Day: February 6, 2013

Originally posted on The Spamwise Chronicles:
If you live in the New York City metropolitan area, you may have heard that a massive nor’easter is scheduled to arrive in town early tomorrow evening. It promises to be a cranky houseguest. Some forecasts have predicted up to THIRTY inches…

Originally posted on LINES BY LIMING:
Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha! If you are one of the many Righties who seem to like to  come on to the comments section of this blog to leave unkind remarks about me or the president or congress or about Liberals in general,…

Originally posted on Things My Belly Likes:
I ate these for breakfast. Shame. As promised, here is the much anticipated follow-up to yesterday’s muffin post. Frosting. I don’t usually bother but for special occasions such as birthdays, parties, days ending in -y, I like to get a bit…


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