police Sgt. Steve Martos said Ramirez would likely be charged with manslaughter.


“Every New Year’s Eve, this particular sister is going to be thinking about this for the rest of her life,” Martos said.


Sister Accidentally Shoots & Kills Brother Posing For Facebook Photo




You know that silly argument that many refuse to accept that says guns don’t kill, but it is people with guns who do? I think in this case, at least, it can be said that this accidental shooting supports the aforementioned argument. But don’t tell that to the NRA president, Wayne La Pierre.



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12 Responses

  1. As a mother, I am still trying to find peace and pick up the pieces. A gun destroyed several lives in my family, not only my son’s.

    • Guns have no right in the hands of the average American. Any other dangerous thing, we put regulations and safety precautions into place to protect the American public, but not weapons. I am so sad & sorry for you losing family members to gun violence & accidents.

  2. Thanks for letting the world know that accidents happen with guns period

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