Mr. Militant Negro:

The Best Argument For American Gun Control

More Americans Have Died From Domestic Gunfire Than All Wars In U.S. History – Is That True? Yes, It Is.


Pitiful. America needs to wake “The Samuel L. Jackson” up.

Originally posted on Gun Control Now USA:

More Americans Have Died From Domestic Gunfire Than All Wars In U.S. History – Is That True? Yes, It Is


PBS’s Mark Shields gets it right @ PolitiFact

PBS’s Mark Shields gets it right @ PolitiFact

Let’s start with the number: 1,384,171.

1,38,171 people have died in the most devastating war fought by Americans. Which war, you ask? World War I? World War II? The Civil War?

None of the above. This number is from the war being fought on the streets, in the neighborhoods, private homes, schools, and work places of the United States of America. Deaths by gunfire. Domestic gun deaths perpetrated by criminals, the mentally ill; enraged husbands, angry children, and some by unfortunate accident or suicide.

And, stunningly, this number exceeds the number of casualties in all the wars in U.S. history by212,994. Impossible to believe? It is a claim made and proven:

PBS commentator, Mark Shields, made the claim…

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  1. Iam concerned that these folks need so many guns.What are they afraid of?Could it be a demented sense or a mind set that there is nothing better to do in their lifetime ?


    • “They” (The Reich Wingnutjobs) are scared shitless that Black Americans, along with other people of color, will rise up and revolt against their racist caucasian behavior. THATS why they line up to buy guns & more guns. They don’t understand that revolt does not necessarily have to be done with weapons of death. Our revolution is in the voting booth….hence out first Black American President. Minorities, such as women, The LGBTQ people, elderly, disabled, students and the middle class/poor have all revolted by going into the voting booth and making our voices heard. Thats why the voter suppression/voter ID laws are so important to the TeaTardedRepubliCANTS.


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