Mr. Militant Negro:

You go girl. I love this. Thank you for sharing Ms. Silently.

Originally posted on silentlyheardonce:

Our Story

My land you came to invade,
as you crawled from within your cave.
You commandeered my treasures of gold,
as the story is told.

Then supplied me with a lie,
said I was a people with no pride.
A pharaoh left us with a clue,
that will tell us who is who.

Oh! What a blunder,
when you named the pyramids a wonder.
For the three words inscribed,
on the walls inside,
‘Man know thy self’
will give us our greatest wealth.

The face of a dignified black prince,
rests on that what is called a sphinx.
His body is that of a majestic lion,
that once save cHirm from his dying.

Oh! We were what a mighty race,
no other could take our place.
You see,
we traveled the endless seas,
while you were still on your knees.
We walked the banks of the River Nile,

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