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These dance crazes are…..crazy!! Thank you Ms. Michelle for keeping us all up to date on the latest news and fads from the dance floor.

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The viral video, Gangham Style, is now sporting over 1.3 TRILLION hits, but it’s popularity has waned. Rising to the top of the YouTube videos popularity chart dance craze is now the Harlem Shake. I love them because they’re only 30 – 35 seconds long. That’s it. And although they all feature the same format, each one is unique.  

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White House East Wing Home Theater A Tour Of The President’s Home Theater


By Jueseppi B.


family-theater-2009-super-bowl-3d (1)


The Obama’s and invited guest enjoying the Presidential home theater in The East Wing. The first couple and guests try out 3D effects during the Super Bowl broadcast in 2009 (White House – Pete Souza)




From Electronic House:


February 15, 2013 | by Grant Clauser


White House East Wing Home Theater


On President’s Day it’s common to honor this nation’s leaders by staying home from school or maybe partaking in some Lincoln-inspired one-day sales.


I’m sure being president is a hard job, so he needs to unwind in the evening too. Lucky for him, the job comes with a home theater, and has for many decades. Several sources note that while the first movie was shown in the White House in 1915, the theater wasn’t actually built until 1942. President Dwight Eisenhower is said to have watched over 200 movies in the room. President Ronald Reagan’s favorite movie for the room was The Sound of Music. According to Tevi Troy, former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesPresident Bill Clinton was a fan of Fight Club and American Beauty.


Here’s a pictorial tour of the official White House Family Theater. You’ll notice that the décor has changed significantly over the years as technology improved and presidential tastes changed. We’re sure the theater has been guests to dignitaries of all kinds. Even Hollywood celebrities such as Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks have enjoyed the room.  The theater is used for much more than just watching Walking Dead on Sunday evenings. Some official functions take place there; guests are entertained and major speeches are rehearsed.  Maybe the family also get together to play Call of Duty.




Take Presidents’ Day tour inside President Barack Obama’s White House home theater.




1948: The White House Family Theater in 1948 when Harry Truman was president. Notice how theater seats have changed.





Family Theater 1958: First Lady Eisenhower enjoys the theater with grand kids. Notice the ashtrays. The White House is a non-smoking building now.





Family-theater-reagan: President Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan possibly watching The Sound of Music again.






Family-theater-bush: President George W. Bush practicing a speech in the Family Theater.





Family Theater: This is what the theater looked like around 2000. Most home theater experts would complain about the white walls, ceiling and seats.






Laura Bush White House Theater: First Lady Laura Bush hosting a group of students in the White House theater.





President Clinton and Ron Howard: President Clinton hosting Ron Howard and other guests in the Family Theater.





Family-theater-2008: According to the photographer, the president sits in the third seat. Note that the ashtrays are gone.





Michelle Obama in Theater: The First Lady hosting guests in the Family Theater.




President Obama: The President hosts Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg at the Family Theater.





The first lady hosts a movie viewing in 2009 (Time)



There are many more photos available here at the White House Theater site on The White House Blog



Unfortunately we don’t know what equipment is actually installed in the theater—that’s confidential information. What’s on the president’s DVR? Does the White House have a Kaleidescape? Are they an Xbox360 or PS3 family? Extra butter on their popcorn? We do know that the While House Family Theater includes a 3D projector and that it includes seats for 42 people. Everything else is a state secret.


Grant Clauser – Technology and Web Editor, Electronic House

Grant Clauser has been covering home electronics for more than 10 years with editorial roles in several consumer and trade magazines. He’s done ISF-level damage to hundreds of reviewed products and has had audio training from Home Acoustics Alliance and Sencore. He’s also the author of the book The Trouble with Rivers. Follow him on Twitter @geclauser.



Another Western, Mr. President?

The family theater was converted from a long cloakroom in 1942 when the current East Wing building was constructed. It overlooks the sculpture garden that Hillary Clinton established. It has about 40 well-upholstered seats, set behind four big armchairs originally installed by Dwight Eisenhower. For many years, the decor was dominated by white curtains with a red floral design, but in 2004, it got a makeover in red.


The room is occasionally used to rehearse major speeches, like the State of the Union address each January, but much more often it is where the first family can indulge in one of the luxuries of the job—a movie of their choice screened at any time of day and night for themselves and their guests, often sent direct from Hollywood before its release.


When the first East Wing was built in 1902, this part of the gallery was used as a cloakroom for the many coats and hats of guests visiting the mansion. Guests would proceed into the ground floor of the Residence and assemble in what are today the Library (ladies’ parlor) and Vermeil Room (gentlemen’s parlor) before the event officially began.


The first film to be shown inside the White House was The Birth of a Nation, a racist epic that celebrates the Ku Klux Klan as America’s saviors. Woodrow Wilson screened it in 1915 (probably in the second floor Central Hall), in part to repay a political debt to southern supporters, and such choices have tainted his place in American history ever since.


Dwight Eisenhower was obsessed with westerns. White House projectionist Paul Fischer’s handwritten log showed he watched more than 200 of them in the course of his two terms. One of his particular favorites was the Gary Cooper film High Noon, but he would watch almost anything about cowboys—except any film starring Robert Mitchum, after the actor was charged with marijuana possession. Fischer said that Ike liked Mitchum films until Mitchum got in trouble with drugs. After that Fischer would sometimes try to sneak Mitchum films in the lineup, but as soon as Ike saw Mitchum was in it, the president would get up and walk out.


Because of his chronic back pain, John Kennedy’s aides installed his favorite rocking chair in the middle of the front row. Later on, he had an orthopedic bed set up in the cinema, so he could watch propped up on pillows.


Lyndon Johnson was not much of a film fan. He had one favorite movie and he watched it more than a dozen times, sometimes on consecutive nights. It was a 10-minute homage to himself, sonorously narrated by Gregory Peck and made on the orders of the White House staff to introduce the new president to a skeptical public after Kennedy’s assassination.


Richard Nixon saw most of his movies with the same person, his golfing and drinking buddy, Charles “Bebe” Rebozo, who came to the White House theatre 150 times according to Fischer’s logs. Their favorites, alongside Patton, were old-fashioned escapist musicals such as the ultra-patriotic Yankee Doodle Dandy, with James Cagney.


Starting with All the President’s Men – about the Watergate scandal that ultimately brought him to office—Jimmy Carter held 480 screenings at the White House over four years, one every three nights on average, and more films than Reagan watched in his two terms. The devout Baptist started off insisting that only family films be shown, but eventually relented and became the first president to watch an X-rated film at the family theater: Midnight Cowboy.


Ronald Reagan watched very few films at the White House. He and Nancy watched most of their movies on their weekends at Camp David, preferring Jimmy Stewart movies, High Noon (the president’s favorite), and, on special occasions such as the president’s birthday, his own films.


Bill Clinton also loved High Noon, but his taste in movies mirrored the style of his presidency. It ranged from the earnest and complex—Schindler’s List and American Beauty were among his favorites—to simple and earthy, like the Naked Gun movies.


George Bush is a fan of the Austin Powers series and has been known to raise his little finger to his lips in imitation of the characters Dr Evil and Mini-Me. Since the September 11 attacks, however, his viewing has become more somber. In early 2002, after the worst of the fighting was over in Afghanistan and plans were being hatched to invade Iraq, President Bush watched more war movies, like We Were Soldiers, about Vietnam, and Ridley Scott’s soldier’s-eye view of Mogadishu in 1993, Black Hawk Down. In 2006, he screened United 93, about the 9/11 attacks.



















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Oh My Lord. This sounds delicious and looks even Yummier. Is Yummier even a word? It ought to be, cause it describes this recipe perfectly. Thank you Ms. Carrie.

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Anaheim Peppers stuffed with Beef, Salsa, and Cheddar

Inspiration: While I love drawing recipes from all sources – all over the internet, cookbooks, TV chefs, my head – sometimes one of the best places to go to for recipes is our childhoods or our families. There’s just nothing like a recipe that my Mom made for me when I was a kid or that Brandon can remember eating for as long as he can remember. Food with memories attached is just the best. This recipe comes from Brandon’s Mom, and for me, it speaks of warm summer evenings at their cabin in the mountains and the time in my life when I was first dating Brandon nearly a dozen years ago, learning the ins and outs of his family. This was actually one of the first recipes that I posted on the blog, and needless to say, it needed a serious revamp.

What We Loved: Spicy…

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TheObamaCrat.Com™ Soapbox: Why The Racist caucasians Hate Barack


By Jueseppi B.







They Hate Barack Hussein Obama Because……..


Barack is a Black Man.


Barack is proof that you can not keep a good Black man oppressed.


Barack didn’t dump his Black wife who supported him during the “lean days” for a caucasian First Lady.


Barack loves his African sistah, who is his wife & the mother of his children.


Barack has scruples.


Barack has morals.


Barack has love, real love, of Country.


Barack is intelligent.


Barack is smart.


Barack is a very good Husband.


Barack is an even better Father.


Barack plays golf with Tiger.


Barack is The President Of The United States. Twice.


Barack plays Chess while dumbass Congressmen play Uno.


Barack has Swag.


Barack can sing.


Barack can dance.


Barack connects with babies, children, youth, middle aged, elderly.


Barack cares about people.


Barack was not born wealthy, but is wealthy in ways the wealthy can never become.


Barack is Black.


Barack is cool under pressure.


Barack is from Chicago, Hawaii and Harvard.


Barack passed The Affordable Health Care Act.


Barack is not like any of the past 43 POTUS.


Barack does what the past 43 POTUS could NOT do, AND does it with style, flair & grace.


Barack uses common sense.


Barack uses logic.


Barack uses critical thinking.


Barack is the former President of The Harvard Law Review.


Barack is a “baller.” (that means he can shoot the B-Ball)….(he got game).


Barack is married to Michelle LaVaughn Obama.


Barack is not caucasian.


Barack stands for & supports the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgendered Community.


Barack wants comprehensive Gun Reform.


Barack wants ALL Americans to be American Citizens. (path to citizenship).


Barack has Executive Powers, and “Ain’t Skeeeerrrrrd” to use them.


Barack supports the Unions.


Barack uses drones to fight a terrorist war. JUST like the past President. (the 43rd POTUS, Dubbya).


Barack is gonna choose his cabinet, regardless of how much racist Congressional politicians attempt to obstruct.


Barack Is the Real “Teflon Don”. (Google it).


Barack’s accomplishments benefit ALL Americans, especially the racist, dirt poor caucasians who hate him.


Barack actually feels our pain as poor, disenfranchised  Americans.


Barack repealed Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.


Barack supports Women. In ALL Things.


Barack IS a role model.


Barack killed bin Laden, Dubbya did not.


Barack saved Detroit and General Motors. By himself.


Barack has 36 continuous months of job growth.


Barack is a diplomat, a compromiser, a true organizer of ideas and solutions.


Barack has defeated all major obstruction to his agenda.


Barack has created a legacy to rival all past 43 POTUS.


Barack “Don’t Bluff.”


Barack is the epitome of Republican family values. RepubliCANTS are NOT.


Barack supports and fights for a Woman’s right to choose abortion and a right to choose her own health care options.


Barack is all powerful with Joseph Robinette “Joey B.” Biden, Jr. as his Vice President.


Barack supports Immigration Reform.


Barack IS A Black Man. (did I mention this?).



Lastly…..”Let’s Celebrate!“ A Very “Happy you will never be Presidents’ Day” to: Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Paul Ryan, Marco Rubio, Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, Lindsey Graham & John McCain.
















Black President





















Man is this YummY stuff Ms Summer Thank…

Jueseppi B.:

Man is this YummY stuff Ms. Summer. Thank you. Happy Prez Day.

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Sweet Potato and Italian Sausage Hash web

Today I had President’s Day off and after having a successful visit to the dentist, I decided to head to the store because I felt like cooking.  Not sure what I wanted to make, but I became excited when I saw sweet potatoes at the store. Once an easy ingredient to find, they are hard to come by now that I live in Connecticut, which is far from Georgia and the lovely south. Last year, when I still lived in Atlanta, I went to a restaurant that served sweet potato hash. It was a yummy dish, but I never thought to make it at home.  Until today, when glorious sweet potatoes were in my eye sight. Now, what do I put in my hash?  Thinking about it, I got the idea to add sweet Italian sausage after reading an article a few days earlier. So, what the heck, let’s create some hash!  The results were great, as…

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