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Wow….this is a magnificent shot Ms. Toby.

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I seem to always be waiting for something in my life.  I waited a long while to find the man of my dreams.  Okay, I am sure there are people out there who likely have waited longer.  But it sure seemed like I waited a long time for him to show up.  I got married at the ripe age of 30, he was 36.

Next, I waited to have a child.  I once had the idea of writing a book about that experience.  Now that she’s 13, I wonder if I will ever finish that.  Perhaps it will take another form.  That wait was nearly three years.  But, I know why I had to wait for that.  I wrote about it for a daily prompt called “My favorite person“.  Do have a look if you’re interested, it brought her to tears. And it does me as well whenever…

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Oh wow…..this is spectacular….thank you for sharing Ms. SP.

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Oh My Lord….this is toooooo good NOT to reblog. Thank you Ms. Michelle.

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When the 113th Congress was sworn in last week, a new record was set. There were a total of 100 women between the House and Senate. The House of Representative brought forth 80 to join the 20 from the Senate. A record. Slowly the good ol’ white boy network is being whittled away – as it should be. 

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Another peek into Ms. Emily Guido’s blog site….check her out ObamaCrats!!!

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Finally some truth, facts and a dose of reality. Thank you Ms. Emily L. Hauser.

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http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Chuck_Hagel_official_photo.jpgNow that President Obama has in fact named Chuck Hagel as his new Secretary of Defense, can we finally get one thing off the table, for now and forever more?

The ugly, facts-optional anti-Hagel campaign was never about Israel—and no matter how often the word “Israel” is uttered, neocon fear-mongering never is, in fact, about Israel.

Neocon attacks on President Obama—as channeled through the likes of Bill Kristol, the Emergency Committee for Israel, Jennifer Rubin, Fox News, the Wall Street Journal, etc and so on—are about American power. They are about how a certain (pretty well discredited) ideology envisions the use of American power in the world, and they are about how power is shared within America’s borders.

The neoconservative movement is predicated on wanting to see American muscle used everywhere, at all times, for reasons that, as far as I can tell, pretty much boil down to looking tough…

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