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Twelve Days of Christmas: Rosemary and Pomegranate Gin and Tonics

Originally posted on Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide:

Time for all the holiday props

Time for all the holiday props

We love the holidays and enjoyed celebrating 12 Days of Christmas so much last year that we’ve decided to do it again this year, starting….. Now! Most of the recipes will focus on the season’s staples — booze and sugar. This drink was inspired by a white sangria with pomegranate and rosemary we saw over at Bakeaholic Mama.

While we’re listing ratios for two, it’d be an easy recipe to scale to size. Wouldn’t it look so pretty in a punch bowl? If you’re feeling like something a bit stronger, you can make a simpler cocktail by blending three parts of the pomegranate juice to one and a half parts of the gin.

To make your own pomegranate juice, remove the seeds from a pomegranate and place in a sealed plastic bag. Crush with a crab mallet or rolling pin. Pour through a strainer…

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[#37 Dried Cranberry Shortbread]

Originally posted on Food & Recreation:

12 Days of Cookies. Day 1


Cookies don’t get much simpler than shortbread. Butter. Sugar. Flour. Tins of Walker’s shortbread are always the first sign of the holidays. Cranberries are the other indication of Thanksmas (Thanksgiving/Christmas). I buy a bag of fresh cranberries for Thanksgiving to make cranberry sauce, I will only use half of it, and then stress out about what to do with the other half of the bag. Luckily this recipe requires dried cranberries, which keeps for ages.

Dried cranberries or craisins are my favourite dried fruit. The colour is a lot prettier than raisins and they are sweet and tart. My parents are notorious for buying a kilo of dried cranberries at Costco, we pretty much always have it on hand.


I usually soak dried fruits in some sort of liquid before baking. Dried fruits tend to draw out excess moisture, however this is not applicable…

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Barack After Dark™: Ketchuping At 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue


By Jueseppi B.





Statement by the President on the Confirmation of Nina Pillard



I thank the Senate for confirming Nina Pillard to be a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, which for the first time, will have five active female judges on the bench.  Throughout her career, Ms. Pillard has displayed an unwavering commitment to justice and integrity.  Her landmark accomplishments on behalf of women and families include Supreme Court cases defending the constitutionality of the Family and Medical Leave Act and opening the doors of the Virginia Military Institute to female students.  I’m confident she will be a diligent, thoughtful and judicious addition to the D.C. Circuit.



The White House Blog




Gene Sperling
Gene Sperling

December 12, 2013
06:51 PM EST


Last March, after hearing from over 114,000 of you on our We the People platform, the Obama Administration called to restore the basic consumer freedom of cell phone unlocking – to allow you to use your mobile devices on any compatible network you choose — and provided a roadmap for the Federal Communications Commission, industry, and Congress to solve this for the American people. Today, with the support of FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, the nation’s largest wireless carriers announced they will abide by a new series of voluntary “unlocking principles” to help bring some relief to consumers in the next few months.


Today’s announcement is an important step forward for consumers. First and foremost, the voluntary agreement will help to ensure carriers unlock phones in a manner that is reliable, transparent, and timely. We also understand this commitment by the wireless carriers will allow our deployed military personnel to have their phones unlocked before heading abroad, an admirable service for our troops.


This issue is about the simple freedom to take your business where you please, and to find the wireless plan that suits your needs — provided you have paid for your mobile device.


The FCC and carriers are doing their part. Now it is time for Congress to step up and finish the job by passing the Unlocking Consumer Choice and Wireless Competition Act, which was voted out of the House Judiciary Committee this summer, and its companion in the Senate. We know this is an important issue to many of you. The Administration will continue to watch it closely in the coming months





Dan Utech
Dan Utech

December 12, 2013
04:40 PM EST


Last week, I joined Senior Advisor to the President, Valerie Jarrett, to lead a meeting with CEOs and top executives from global consumer companies, including Unilever, Nestle, Walmart, Coca-Cola and others.  We gathered to discuss strategies for how we can work together to improve the environmental sustainability of supply chains for top companies.  Nancy Sutley, Gayle Smith, USAID Administrator Raj Shah, Drew O’Brien, State Department Representative for Global Partnerships, and I joined the discussion on these companies’ notable efforts to reduce their impacts on global deforestation and reduce their contribution to climate change, while continuing to preserve their bottom line and their status as global market-makers.


These companies recognize that we can make our planet safer and cleaner while still growing the economy and creating good jobs. In the last 3 ½ years, as we have promoted energy efficiency, improved the fuel economy of our cars and trucks, and incentivized renewable energy, the U.S. private sector has created 7.8 million jobs. A climate-resilient, low-carbon, clean energy economy can be an engine of growth for decades to come.  As we continue to support growth and prosperity around the world, we must remain good global stewards and ensure that we’re leaving a cleaner and healthier planet for our children. We discussed with the CEOs how we are advancing that goal through an innovative public-private partnership included in President Obama’s Climate Action Plan – the Tropical Forest Alliance 2020.


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Secretary Tom Vilsack and Nancy Sutley
December 12, 2013
03:15 PM EST


The White House Rural Council recently released a report on the economic importance of passing a comprehensive Food, Farm, and Jobs Bill. The report outlined the importance of the Farm Bill to our nation and the many ways that the legislation affects and benefits Americans every day.


One of those ways is by supporting the ongoing conservation of America’s natural resources.


Conservation is the foundation of a productive agriculture sector and a strong rural economy. By protecting our soil, water and wildlife habitat, farmers and ranchers are helping to ensure that our working lands are wild areas are productive for years to come. They’re also supporting outdoor recreation for millions of American sportsmen. From hunting and fishing, to camping and hiking, these outdoor activities add more than $640 billion to our economy every year.


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Benefits of Medicaid Expansion for All States


Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, Lisa No Longer Has to Worry About Her Daughter’s Pre-Existing Condition








The Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (ObamaCARES) Enrollment Soars In November


Beating Malaria: We Must Win This Fight


A Recent White House Visit From Members of The Mandela Family


Remembering Nelson Mandela


If You Have Affluenza And Are Caucasian, YOU Can Get Away With Murdering FOUR Human Beings


Alison Lundergan Grimes, Candidate For U.S. Senate: Tell Congress Raise The Minimum Wage


10-Year-Old Cancer Awareness Advocate Gabriella Miller






Statement by the Press Secretary on the Visit of Mariano Rajoy Brey, President of the Government of the Kingdom of Spain


Readout of Vice President Biden’s Call with Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan


Statement by the President on the Budget


Statement by the President on the Confirmation of Mel Watt


Statement by the President on the Confirmation of Patricia Millett



House Republicans’ 12 Days of Congress






Street artist Panzarino prepares a memorial as he writes the names of the Sandy Hook Elementary School victims during the six-month anniversary of the massacre, at Union Square in New York







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enoughisenough2 (1)

Beef Stew in Red Wine with Onions and Mushrooms, Julia Child-style

Originally posted on Seattle Foodshed:

This beef stew (aka beef bourguinon) makes a lovely Saturday or Sunday evening dinner. The whole house fills with the smell of beef stew in red wine, and you can entertain yourself talking in a Julia Child-accent while you work through each of the steps. We had this dish in its homeland when we visited Burgundy (bourguinon = Burgundy), and we have to say, this recipe from Julia is just as good (better, really) than what we enjoyed in the French countryside.

Beef Stew in Red Wine with Onions and Mushrooms

Beef Stew in Red Wine with Onions and Mushrooms

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Green Posole with Turkey (or Chicken)

Originally posted on Seattle Foodshed:

Green posole warms you up and sticks to your ribs. Even better, eat it in the wintertime and it brings a little summertime to your soul. This feels like a summery dish, but we actually used turkey stock from our Thanksgiving turkey and radishes from the garden, so maybe it’s seasonal for the fall after all.

Green Posole with Turkey and Toppings

Green Posole with Turkey and Toppings

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