The 2013 Reader Appreciation Award

By Jueseppi B.





I love awards, getting them is cool but passing them around is so much better. Ms. SilentlyHeardOnce gave The ObamaCrat.Com™ this 2013 Reader Appreciation Award and I am so grateful to her for this honor. You must visit her blog: Silentlyheardonce for poetry, inspirational post and genuine thought provoking words of hope.


Ms. Silently was one of the first bloggers I met in our bloggersphere when I started over 13 months ago. She is inspirational and a role model for parenting and living through life’s curve balls. I admire and respect Ms. SilentlyHeardOnce.


There are rules to this award.


And I am about to break them all.


My nominees for The 2013 Reader Appreciation Award are as follows and not because they commented or followed this blog…but because I appreciate them for varied reasons.


Bell Book Candle


sharing me myself and i






Things My Belly Likes


Motley News and Photos


The Fifth Column


Allison Grayhurst


Writing Between the Lines







Thoughts from the Outdoors








♡ The Tale Of My Heart ♡






Cut N Edge Cartoons


The Educability of Perch




Silently Heard Once


Tracie Louise Photography


Silver Poetry


advocatemmmohan aksharaalu


The Real With Daryl and DeVon




Tag Free Zone


Inspiration Import




Michelle Proulx Official




The Arkside of Thought


The Ranting Papizilla


Zeebra Designs & Destinations









The Light – Bearer






vikram roy’s blog



the cook to love project



Life As An Art Form



Identity.Smeared Words. Mouthed Art.



aurora morealist



Seasons and Impressions












90 Degrees 2 The Left



Po’ Boy Livin’ Rich



The White House Blog



If you are one who does not like or accept awards…..nevermind.















19 Responses

  1. [...] one is from Jueseppi at The Obamacrat. The 2013 Reader Appreciation Award. Thank you, thank you, a thousand times thank [...]

  2. Hi JB,
    Congratulations on your award, and thanks so much for passing it along!

    • Hey Ms. Naomi, good to see you. I have to pass awards to you because your blog is so cool. Hope you had a good weekend. 8-)

      • You are so sweet. I just started my weekend a couple of hours ago–I’ve been doing storytelling performances all weekend, and Eli and I told stories at the National American Library Association Conference today. NOW I can relax. Cleaning the house feels like recreation!

      • Oh my….cleaning feels like recreation you say? Want to have some extra recreation??? 8O

  3. Congrats to you.
    Febulous selection of blogs here! Wow!

  4. Reblogged this on The Ranting Papizilla.

  5. Thank you JB! And I agree with Emily. You ROCK BIG TIME!! And spread it all around :D

    That’s what’s up

  6. Action is needed … Even when it is heard once or twice …

  7. YOU ROCK!!!! I love your blog, you so deserve this award. You are very kind, and always awesome to all your followers. When I check my email, I love to see ‘whatz up’ with the ObamaCrat!!! Thank you for giving me this honor. Lots of love, Emily

    • You rock more than me Ms. Emily…I absolutely adore your writing talent. Your blog design is amazing to the eye. I can’t remember how we started following one another but I am so glad we did. 8-)

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