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  1. I believe in grassroots movements & efforts..There IS power in numbers & uniting for change..2 thumbs UP for keeping us informed once again :)


    • Yes Ma’am…I dooes what I does


      • Yes, you DO..And you do what you do very well..And it is greatly appreciated!


      • Good morning…have a wonderful day. Thank you for kind supportive words.


      • My day was pretty wonderful ..How was yours? I scanned over alot of re-blogs you posted today..Breathlessly awaiting to see what you’re next going to write about..Any speculation on when this shut down is going to end? I think they’re going to wait until the last minute Wednesday


      • Last minutes, but it will end. Barack has checkmated that ass.


      • Love the sound of that@Checkmate! Game OVER..End the madness.You know Jueseppi I still can’t believe they took it to this level. Seems so surreal to me..I’d like to say this is the kind of crap we’d see happen in other places; but NOT our country..Its beyond embarrassing…Have you seen the headlines in foreign papers??? Grown men having a temper tantrum OMG ..And BONER is flip flopping every which way the wind blows now; or least every way his money-influences blow his babyish self..OMgosh I wish he would sit down , shut UP, and just go away…He is SO so fired! If it were up to me I’d fire him and allll of his cronies..In what other field or career or line of work ; can people say , out loud & in actions, they are NOT interested in the betterment of the company they work for or support??? NONE


      • I agree with you 5000%


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