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I Don’t Want Women In Combat Roles……






Hell I don’t want women in the military at all. Period.


And here’s why………..women in the U.S. Military are in harms way to be raped, assaulted and abused on a daily basis, by AMERICAN TROOPS, and the U.S. Military can’t, won’t or don’t protect them on their very own military bases as it stands now.


So explain to me just how the U.S. Military plans to protect women in combat roles who get captured in combat and become POW’s? You believe for one split nano second these women soldiers won’t be raped and assaulted and abused by the enemy while a prisoner of war?


I don’t make apologies to anyone concerning my beliefs on this issue. I was a POW for 18 months, and I know that a female POW will not survive as a captive of the enemy without being violated in ways you don’t want to imagine.


I say no to women in combat roles. But then again my opinion don’t mean a hill of beans.


Women want to be treated exactly like men in the U.S. Military? I say…Be very careful what you ask for, sometimes it can become a reality.











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  1. Women get raped everyday be it military or not.I have friends who are currently in combat and no complaints from them at this time.Some women have to make a living,all they need is prayer not to get raped and return home safely.


  2. Women.,,have really messed it up for our gender…IN MY OPINION…They want to be equal to a man,IN ALL THINGS!?,,Theres just some things,we arent..Now,dont misunderstand,the woman typing these thoughts,{ME} is a VERY progressive thinking female.,,,age 62,But on many different levels,i’ve come to realize,SOMETIMES WE are our worst enemy..I dont agree with WOMAN on front lines…We are emotionally and physically made up differently than our male counter parts..Theres NOTHING wrong with it,,,It is,what it is…I love being female.and embrace those differences..Woman in the military,are suffering sexual assalts from OUR OWN…male soldiers..What chance do they have with the ENEMY?? if captured…!Another aspect on this subject is,in the dating field…SO many woman give it up,on the first date,,that it has ruined our mens thinking…I almost never date,anymore,because,No matter how much i not a shake hands,and knock boots type…seems it almost always ends up in a wrestling match….{figurativly speaking} yes..SOME woman wants just a physical ,,,but between most of my friends,of ALL different ages,races and cultures..HATE when it seems..all men want is A HAPPY the evening…What i wont do,,its like…NEXT!!…FOR EVERY ONE THAT WONT..THERES HUNDREDS THAT WILL…Come on ladies..lets get this mess RIGHT….I know,i went off subject..but it kinda all fits…Lets LOVE ourselves,,,and respect our femininity….Gods greatest gift to Man…….I love how u speak out for the safety of woman…Mr J.B…You’ve been there,,and know what u speak,,,,,I have found your thoughts to be honest and right on…Keep it coming!…..{smile’


    • I agree with everything that you have said. We as women need to make some changes in our lives in order to make changes around us. We need to stay in our lane so to speak. Some things weren’t meant for us to do and we should accept that.


      • Combat is not for females not because they can’t do it, but because they shouldn’t do it. What one can do, and what one should do are greatly different things. ;-)


    • Ms. Carolyn, I think you and I are a minority when it comes to this….but I have always stood alone with my opinions on most issues. I see, hear and understand everything you wrote, and agree 5000%. As I said about women in combat, “be very careful what you ladies ask for….you just might receive it.” Honestly, I have never personally met a soul who possessed a lick of common sense, who wanted to go into combat, after actually being in combat.

      I wish you good luck with dating, and hope you have a great week. Thank you so much for your kind words of support.

      I finally gave up on dating. ;-)


    • The whole thing is idiotic! It’s been a tradition and it should stay a tradition. Children need their mother home! People try to say that “women are full capable of doing the same things as women” which is just down right false!! Vets have said that the wouldn’t want a women in combat with them because if that 6′ 2″ man weighing 180-190 pounds that tiny lady doesn’t have the shoulders to be able to carry him to safety! The women probably doesn’t have the muscle capacity to do that either! You are completely right about the dating thing too, that is not something that’ll be good for our men of military! Our govorment keeps referring to how IDF has combat roles and saying, ” if they can do it why can’t we”. They fail to understand that ISRAEL IS A SMALL COUNTRY UP AGAINS MULTIPE COUNRTIES THAT SURROUND THEM!! Of coarse Israel is going allow women into combat roles they need all the help they can get!! I’ve also heard the govorment say that with today’s technology there isn’t as much of a physical demand. That is foolish! One of the Most important goals in our millitary is to be ready do everything, IE, YOU CANNOT RELY ON THECNOLOGY TO SAVE YOU! There’s a really were the best military in the world and allowing women in WILL lower our capabilities.


  3. I agree with you 100% Jueseppi. As a woman myself, I couldn’t imaging a woman in combat. I’m a traditionalist. I believe in man being the protector. I think it could distract from the mission. Things that a man can trust that another can handle would be different if it was a woman. As much as they say we can handle it, I can imagine it would still be hard for a man to just leave her. I don’t think it’s a good idea. But that’s just my opinion.


    • Unfortunately our opinions are overshadowed by those women with something to prove, who are just itching to get into combat & the brass who are stupid. I’m not concerned with a woman’s ability to hold her own, or her fellow male soldiers trusting her to do the job, I’m concerned what becomes of that female soldier when captured by the enemy. I had one dumbass tell me becoming a POW was not relevant to the issue of women in combat roles.

      You just can’t fix stupid Ms. Danni. 8O


      • No you can’t. But like you said..”They should be careful for what they ask for, they just might get it.” I had to learn this lesson the hard way when I was younger and yes I did regret what I asked for. Unfortunately we don’t feel the remification of what we ask for until it’s to late. Best wishes to everyone.


  4. I’m with you JB. If I had my way there would be no war. Period. But since we’ve yet to evolve so far, you gotta give the people what they want. Women are already serving in combat roles anyway so the move by the Pentagon is pretty much cosmetic.

    I didn’t know about you POW experience. Many blessings to you & I know it’s only made you stronger. That’s the kinda guy you are. And it makes your word on this issue all the more substantial.

    “Be very careful what you ask for” … very wise words

    Thank you JB


    • Hey Katrina, good to see you on a late Sunday evening. I’m Old School….it ain’t a popular stance but women are not equal to men and for the reasons I stated in the post, I don’t want them in combat roles, which to me means boots on the ground fighting.


    • Women do not aerve “combat roles”. What people refer to when they say they serve combat roles is that whenever they are only allowed to patrol the villages. Yes they can get into a small fire fight, but fighting a few angry natives is different than going up against an army of Taliban or any other terrorist groups. The forward deployed men of the military are the ones who are fighting through a village, raiding compounds, and taking HVTs. An easier way for you to understand what I mean I’ll just say this, anything you see in war movies like black hawk down, hurt locker, zero dark thirty, operation redwing, every documentary u see on tv about big battles during war, and act of valor. Those are the things everybody THINKS women are doing in the military, but they simply DO NOT, and it is better it stays that way! The media on the internet thake things out of context and do not explain the big details around it.


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