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“Tis The Holiday Season” At Wal-Mart


By Jueseppi B.



What Walmart did to my son


My son Kyle is a single dad who works incredibly hard to support his two children, who are 6 and 2. He doesn’t have a car, so he walks two miles every day to his job at Walmart so he can take care of his kids.


But last week, two days before Thanksgiving, Walmart fired Kyle — just for approving a price match on a turkey for an elderly customer. 





Here’s what happened: a customer came in and showed the cashier a lower price for a turkey from a competing retailer. As the customer service manager, my son authorized the cashier to match the competitor’s price. Three days later, Kyle’s manager told him he was fired because the turkey didn’t appear on the customer’s receipt at all, which is ridiculous, because it’s the cashier’s job to ring up customers, not Kyle’s!


Let me repeat that:

On Tuesday, November 26th, 2013 — just two days before Thanksgiving — my son, Kyle Jaglal, was fired from a Walmart store in Frankfort, Kentucky for price matching a turkey for an elderly customer who had an advertisement in hand. He broke no rules and adhered to Walmart’s price matching policy.


Kyle had been working at Walmart for about six months as a Customer Service Manager (CSM). On the Saturday before Thanksgiving, Kyle approved the price match for the elderly customer who was purchasing a turkey — a popular policy Walmart proudly advertises frequently. But on the following Tuesday, he was called to the back of the store by the manager and questioned about the turkey. As a customer service manager, Kyle’s job was to authorize or decline a price match. He authorized it and it was the cashier who rang up the sale. The manager said the turkey was not on the receipt. As it’s the cashiers job to conduct the sale, it doesn’t make sense that Kyle would be held responsible if she did not put the turkey on the receipt. But that’s exactly what happened. Kyle was immediately terminated just two days before Thanksgiving and told to turn in his badge.


Kyle was well-liked by customers and co-workers and passed his customer service test with flying colors. I would hate to think that he was fired because of his race (he’s one of only a handful of people of color who work at this Walmart location) or in retaliation for registering his concerns about a month earlier about bias and unfair treatment from another manager.


My son should not have been fired, and I’m not going to stand by while Walmart robs him of his ability to support his kids. Please click here to sign my Change.org petition demanding that Walmart give Kyle his job back.


Kyle lives in rural Kentucky, and he doesn’t have a lot of job options. He worked his way up to be a customer service manager at his local Walmart because he really needs that job to support his family. Kyle did not deserve to be fired, and his kids sure didn’t deserve to have their dad lose his job right at the start of the holidays.


Walmart has been publicly advertising its price match policy all through the holiday season, so I don’t understand why my son would get fired just for upholding the store’s own policy!


Please sign my petition to ask Walmart to give Kyle his job back. He is a single father of two young children and he walked the two miles to work and back every day in rain, snow or sleet and even 20 degree weather. He loved his job and he loved helping the people at Walmart.


Please sign my petition to get my son Kyle’s job back.


Thank you,

Caroline Wilson
Tampa, FL


Tell Walmart to rehire my son, Kyle Jagal, who was fired just because he approved a price match on a turkey for an elderly customer.


Walmart: Rehire employee fired for price matching turkey for elderly customer two days before Thanksgiving.






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16 Responses

  1. […] “Tis The Holiday Season” At Wal-Mart (theobamacrat.com) […]

  2. […] December 6th of 2013 I wrote this…. “Tis The Holiday Season” At Wal-Mart, a Wal-Mart employees mom’s account of an incident at her son’s Wal-Mart store. Now […]

  3. Get that dick outta your mouth before coming here to leave lame ass comments, fool. I personally know 23 Wal-Mart employees and I believe the horror stories they tell me over your bull shit, go get fucked, and have a very happy holiday season. ;-)

  4. You should probably just go suck a penis….and swallow when that penis is finishing filling your mouth with the only worthwhile thing to come in of your mouth since birth. Have a very nice holiday. ;-)

  5. I absofuckinlutely despise lyin doofus ass people leaving comments on my blog.

  6. Contact the mother/son and do your job. And price matching has to be CSM approved so you lie about that, no cashier can void and price match a sale….dumbass.

  7. This is exactly how I imagine Walmart. Target is not much better but Walmart is THE worst.

    • Over the years I have trended toward small box stores and mom & pop businesses. You find such great items at the small shops.

      • Bingo! There is an old hardware store in Long Branch, NJ called Coast Hardware — over an hour away. I love going there, they have all the old things and the unusual, just like you said. It is well worth the trip. Did you ever hear about the movie Ditch Digger’s Daughters? It was about this amazing man and how he raised his daughters, it is mentioned several times in the movie. I think you would like this movie – and the hardware store.

      • I love the old ACE hardware stores with the helpful hardware man!!

  8. Reblogged this on It Is What It Is and commented:
    This is WalMart for you!!

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