Ms. Hadiya Pendleton ~ Rest In Paradise ~ We Will Not Forget.

By Jueseppi B.



































































Funeral Held For Teen Girl Killed At Chicago Playground




Wake Held For Teenage Girl Gunned Down In Chicago
















Hadiya Pendleton – Walking Angel













22 Responses

  1. Beautiful little girl. I miss her for her family.

  2. A beautiful rose. RIP Hadiya.

  3. :'(
    May this beautiful young lady’s soul rest in peace.

  4. What a beautiful young lady inside and outside.
    I hope they find who took part in her murder. Her pictures and the human toll picture gave me chills. Something needs to be done soon.

  5. May this precious child rest. In peace.May God bless the family as they.try to make sense of this senseless tragedy.

  6. I cannot understand why our public officials are dilly dallying on gun control. It’s unconscionable.

    • As long as $21 Billion continues to be all profit from gun manufacturers each year…..human lives are expendable.

  7. Such a bright beautiful girl, may her soul rest in peace, Amen!!

  8. I am truly very deeply sorry … No parents should have to bury his/her children … And cutting short the life of our loved ones … means … We should get Rid of Guns … that is sorrowfully getting Rid of our children … The fact of the matter is … “Our Children Are Our Future” … This is a simple analogy that even a mad individual should understand … There is no if .. there is no but … there just no more comprehensible … argument … or .. excuses … We have to get Rid of Guns in our society … that is taking our innocent angel’s lives … too fast … too soon … and suddenly … plain and simple …..And the time is now to thoroughly scrutinize … Gun manufacturers to step up to the plate while we change the law to save lives …
    I am so so sorry for her loss …

  9. This truly broke my heart. Senseless, senseless. What a beautiful girl. She held so much promise. Thank you for posting these photos of her. Very heartfelt.

    • It goes so deep to see a life full of promise, a life that was shielded from crime and poverty in a city like Chicago, still taken away by crime and poverty. It is just a very unacceptable death to my mind. A beautiful child. Gone.

  10. Reblogged this on The Educability of Perch and commented:
    Thank you Jueseppi Baker. We will not forget …

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