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Jueseppi B.:

Such a gifted story teller Ms. sayisandradavid is….visit her blog to get the full effect of her magic talent.

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George Popa!

( Photo credit: George Popa)

”I stayed true to my first love,” Hannah’s soft voice droned on and I was held spellbound by the simple life she’d lived. A life of dedication in the face of outright betrayal.

”I fell in love the first time I saw Michael,” and her face soften at the memory with traces of a smile lurking at the corner of her mouth, ”my dad worked for the KGB then, he’s now retired, he was  absolutely furious when he knew I was dating ”an alien.”

My eyebrows shot up at the ‘alien bit’ and she laughed when she saw the expression on my face.

”A nonRussian is an alien to my dad,” she explained and continued, ”when it was obvious our relationship would face outright persecutions, we fled Russian and came to London, got married and life was good. It was rosy for the first five years…

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Jueseppi B.:

TavAss Smiley & Corney West are both nothing more than your typical average modern day “house niggers” sucking the sweaty balls of the Koch Brothers & The Donald Trumps of the planet.

Very good opinion post Mr. Daryl.

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English: Dr. Cornel West: Collector

English: Dr. Cornel West: Collector (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The last thread of respect that I have for Dr. Cornel West is barely beyond a withered strand. I have respect  for his focus on the plight of the nations poor and disenfranchised. I respect his intellect, and his commitment in utilizing his intelligence to inform others of  the economic injustice(s) that nearly brought Wall Street to its once almost broken knees. What I don’t have respect for, is his continued, and most often- unnecessary, uncouth criticism of The POTUS.

From his accusations that Barack Obama is somehow not representative of “Real Blackness,” to his insinuations regarding the use of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr‘s bible at this weeks historic inauguration, West has been the ultimate hemorrhoid, consistently protruding, and provoking the backside of nearly everything labeled Obama. No one in their right mind agrees with others on every single…

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Full Video: President & First Lady Show Up To Greet Visitors To Barack’s House

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The President and the First Lady say ‘hello’ to the surprised tourists. Photo: Official White House Photo by Pete Souza





President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama Surprise White House Visitors


Published on Jan 22, 2013

The President, First Lady, and Bo make an unannounced appearance in the Blue Room to greet visitors during a public tour of the White House. January 22, 2013.







President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama greet visitors during an inaugural open house in the Blue Room of the White House, Jan. 22, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)



From ITV:


The Obama’s surprise White House tourists


Tourists at the White House got more than they bargained for yesterday when the President, the First Lady and even their dog Bo, popped into the ‘Blue Room’ to say ‘hello’.


Among the guests to meet the Obamas was a man who asked the President for a ‘fist pump’ to which he obliged and a woman who was overcome by emotion and had to be comforted by the US President




A visitor meets Barack and Michelle Obama and the family dog Bo. Credit: The White House





Visitor Trevor ‘fist pumps’ the President of the United StatesCredit: The White House





A visitor is overcome with emotion meeting Barack and Michelle Obama. Credit: The White House




The group of unsuspecting tourists, who were on one of the many public tours that take place at the iconic building in Washington DC, were ushered into the ‘Blue Room’ – the traditional place for presidents to formally receive guests – where Barack Obama and his wife Michelle were waiting.




Be a Part of the Next Four Years


Published on Jan 19, 2013

President Obama is committed to making this the most open and participatory administration in history. That begins with taking your questions and comments, inviting you to join online events with White House officials, and giving you a way to engage with your government on the issues that matter the most. The first four years of the Obama administration were big but the next four are going to be even bigger. Join us athttp://www.whitehouse.gov/engage






Speeches and Remarks


January 23, 2013

Remarks by the President at Staff Inaugural Ball



January 22, 2013

Remarks by the President at Commander-in-Chief Ball



January 21, 2013

Remarks by the President and the Vice President at Inaugural Luncheon



January 21, 2013

Inaugural Address by President Barack Obama



January 20, 2013

Remarks by the President, the Vice President, the First Lady and Dr. Biden at Inaugural Reception



January 19, 2013

Remarks by the First Lady and Dr. Biden at the Kids Inaugural Concert



January 19, 2013

Remarks by the President and the First Lady on Volunteering on National Day of Service




Statements and Releases


January 22, 2013

Presidential Nominations Sent to the Senate



January 22, 2013

Statement by President Obama on Ambassador Ron Kirk’s Announcement to Depart in Late February



January 22, 2013

Statement by the President on Roe v. Wade Anniversary




Fireside Hangouts: Vice President Biden Joins a Conversation on Reducing Gun Violence


Kori Schulman
By  Kori Schulman  January 23, 2013  The White House Blog


This week, the White House will continue a series of conversations with top administration officials on Google+. On Thursday, January 24 at 1:45 p.m. ET, Vice President Biden will join the latest “Fireside Hangout” – a 21st century take on FDR’s famous radio addresses – to talk about reducing gun violence.


On January 16, President Obama and Vice President Biden released a plan to help protect our children and our communities by reducing gun violence. The plan outlines specific, common-sense steps we can take right now to help keep guns out of the wrong hands, ban assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, make our schools safer, and increase access to mental health services. Learn more about the plan here.


During the hangout hosted by Google and moderated by Hari Sreenivasan from PBS NewsHour, Vice President Biden will discuss the White House policy recommendations on reducing gun violence. Google+ users from the around the country will join the discussion, including Guy Kawasaki and Phil DeFranco. If you have a question, you can suggest it by writing it on the participants’ on Google+ pages. Watch the hangout with Vice President Biden live on WhiteHouse.gov, or tune in to the White House’s Google+ page or YouTube channel.


We’ll continue to host hangouts with key members of the President’s cabinet on a range of second term priorities. Follow us on Google+ for updates from the Administration and opportunities to participate in upcoming hangouts.












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