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“Where’s the logic in this sort of thing.”…….well here in lies the rub…..logic is absent from the NRA thinking. Great post Ms. Kstreet607.

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Unbelievable.  Where’s the logic in this sort of thing, given what happened a month ago?


Here is some free PR advice for the National Rifle Association: Now is not the time to release a target practice iOS app—especially one intended for kids. According to the NRA, the app is intended for children as young as age four.

In Target Practice you can choose to test your skills in an indoor or outdoor range or opt to shoot skeet. You get to pick your weapon, and you can pony up $1 to unlock better (more powerful) guns. For example, in the outdoor range your default is an M16, but you can upgrade to an AK47 or an MK11 if you pay. It’s really just a point-and-shoot game, but the fact that it’s meant for kids is straight up stupid.

It would be a different story if the app were teaching…

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Barack’s House Blog: FULL Debt Ceiling News Conference Video

By Jueseppi B.






President Obama Holds the Final Press Conference of His First Term


Colleen Curtis
By  Colleen Curtis   January 14, 2013  The White House Blog



p011413ps-0333President Barack Obama responds to a question during a press conference in the East Room of the White House, Jan. 14, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)



President Obama today invited the White House Press Corps to the East Room for one last news conference as his first term comes to an end. Before taking questions from the assembled journalists, the President took a moment to reflect on the past four years, and look ahead to his agenda for the next term, which includes new jobs, new opportunity, and new security for the middle class:

One component to growing our economy and broadening opportunity for the middle class is shrinking our deficits in a balanced and responsible way. And for nearly two years now, I’ve been fighting for such a plan — one that would reduce our deficits by $4 trillion over the next decade, which would stabilize our debt and our deficit in a sustainable way for the next decade. That would be enough not only to stop the growth of our debt relative to the size of our economy, but it would make it manageable so it doesn’t crowd out the investments we need to make in people and education and job training and science and medical research — all the things that help us grow.



The President also addressed the dangers our country will face if Congressional Republicans go forward with their threat to let America default on our spending obligations:

If congressional Republicans refuse to pay America’s bills on time, Social Security checks and veterans’ benefits will be delayed. We might not be able to pay our troops, or honor our contracts with small business owners. Food inspectors, air traffic controllers, specialists who track down loose nuclear material wouldn’t get their paychecks. Investors around the world will ask if the United States of America is, in fact, a safe bet. Markets could go haywire. Interest rates would spike for anybody who borrows money — every homeowner with a mortgage, every student with a college loan, every small business owner who wants to grow and hire. It would be a self-inflicted wound on the economy. It would slow down our growth, might tip us into recession, and ironically, would probably increase our deficit.

So to even entertain the idea of this happening — of the United States of America not paying its bills — is irresponsible. It’s absurd. As the Speaker said two years ago, it would be — and I’m quoting Speaker Boehner now — “a financial disaster, not only for us, but for the worldwide economy.”

So we’ve got to pay our bills. And Republicans in Congress have two choices here: They can act responsibly, and pay America’s bills; or they can act irresponsibly, and put America through another economic crisis. But they will not collect a ransom in exchange for not crashing the American economy. The financial well-being of the American people is not leverage to be used. The full faith and credit of the United States of America is not a bargaining chip.



In addition to questions on the so-called debt ceiling, the President also talked about preventing gun violence and the need for bipartisan compromise to reduce our deficit in a balanced and responsible way.



President Obama Holds a News Conference


Published on Jan 14, 2013

President Obama holds a news conference at the White House. January 14, 2013.







Statements and Releases


January 14, 2013

Readout of the President’s Meeting with Saudi Minister of Interior Prince Mohammed bin Nayef



January 14, 2013

News Conference by the President




Today’s Schedule


All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).


10:00 AM: The President and the Vice President receive the Presidential Daily Briefing.



11:00 AM: The Vice President will meet with Members of the House of Representatives.



11:30 AM: The President holds a news conference.



12:30 PM: The President and the Vice President meet for Lunch.



2:30 PM: The President and the Vice President meet with Secretary of State Clinton.



3:00 PM: The President participates in an Ambassador Credentialing Ceremony.












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Jueseppi B.:

Castration is the ONLY punishment for rape. Thank you Daryl for this post.

Originally posted on GetRealWithDarylandDeVon@.Wordpress.Com:


Police: 7 men gang rape bus passenger in India – CNN.com.

Unfortunately, women all over our great planet, experience on a daily basis, the direct result of exponential male ignorance…and ambivalence . Granted, most of us, have nothing but the utmost respect for our beautiful, god-given, counterparts. We were given life, and unconditional love from our mothers. The wiped our shitty asses, helped us blow our snot-filled noses, and most importantly, ALWAYS had our back(s)…no matter what circumstance. Most of us had/have sisters, daughters, cousins, grandmothers, friends, and aunts, who had/have an integral part in defining us as men. Looking at the female-hating filth, in the above picture, makes me sick to my stomach!!!

These ravenous scoundrels deserve death by hanging for the atrocity they have bestowed upon this woman. They probably follow the  magniloquent meanderings of maniacs like Todd Akin, a Republican sleezebag,  who believes women have…

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Barack Holds A Presser On Debt Ceiling: Responds To The Stupidity Of White House Press Corps

By Jueseppi B.







Full – President Obama final news conference of his first term 1/14/2013


Published on Jan 14, 2013

United States President Barack Obama Final Last press conference of his first term – Answer all reporters questions – Full speech President Obama January 1/14/2013 – re-elected USA president Pres. Obama listing women he appointed in first term, says 50% of his White House staff were women. “We have to break the habit of negotiating through crisis over and over again.”
Must watch!






No Negotiations That Put “A Gun To The Head Of The American People”:

Staying on the subject of what’s expected to be another tough battle over raising the federal debt ceiling, the president says “what I will not do is have that negotiation with a gun to the American people” — referring to the possibility that the government might go into default or have to shutdown because his opponents won’t approve an increase in that borrowing limit.


You can’t go out to dinner, “eat all you want and then leave without paying the check,” the president says, as he again argues that all increasing the debt ceiling does is let the government pay bills that Congress has already racked up.






Obama: No ‘Ransom’ Over the Debt Ceiling




“All Of Washington” Would Be Blamed For A Shutdown:

If Republicans do insist that the federal debt ceiling won’t be increased unless Democrats agree to additional spending cuts, the president says, “I suspect the American people would blame all of Washington for not being able to get its act together.”


But if that happens, he makes the case that it will be Republicans’ fault. “Ultimately, Congress makes the decisions about whether we spend money and … keep this government open,” he says. And, “they have the votes in the House of Representatives” to potentially force a shutdown over the debt ceiling issue.


“My hope is that common sense prevails,” Obama adds, as he again makes the case that increasing the debt ceiling only allows the government to pay bills that it has already incurred — not to increase future spending.






Obama: ‘We Are Not A Deadbeat Nation’




Crisis Negotiating Has To End:

The nation has to “break the habit of negotiating through crisis, over and over again,” the president says, as he again makes the case that talks about deficit reduction should not be tied to a debate over raising the federal borrowing limit.




Obama: Gun Owner Fear “Good For Business”





Gun Control Opponents Are “Ginning Up Fear”:

Asked about the surge in gun sales since the Dec. 14 mass shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., the president says “we’ve seen for some time now that those who oppose any common sense gun control or gun safety measures have a pretty effective way of ginning up fear on the part of gun owners that somehow the federal government is going to take their guns away.”


Such fears, he says, are unfounded.






Obama Defends Diversity Of His Administration





Don’t “Rush To Judgment” On Diversity Of His Team:

His first-term White House staff and Cabinet were “as diverse or more diverse” as any in history, Obama says. Now that he’s nominated four white men to key positions in his second term, there’s been talk that he isn’t including women or minorities. “I would just suggest that everybody wait until they’ve seen all my appointments … before they rush to judgment,” Obama says.


Asked about criticism that he’s aloof or not friendly enough toward Washington lawmakers, the president says, “I’m a pretty friendly guy and I like a good party.” When members of both parties are invited to the White House, he says, “I enjoy their company.”


With his daughters getting older, the president jokes, he may be a bit more lonely in coming years. So, he might be “calling around looking for somebody to play cards with” — including Republicans. But he expresses doubt about whether that would help get any of the big issues settled.




From The Atlantic Wire:


Obama Tells Congress to Pay Its Bills




President Obama says he will not negotiate with Republicans over raising the federal debt ceiling. The president held on the his final press conference of his first term Monday.





President Obama delivered the final press conference of his first term today, focusing almost entirely on the debt ceiling fight and gun control. While declining to offer any new details on either front during the hour-long Q&A (that did not feature very many Qs), nor giving any hint as to what he might do should Congress fail to raise the debt ceiling, the president reiterated his earlier comments that responsibility lies with Congress to pay for the spending that it has already authorized. “They will not collect a ransom in exchange for not crashing the American economy,” he said. President Obama repeated several times some version of the line that the United States is not “a deadbeat nation” and must pay its bills, making that the dominant message of the midday press conference, his first major one since just after Election Day.


On gun control, the president said he believes that an assault weapons ban, stronger background checks, and limits on magazine clips are proposals that he believes “make sense” in an ongoing effort to curb gun violence, but added that he’s not sure if any of the proposals will actually make it through Congress. He said he expected to brief the nation on Vice President Biden‘s proposals later in the week.


The press conference ended with an odd question about whether the president is social enough. His response was that he’s very friendly to Congresspeople (“I like a good party”), but that ultimately it doesn’t help get deals done, because those are who are friendliest to him often get attacked by their own party. Though he hopes that changes as his daughters are getting older and “I’m getting kind of lonely in this big house.”


Read the rest of this story at The Atlantic Wire.




Full transcript available from The Washington Post.



From The President:


“And I just want to repeat, because I think sometimes the American people understandably aren’t following all — all the debates here in Washington. Raising the debt ceiling does not authorize us to spend more. All it does is say, that America will pay its bills. And we are not a deadbeat nation.”


“And the consequences of us not paying our bills, as I outlined in my opening statement, would be disastrous. So, I understand the impulse to try to get around this in a simple way. But there’s one way to get around this. There’s one way to deal with it, and that is for Congress to authorize me to pay for those items of spending that they have already authorized. And the — you know the — the notion that Republicans in — in the House, or maybe some Republicans in the Senate would suggest that in order for us to get our way on our spending priorities, that we would risk the full faith and credit of the United States, that I think is not what the founders intended.”


“That’s now how I think most Americans think our democracy should work. You know they’ve got a point of view. Democrats in Congress have a point of view. They need to sit down, and — and work out a compromise.”


Complete transcript at The Washington Post.




obama114President Obama: “I Will Not Let Deficit Talks Be Tied To Another Debt Ceiling Debate.” President Obama speaks during his news conference in the East Room of the White House on Monday.










Americans for Responsible Solutions







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Jueseppi B.:

Thank you Carrie, Brandon & Ben….great recipe for my second favorite fish. I love “Our Life in Food.”

Originally posted on Our Life in Food:

Pecan Parmesan Salmon

Inspiration: I didn’t really have any cravings while I was pregnant. Aversions – oh, yes – but no cravings. Since we had Ben and I have been nursing, though, I’ve been getting some weird, out of left field cravings. One of those cravings has been pecans. I thought of them the other day, and I just had to have a meal with pecans in it. And I am just dreaming about a nice salted can of them right now. Mmm.

What We Loved: Salmon is a rich fish that really paired particularly well with the rich flavors in the topping – delicious nutty Parmesan and the lovely maple/caramel flavors that are inherent to pecans. Aside from that awesome maple flavor, my favorite thing about the topping was how nice and crispy it got. I was worried that the  nuts might soften in the oven, but they got super…

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