Mr. Militant Negro:

Under George Dubbya Bush There Were 11 Embassy Attacks, 57 People Killed in Those Attacks. The GOP Didn’t Say a Word. There were NO 11 Senate Committee hearings for those 57 lost American Lives. Can you explain to me why now….AND NOT THEN UNDER DUBBYA BUSH??

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Definition of “Hypocrisy” – – – ” A pretense of having a character filled with virtue or with soaring moral and religious beliefs or principles when in fact, none of these things are really evident in the nature or character of either the hypocrite or statements uttered by hypocrites.”  Hypocrisy is not dependent entirely on a living being to be extant but can also be the basis for statements uttered such as in unjust accusations based on nothing more than conjecture or hearsay or circumstance. A statement that is made and is represented to be truth when there is little or no fact to back the statement up or if the facts are not all known or the facts are cloudy or confusing can be defined as a “hypocritical” statement.

There are few things that twink my Willie more than some ( Horrible expletives deleted ) of what I…

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  1. Let us not forget who derailed the finances for extra security.In case the Republcans have memory loss it was their fault.


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