Beautiful Ms. Jamie.

4 Responses

  1. Beautiful… but WordPress has taken off the LIKE Button on Re-Blogs??? I haven’t been able to like any in a few days! Thanks, Emily


    • Yes, WP is always messing with the site, always attempting to improve something that needs no improving and should be left alone. I actually hate WP for how it is always “improving” this system. It started Yesterday for sure, no more like on reblogs. :-(


      • How sad! I really liked being able to tell people in a way that I liked the blog. I can’t respond in writing to everyone unfortunately. What a shame! Thanks for your quick response on something that has been bothering me! Lots of love, Emily


      • Yes, it is sad. WP is just a place that makes bad decisions when it comes to support. We can’t even get a response from WP on issues we have. I hope they realize what they do is hurting the blogger community. Thank you Ms. Emily. 8-)


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