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Oh Yeah BayBEEEEE Brownies!!!!!! Thank U Pease Pudding

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DSC_0006What do I like about this brownie? Everything! The crisp sugary crust as you take the first bite, the gooey chocolate centre is so rich it clings to the roof of your mouth and you wonder if you can get through a whole piece. Then a tang of the sour cherry hits, balanced with the earthy walnut and you know you will managed another bite…maybe even another slice!

Would you buy these brownies if you stumbled across them at a Farmers Market? Well you may get the opportunity soon as the Gourmet Gannet plans to be selling sweet and savoury pastries pies and other treats from Hobsonville Point Farmers Market, Auckland starting this Sunday 17th Feb, 9am – 1pm and then every Sunday after that date. Come along and visit me!  In the meantime I’ll let you have my recipe….


200g Dark chocolate (70% cacao), broken into pieces


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#UniteBlue: Whats It All About And How To Get Involved

By Jueseppi B.







Awhile ago I started seeing the above logo appearing all over Twitter AVI’s attached to Twitter users accounts. I was curious, and wanted to ask what this logo meant and what exactly it was all about. I got sidetracked and busy blogging and soon forgot all about this curiosity.


Recently I met a like minded Tweep on Twitter and she hooked me into what the logo meant and how it protected us like minded Liberals from an ongoing attack from “The TeaTardedRepubliCANT Pseudo-Freudian Psycho-Sexual Secret-Whore Pro-caucasian Pro-Racist Anti-LGBT Anti-Feminist Reich Wing GOPretender Conselfishservative NRAsshole-Gun Loving Nut Bag racist white supremacist caucasian Party members” who were using Twitter to silence our collective voices.


Here is the rundown as it has been explained to me:


Racist GOPretender, Todd Kincannon, a former top GOP official in South Carolina, wants to silence any and all Liberal/Left leaning Twitter accounts, and that accounts user, by reporting them as spam. They block us Liberals by using a “SpamBlocker” option to get all Liberal‘s Twitter accounts suspended.


To counteract this chickenshit attempt at stopping the Left from being heard on Twittwr, Mr. Zach Green, who is the founder of UniteBlue.com and the CEO of 140elect, created #UniteBlue. #UniteBlue is a campaign to combat the “SpamBlocking” of Twitter accounts used by Liberals. To “SpamBlock” a Twitter account with under 3000 followers, all Todd Kincannon’s group of thugs had to do was report you once as a spam account. Twitter would suspend that account for as long as Twitter saw fit.


If your Twitter account is over 3000 followers, it then takes a lot more ( A LOT MORE)  spam reports to block a Twitter account. Mr. Zack Green came up with the idea to build a Liberal community by adding the #UniteBlue logo to your Twitter AVI (photo) and this way we could readily identify all who were of a like mind and band together to follow one another to drive our Liberal follow numbers up over 3000, which would make it unnecessary for a Todd Kincannon groupie to report that Twitter account, as spam, thus avoiding suspension, and silencing another Liberal voice.



Here’s the official UniteBlue.com mission statement:





Who am I? Why am I here?

The Left has been energized, now they need to get organized. Strong relationships are the foundation of grassroots organizing. Yet finding fellow progressives who are truly interesting and engaged is a difficult process on Twitter. It’s easy to find national voices, television personalities, and celebrities. But what about real people organizing for collective action in their communities? Even more difficult: finding people near you. We’ve been asked again and again, how do I find supporters in my state? If we’ve learned anything over the years, it’s this: listen to the people and give them what they want.



How does the site work?

When you log into UniteBlue, we look up all of the accounts you follow on Twitter. We then present a suggested list of Twitter accounts that you are not already following. You can select the accounts you want to follow, up to 50 a day in the current version, and then ask us to follow them for you. You can also find Twitter accounts by state to follow.



Where do all the Twitter accounts displayed on the site come from? Will you be adding to this list?

We use a set of advanced heuristics and artificial intelligence techniques to scan the Twittersphere for the most politically active accounts on the left. We then rank them based on a sophisticated algorithm involving their account statistics, following and tweeting patterns, and words they use to describe themselves. To make sure the people we select are really on the political left, we then review all of the accounts by hand. The result isn’t perfect, but it’s pretty impressive. We believe this is the largest and most carefully selected list of progressives and Democrats available for Twitter. We’re not stopping here, however. We have an ongoing program to grow this list on a regular basis. We think we can add people faster than you can follow them.



How do you order the suggested follows, and what is that number in blue on everyone’s avatar?

Our goal is to increase the visibility of the most effective tweeters for the left. To make that possible we have created our own ranking system for progressives and Democrats that we call BlueRank. This measurement sorts suggested follows on a range of numbers that include how often they retweet Democratic incumbents, and the number of left political hashtags they use in tweets. BlueRank is a percentile rank, meaning that a score of 100 is in the top 1% of all the accounts we track, and a score of 50 is about average. Each account’s avatar has its BlueRank displayed in the lower left corner in blue. If you hover your cursor over a suggested follow account, you will see a breakdown of all the factors used to calculate that user’s BlueRank. Really geeky, social media types can get more details on this ranking system.



Is this site free? Will there be a paid version with more features?

The current version of UniteBlue.com is completely free and a robust set of features will remain free forever. We have a lot of enhancements planned for the future, and some of those new features will require a very fair payment. Follow our Twitter account for updates on site improvements.



This is really cool. Can you provide a custom version of these tools for my political campaign or non-profit?

We sure can. As long as your politics leans left, we’re eager to help out. You can find details about our campaign services on Zach’s blog, 140elect.com.



How can I contact you directly?

Zach Green is the founder of UniteBlue.com and the CEO of 140elect. You can reach him at uniteblue@gmail.com.





by ZACH GREEN on MAY 10, 2012



Welcome to our guide to effective political tweeting, with real examples from the 2012 election. The secrets revealed here will help you write tweets that motivate thousands of people to become active supporters and spread your message. Whether you’re an activist, part of a campaign or non-profit, or a reporter, this blog will be your guide to political activism and campaigns on Twitter. We keep adding to this list, so bookmark this page and watch this space, or subscribe to our RSS feed. If you need help putting these secrets to work for your campaign, check out our consulting services page or contact us.



  1. Understand the power of 140 characters.
  2. Sound like a human. Be succinct & funny.
  3. Limit Tweets to a single idea.
  4. Avoid status updates.
  5. Each Tweet must stand alone.
  6. Use between 85-130 characters.
  7. Don’t start public tweets with “@”.
  8. Give them something good to Tweet.
  9. Give them something to retweet.
  10. Measure twice, Tweet once.
  11. Never use more than one link per tweet.
  12. Parody accounts are caricatures.
  13. Host Twitter events on your website.
  14. Use retweet count to test messaging.
  15. Maximize reach on Mondays and Fridays.
  16. Tweet between 10-7 PM EST.
  17. Use #FollowFriday to show recognition.
  18. Don’t Tweet like teenagers text.
  19. Promote Tweets to combat parodies.
  20. Prepare new account launches early.
  21. Don’t feed the Trolls, just Block.
  22. Hashtags will be co-opted.
  23. Twitter Trends favor novelty over popularity.
  24. Plan a Twitterbomb at a set time.
  25. Use Direct Messages to spark Twitterbombs.
  26. Do not engage #TGDN accounts.



Since the end of 2010 we have been involved with every aspect of the presidential election on Twitter.  In the coming weeks we will be launching a new project that makes it possible to find, follow, and connect with Democrats locally.



This is a grass roots campaign to Unite Blue minded people all over America, starting with Twitter. Remember…#UniteBlue.





























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Oh My….the perfect crepes from Chef Wendy….Thank you Chez Chloe!! YummY.

Originally posted on Chez Chloé:

Pancakes aka Crepes-10

Did you remember today is Pancake Day? Or Shrove Tuesday- the day after Rosen Montag and the day before  lent (for you Catholics out there- I’m a non-practicing one myself). I did not remember until I got to my email this morning and saw THIS great post from Things We Make. Of course she posted it yesterday which would give you a little more time to prepare. But what we really need for pancakes or crepes is usually sitting under our noses. So for those of you who just needed a little reminder… maybe it’s not too late. This was my first event this morning since Chloe made it to the bus on time. THANK YOU teen guardian angles.

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People Go Stark Raving Mad Over Christopher Jordan Dorner

By Jueseppi B.



<> on February 7, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.





I am amazed, I mean totally amazed at how dumbass Americans can be when it comes to issues concerning everyday life in America. I have been involved with a person, who I assumed was a decent person, in comments on my blog, about this lunatic, Christopher Jordan Dorner, and his methods for calling attention to his issues with the LA Police Department.


Following is our back & forth comments, followed by their response on their blog of their thoughts & feelings about me and my thoughts and feelings. I use this method of example because it shows just how a nation can be divided by issues…..when there should be no divide at all.


The following has not been edited for spelling or content and is provided just as it was typed, except the name has been replaced with XXXXX’s to protect the person’s identity…….



Back & forth comments from the blog post:

The Associated Press: Christopher Dorner Charged With Murder “Special Circumstances”.




From The Commentor:


Submitted on 2013/02/12 at 03:29

What about all the dirty racist cops in LA who have been abusing and killing innocent blacks for years. They have not been held accountable. Dorner is trying to bring attention to the ugliness that already exist, I don’t think it’s right that he is killing innocent people but he is doing what he thinks will change the racist behavior of not only the LAPD but all PD’s around this country. What he is doing is no different then what Nat Turner did when he revolted against slavery. Turner killed innocent white families. Dorner is taking a stand for what he believes in and is ready to die for the justice he hopefully obtains for innocent black men who are stopped and frisked every day in 2013 for being the wrong color. Black men are arrested, cuffed and beaten, It happens too often and this may be what is needed, an angry black man skilled in tactical forces. To demand justice in the language they understand and will pay attention to. God have mercy on those he killed and mercy on his soul.



My response:


Submitted on 2013/02/12 at 09:15 | In reply to XXXXXXX…..

I don’t care what Dorner is attempting to bring attention to XXXXX, ANYONE who justifies killing humans for ANY reason is insane as the person doing the killing. So what is the LAPD has killed Blacks for years, so what if racist discrimination is the hallmark of the LAPD? Killing people because he was fired/terminated/dismissed….is unacceptable. There is NO reason that makes it OK to murder cops or members of cops families.


This phrase…..”To demand justice in the language they understand and will pay attention to.” is something I’d expect from a racist caucasian NRAsshole gun nut.


It’s just wrong. I still love & respect you, but you are wrong to support or defend murder for any cause. Use the legal system to fight your cause against discrimination. Nat Turner is dead, and so shall that be the result of Dorner…..with no solution to the problems that drove him to insanity.




From The Commentor:


Submitted on 2013/02/12 at 09:52 | In reply to Jueseppi B..

I said I DON’T THINK IT’S RIGHT HE’S KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE. But if his actions bring about change it in the PD then good. From what I read he isn’t doing this solely for losing his job it is because he went up against the blue wall of silence. He is angered that the cops who kicked a man under arrest were given a slap on the wrist. He was suspended with pay other words a two week vacation for using excessive force. In Dorner’s mind, I’m sure after feeling the racism in the department himself he is doing what HE BELIEVES IS RIGHT.




My response:


Submitted on 2013/02/12 at 09:56 | In reply to XXXXXX.

So if he kills your children or grandchildren, based on this stupid comment from you…..”But if his actions bring about change in the PD then good.”…….then thats OK in your mind?


This conversation is finished.


Enjoy your day XXXXX.




From The Commentor:


Submitted on 2013/02/12 at 10:01 | In reply to Jueseppi B..

Yes it is because some people in order to bring about change some must die. Each of us has an opinion I don’t have to agree with you and you don’t have to agree with me. You have a good day too.




My response:


Submitted on 2013/02/12 at 10:16 | In reply to XXXXX.

When it’s YOUR children or grandchildren who die, then come talk to me about your opinion that “some people in order to bring about change some must die”. Talk to me then. You continue down this path, saying these stupid things, and I will lose all respect for you. As a parent, your thoughts on how little human life means to you is disgusting.


I ask you again, please stop commenting on this. You are way wrong.




Now this is from this person’s own personal blog, concerning their feelings about the exchange on my blog…..


“On February 3, 2013 I reached the ripe young age of 53. I am proud to say I am no longer a child. I don’t have to abide by anyone’s authority, except for the laws of the universe. I don’t even have problems with man-made laws because I don’t break them. Especially those, that coincides with the laws of nature. Such as I do not steal, I do not kill nor do I condone stealing and I especially I do not condone killing. However I can understand why humans in their sometimes limited ability to reason, may find just cause to do both. A parent with hungry children will steal to feed their babies. A person who feels they have been treated unfairly may believe they have no other recourse but to retaliate, pick up arms and kill innocent people. That does not make it right but none the less it is understandable.”


“This is my standpoint and as an adult, which I am, it is my right whether you agree with me or not. In every meeting of the minds there are always differing opinions. As it has been said, opinions are like ass holes everyone has one. There are some ass holes that have opinions and do not respect your right to yours and resort to calling you stupid and dismissing you, if your views differ from theirs. That is wrong and a total lack of respect. This is a form of bullying.”

“In our universe there are balancing forces. Where there is darkness there is light. Where there is joy there is sadness. Where there is health there is sickness. Where there is ugly there is beauty. Where there is negative there is positive. To find peace inside ourselves we have to respect these laws of nature and understand the opposing opinions. Sometimes we must agree to disagree. To say I have lost respect for you because you have a thought that is contrary to mine is ignorant. It is one-sided and limiting mine and your intelligence.”


This is a complex issue and it should not be a complex issue. Opinions are fine and dandy, but when your opinions are that breaking the laws of the land, and killing humans because you’re pissed off….is acceptable…well that is stupid.


I’ll repeat myself…when you take the law into your own hands and murder innocent people because you are upset and pissed off that you got terminated from a job you should never have had in the first place……you are indeed wrong. Any critical thinking person that uses common sense, will never connect or associate slavery, Nat Turner, civil rights and oppression to what Christopher Jordan Dorner is doing.


The civil rights movement, the fight against slavery, and common decency has no connection to this fake ass Robin Hood wanna be. Intelligence is something that we all have access to, whether we choose to make use of our own inherent intelligence is really up to us.


This person is entitled to their opinions, thoughts and ideas.


Just not on my blog, or in my universe.


Christopher Jordan Dorner is wrong. He is a typical insane criminal. No different than Adam Lanza, James Holmes or Jared Lee Loughner.


He is NOT out there fighting for Black American civil rights. He is NOT defending the hundreds of Black men who have been discriminated against or killed by the LAPD.


Christopher Jordan Dorner is a cold blooded killer with expert & marksman rankings from the U.S. Military.


Be very careful.











Jueseppi B.:

Now this sounds YummY enough to make me forget Ted Nugent will be at the State Of The Union tonight. Thanks Stash.

Originally posted on Simple Kitchen Seasons:

I’m going to let you in on a little secret which is probably not apparent if you’ve been following this blog for a while, or if you’re a new reader.

Although nearly 90% of the photographs are from meals prepared in my kitchen, the menus are generally planned a few hours in advance. I usually don’t know what it is I’m making for breakfast, lunch or dinner until I go visit my farmer’s market or, if the weather is lousy like it has been for the past two weeks, my local food emporium. I do try keeping an open mind, so that if I notice something that’s available that’s especially appealing, I can switch out a course without too much trouble.

Last night’s appetizer was supposed to have been “insalata di ceci e ruchetta”, or translated to English, “chickpea and arugula salad”. I was all set on making that too…

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