Mr. Militant Negro:

I wish I had written this for my blog….I may steal (borrow) your words for my own. Great post.

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If you are one of the many Righties who seem to like to  come on to the comments section of this blog to leave unkind remarks about me or the president or congress or about Liberals in general, Democrats in particular, Progressives and Independents or anyone else who does not agree with some right wing ideological outlook, attitude or opinion – – – any comments that you might have left for moderation and have not seen published may just have been tagged as “spam” and are being automatically crap canned.

I do not mind legitimate disagreement if those doing the disagreeing can find it within themselves to do it in a dignified, courteous and respectful manner.

But the mutton-chopped meatheads with some kind of ax to grind or who simply like to troll my site with comments obviously meant to provoke an emotional response from me…

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  1. I am an Obama supporter and a progressive. I am also strongly pro assault weapon control and human rights. I hope you are able to access this link in Facebook. It is a video factual on the lethality of current weapons. Thanks


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