Jueseppi B.:

I thank Mr. Rhett for this post…..I’ll just allow the video to speak for it’s self……stupidity needs no narrative…

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I usually offer video postings unfiltered. But this one, I think, really does speak for itself. What do you think? (Please leave a comment.)

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  1. This fool needs to retun to rehab and should not be given another pass.


  2. I am in total disbelieve about the reason gun advocates want to deport Piers Morgan …

    On Tue, Jan 8, 2013 at 6:06 PM, “The ObamaCrat.Com” wrote:

    > ** > Jueseppi B. posted: “I thank Mr. Rhett for this post…..I’ll just > allow the video to speak for it’s self……stupidity needs no > narrative…”


  3. As you stated, this time of dumbfuckery speaks for itself. Not type, but time=This hill jack from Hoboken still thinks he is living in the era of one bullet, redneck rifles. This completely unhinged pond scum thinks it’s still 1776 and he and his ilk need too be closely monitored. It’s a shame that his ancestors successfully passed down such demented DNA. His wig wearing Great-Great-Great Granddaddy should have continued tossing off down the beloved barrel of his rifle=perhaps he would have accidentally blown his worthless nuts off and Piers and the rest of us wouldn’t have to be bothered.


    • You said it all, and said it very well. It’s so sad we have Americans running around with guns/assault weapons who have sanity issues like this guy. As I say often, if this is the face of America, we are all fucked.


  4. I saw this show last night and that man is someone who has many mental health issues and he is out of control. Hope you are well.


    • I am doing ok, a rough day but it is better now.

      Yeah, I find most gun advocate to have serious mental health issues.

      Are you doing good?


      • I am ok. Packing for a trip. I won a cruise to the Bahamas and so my younger sister and I leave Thursday. I am nervous. I have some mobility issues but I am excited to get to swim with Dolphins. :) Sorry you had a rough one. They seem to take a lot out of us. Take care of yourself while I am gone. I won’t be able to blog but I will have lots to say when I get home. I am sure. That guy from last night. He really was out of control and Pires was right. 35 deaths by gun since they are no longer legal. Wow.


      • Thats wonderful news, a cruise will charge your batteries and get you feeling strong again. I am so happy for you, and your sister. Have fun for me. When you return, we’ll all be right here.

        Yeah, that guy on Piers show is the lowest type of human waste, pure turtle feces. ;-)


      • LOL. I got quite a visual image from your comment. I will have fun for you and maybe a drink too. ::)


      • Oh hell….why not go all out, have 3 drinks during your cruise….it’s OK. Matter of fact, have 3 for me too. You deserve that. ;-)


      • hahaha. watch it. I just might and I never get a hangover so you will have it. :)


      • Whats a hangover?


      • Ya got me. Good one!!


      • Just have yourself some fun on your cruise, you and your sister, and come back safe. ;-)


      • ok. hold down the fort, so to speak!


      • Will do Ms. Barbara!! :lol:


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