Jueseppi B.:

Amen. Beautifully worded and magnificently stated….both men are just that, M.E.N. with human faults. Great post Ms. Katrina.

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idol worship

idol worship (Photo credit: Shreyans Bhansali)

Ok, I said that I wasn’t going to touch this, but I guess I can’t let it slide. I pulled up my Facebook page this morning which was covered wall to wall with either sentiments concerning Dr. King or the Inauguration of the President’s second term. At first glance, it was seen as harmless congratulatory remarks for our president and a great civil rights leader. But as I moved further down the page, my eyes collided with a multitude of idol worship type posts concerning these two men.  The type of praise, glory and awe that was heaped upon them made me cringe.

As I stated earlier on my Facebook page, I admire Dr. King and his work and yes I have benefitted greatly from it, but I draw the line at placing him or any other human on a pedestal. Dr. King, along…

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  1. :-) Thanks for the repost!


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