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Great Post Ms. Elyse…very informative. Thank you.

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When I wrote a post on the night of the shootings about the fact that members my family grew up in Newtown and went to Sandy Hook Elementary School, I was touched by the comments of most of you.

One commenter I’d never heard from before, took the opportunity to make my comments section into her platform for how very safe she feels because she packs a gun.  I tolerated her for as long as I could, mostly trying not to vomit at the comments.  She berated me for my opinions, telling me in bad grammar that I was ignorant.

I am not ignorant.  I have done the research.  I even put some of it into the comments that she found so ignorant.  Here’s the post, although the comments, which were mostly answered in those damn Word Press bubbles, do not appear in the order they were received.  And since…

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I love this post Ms. Barbara, thank you for sharing it with us.

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What Women Want

What Women Want

I feel that I have to apologize to all of my followers. I want to be writing about my love for The One. I want to talk about the passion of creativity and peace. I am going to continue to write about these subjects but I have to draw attention to what is happening to women in the world. Forty years ago, I thought it was pretty much a finished subject, and I was wrong. I have to begin to assist in our cause because it is the way I am made. I probably can’t march and picket like the old days. I intend to hopefully be one of the voices that inspire younger women to action.

I have been reading articles about the young woman, Jyoli Singh, who was raped and tortured for two and a half hours. I will not get graphic here but…

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I thank Mr. Rhett for this post…..I’ll just allow the video to speak for it’s self……stupidity needs no narrative…

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I usually offer video postings unfiltered. But this one, I think, really does speak for itself. What do you think? (Please leave a comment.)

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What happened is McCain woke up one morning to find he lost the Presidency to Barack Hussein Obama. Since THAT morning/moment’s realization that he was insignificant…he has become a bitter, angry, lonely, disgusting bag of racist feces. Thats my story and I’m sticking to it. Thank you The Fifth Column.

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John McCain and Chuck Hagel, best friends no longer.

We’re talking about John McCain here, so anything could have happened to set him off…

The Washington Post – Chris Cillizza

When Chuck Hagel sits before the Senate Armed Services Committee, one face staring back at him will be decidedly familiar — that of Arizona Sen. John McCain.

McCain, the ranking Minority member on Armed Services, and Hagel were once inseparable — two decorated Vietnam veterans who found common-cause in rebelling against their own party orthodoxy.  McCain campaigned for Hagel in the latter’s first race back in 1996 – here’s visual evidence — and Hagel was one of four Senators to endorse McCain’s 2000 presidential bid. The duo even had Senate offices close to one another to stay in constant touch.

Now, the two mens’ friendship has, by most accounts, dissolved entirely. McCain, in a statement shortly after Hagel’s nomination as Secretary…

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