Day: January 7, 2014

TOO Many Guns

Today is the day to vote. We’ve heard the candidates talk about everything but gun control. Those who did talk about it said some of the most ridiculous statements on the issue, mostly from the right-wing nuts and some people I thought were reasonable people. A police chief…

Why Didn’t Former FBI Director Mueller Conduct Internal Investigation In IRP6 Case, Questions Advocacy Group, A Just Cause

Originally posted on Social Action:
  A Just Cause Discovers Letters Written by IRP Executive to Former FBI Director Robert Mueller Were Apparently Disregarded Denver, CO (PRWEB) December 26, 2013 A Just Cause continues to investigate what it says is the wrongful prosecution and conviction of six executives…


TheObamaCrat™ Wake-Up Call For Tuesday The 7th Of January, 2014: Justified Season 5 Premier!

  By Jueseppi B.     Justified Season 5 Premiere On January 7th At 9 PM CST   Justified has received widespread critical acclaim throughout all four seasons, particularly for its acting, directing, art direction, and writing, as well as for Olyphant’s lead performance. Justified has been nominated for seven Primetime Emmy Awards […]

Warning: Frostbite in Dogs

Originally posted on dogdaz:
Frostbite in Dogs from VAC Animal Hospitals What is frostbite? Frostbite or congelatio in medical terminology [next step] is the damage that is caused to skin and other tissues due to extreme cold. When the environmental temperature drops below 32°F (0°C), blood vessels close to the skin start…


Originally posted on Roxi St. Clair:
As poet, I observe, scribing words this angel’s bosom, like white birds nesting beneath a feathered plume as gossamer drapes across her womb molten moon of gold poured on her and perfume making my senses stir sensual limbs with supple thighs her…


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