I’mma Just Shut Up And Play This Shit….



By Jueseppi B.

OLD SCHOOL 5 r-b-r-and-b-rhythm-and-blues-belt-buckle-display-stand-1742-p




Cause I Love You – Lenny Williams





Bobby Womack – “If You Think You’re Lonely Now






Teddy Pendergrass – Love TKO





The Chi-litesHave you seen her






Isley Brothers – Between The Sheets





Al Green-Lets Stay Together





O’Jays – Cry together






Thats The Way Of The World – Earth Wind And Fire







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27 Responses

  1. I miss this old school music, the music of my youth and blue lights in the basements, slow drag and well all that good stuff. Wonderful choices.


    • Well I am grateful for You Tube for having an extensive library of our old school cuts!! Good to see you Ms. Valentine, loved your vacation post. ;-)


      • This seems to be a popular post! If you decide to follow it up with another volume in the future; I’ll put my request in now for some Marvin Gaye to be included….mmmmmm…;nuf said :-)


      • I’ll wait for your list…..cause you got some swag.


  2. Very Cool. Did you check out the kids dancing on soul train in the Chilite’s video?
    They look just like the kids I went to school with. I kinda’ miss the big Fros. I miss a lot of things from those days. Man, I could go on for hours I’ll bet. Hey. See ya. Thanks.


  3. These are all sublime…Lenny Williams curls my toes..I think Al Green is still the master. Thanks for this post, Mr. MN :-)


    • These are some of the songs I grew up with. Didn’t know at the time what they were all about but as I hit high school….I knew. I am beyond happy to see you here Ms. Sharris. ;-) :mrgreen:


      • As did I..probably a few years ahead of you. My first love in HS ~ slowdancing oh.so,close..to Let’s Stay Together. I’ll never forget that feeling or the song. You brought it all back to me! I’m happy to make you happy!


      • I’m older than U dear.


      • U R something else. ;-)


      • Tell me what year you were born & I’ll tell you if you’re right or not, My guess is ‘Not” You can DM me if you’d rather not reveal it here to your public.:-)


      • october 8th, 1959. i am 53 years old.


    • So….how do you feel about older women? lmao


  4. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    Loving all this music!!! Soothing and inspiring! Brings back memories!!! :-)


    • I grew up on this music, yes I am THAT old. It reminds me of high school. I see you can reblog again, what did you fix?


  5. I am just all ears…Yessssssssssss <3


    • I kinda knew you would like these particular cuts Ms. Shelley. I grew up with this stuff, and it takes me back to a time of greater musical talent than we have today. I love these artist and the joy they bring to me.

      How was your holiday? Do anything exciting?


      • You knew right of course Mr Hack. Yes this musical talent is missed much I so love our music :)


      • Nothing close to it anymore. I don’t know what happened to making simple good love songs.


      • Yep great love songs and the great message music…the messages in today’s music is not good or hardly really a message..I love great message music it is always food for thought….bring it back somebody plzzzzz (sniff sniff)


      • 8-)


  6. ~THANK YOU~ ~ <3 ~ :)


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