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Mini Cheese & Rosemary Scones

Originally posted on Yummyfoodmadeeasy:

cheese scones

This is an easy recipe with minimal ingredients, that is perfect to whip up if you fancy something savoury for breakfast or just as a snack. I took a batch to my nieces’s birthday party last week and it was enjoyed by kids and adults alike. Some of the guests were eating these with hummus, and I tried one, you should too they go well together.

To make these scones, I use frozen butter as I think it is the easiest to use, because it is easy to grate  and the dough requires breaking the butter pieces apart or you are just trying to do that separately when the butter is cold and not frozen.

I understand that scones are called biscuits here in North America, but I like to call my creations scones since I am just used to calling them scones and can’t change because I live in…

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Black Friday Violence, Consumerism

Originally posted on Nel's New Day:

Black Friday is over for another year, and Bill Simon, new CEO for Wal-Mart, declared that more than 22 million shoppers showed up on the day before Black Friday (in the past, called Thanksgiving). They may have come, but they didn’t buy that much more than last year. Wal-Mart’s increase was 0.10 percent. Macy’s and Target’s sales were both down from last year although they opened on Thanksgiving Day.

The frenzy over Thanksgiving Day shopping brought in an additional 2.3 percent income on Thursday and Friday, but sales dropped 13 percent on Black Friday. Even traffic that day was down 11 percent from last year. 

Here are a few examples of shopping intensity from this past week with more visuals available:

  • Shooting in Las Vegas. After a shopper bought a large television, he was shot as he carried it home. Warning shots caused the buyer to drop the television, and…

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McConnell lashes out: Tea Party groups ‘ruining’ GOP

Originally posted on The Fifth Column:

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) speaks to reporters following the weekly policy lunch of the Republican caucus on Nov. 19, 2013 in Washington, D.C. WIN MCNAMEE/GETTY

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell faces Tea Party backlash in his coming re-election efforts for 2014.  This should be interesting in light of his most recent statement…


Mitch McConnell ripped tea party-aligned forces like the Senate Conservatives Fund in a recent interview, saying they are “ruining” the Republican brand.

It is the Senate Minority Leader’s latest attempt to stand up to extremists in his party amidst a tough reelection bid that’s left him fielding attacks from the left and right, with Democrats criticizing his role in allowing a government shutdown and his Republican challenger criticizing his role in ending it.

In an interview published on Friday, McConnell chided the most far-right wing members of his party—without specifically naming the tea party —and…

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No Justice, No Peace: Teen Dies From Bullet Wound On His Birthday. Natasha Christopher Shares Her Story With Moms Demand Action


By Jueseppi B.




No Justice, No Peace: Teen Dies from Bullet Wound on his Birthday Natasha Christopher Shares her Story with Moms Demand Action


by Moms Demand Action


I never thought sending my son to spend the summer with his father would get him killed.




On June 27th, 2012, I received a phone call telling me my 14-year-old son, Akeal Christopher, had been shot in Brooklyn, New York. The time of the call was surprising to me because it was around 11pm. I wanted to know who would shoot my son because he had never been out of the house so late. My two other boys and I arrived at Brookdale Hospital and I did not yet know how serious his injury was. I learned that he had been shot in the head.


I saw his father and his family, and their faces were grave and sullen. I demanded to know, “Where is my baby?” No one answered me. Then, I saw drapes in the emergency room open and I could see my child’s face and the devastating head wound that would claim his life.


The next moments were a blur of emotion. I pounded on my son’s father, screaming, “What the hell happened to my son?” Then I passed out. I later learned that he had been allowed to attend a late-night party at a friend’s house with his cousin.


I was angry that he had been allowed to go out so late, but my son needed me. I kept vigil at his bedside. I slept on the floor by his bed night after night. I asked God to save my boy. His doctor was wonderful and she did all she could. He fought a good fight, but on July 10, his fifteenth birthday, he died. Once he arrived at the hospital, he never opened his eyes again.


News reports claim Akeal had been shot in an argument over a girl. Witnesses say Akeal was running away from two men in hoodies who had approached him and his friends, then fired several shots. The kids at the party stonewalled me when I demanded more details. They stonewalled police, too. Detectives believe a local gang was involved, but without forthcoming witnesses, a case could not be built. To date, no one has been charged with my son’s murder. To date, the pain I feel has not faded, and never will.


Moms Demand Action




















enoughisenough2 (1)

Anyone with an ounce of humanity must be appalled by this story,

Originally posted on Social Action:




picture from gloogle


Further to the post on an Italian national having her baby removed by caesarean section in the UK without her permission I would like to share this from Geraldine.

Anyone with an ounce of humanity must be appalled by this story, that so many professionals must have been involved in this travesty beggars belief. Maybe some good will come out of this, not for the mother and child involved of course, but for profiling a British system which is rightly denounced in the rest of Europe, and which is causing so much grief and unbearable distress in Britain today.

If, like me, you have always believed that family courts always put the interests of the child first, then you are about to be shocked as I have been by what is happening.

In January 2012 The Financial Times published a piece…

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