Jueseppi B.:

TavAss Smiley & Corney West are both nothing more than your typical average modern day “house niggers” sucking the sweaty balls of the Koch Brothers & The Donald Trumps of the planet.

Very good opinion post Mr. Daryl.

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English: Dr. Cornel West: Collector

English: Dr. Cornel West: Collector (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The last thread of respect that I have for Dr. Cornel West is barely beyond a withered strand. I have respect  for his focus on the plight of the nations poor and disenfranchised. I respect his intellect, and his commitment in utilizing his intelligence to inform others of  the economic injustice(s) that nearly brought Wall Street to its once almost broken knees. What I don’t have respect for, is his continued, and most often- unnecessary, uncouth criticism of The POTUS.

From his accusations that Barack Obama is somehow not representative of “Real Blackness,” to his insinuations regarding the use of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr‘s bible at this weeks historic inauguration, West has been the ultimate hemorrhoid, consistently protruding, and provoking the backside of nearly everything labeled Obama. No one in their right mind agrees with others on every single…

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21 Responses

  1. Did you see this video of Sharpton setting West straight. I watched after listening to the above video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=5m5bmVgxGc0#t=4s


  2. There’s nothing worse than a jealous knee-grow, especially one who wears a raggedy fro…


  3. 50 years from now most Americans will not know who Cornell West was. But Obama… Americans of every stripe are gonna remember that guy as long as this Republic stands.


  4. How can West be employed at a prestigious university and he is always parading the streets with a beat up sign? He looks like one who is in dire need of psychiatric help.What has he done to help the poor?


    • I am not aware of anything West OR Smiley have done to ease poverty in the Black community except make money off of the Black communities poverty.


  5. The two of them remind me of “Amos and Andy”.”Yez Sur Boss”.Need I say more?


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