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10 Reasons Why Texas Is Removing Algebra II From Its Public Schools

Originally posted on List of X:

No, dude. I AM RIGHT HERE.  Sincerely, X.

No, dude. I am RIGHT HERE. Sincerely, X.

Texas Board of Education is about to give its final approval to drop Algebra II requirement from the state’s public school curriculum.  A coalition of industry groups named Jobs For Texas heavily lobbied for the class mandate to be dropped, and because the organization has that magic word “Jobs” in the name, there was no possible way that the state’s legislators could have said No to them. Here are 10 reasons why it would be a good idea to drop Algebra II from the school curriculum.

1)  Algebra II is not necessary to be able to successfully compete in the global economy. All you really need is willingness to work for $1 an hour.

2)  Algebra II is just a giant conspiracy of algebraists and mathematicians who are only in it to get government grants.

3)  If Hollywood taught us anything…

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Thai Iced Tea and Thai Tea Brownies with Chestnuts

Originally posted on The High Heel Gourmet:

Thai Tea and Thai Tea brownie 1

This week my blog is about a drink. (Hey, there’s first time for everything.) I’ve actually been holding this one back for a long time now. I hope my friends didn’t get discouraged—I couldn’t find enough information and history about this, so I put it in the back of my mind for quite a while.

If you ever been to a Thai restaurant, I bet you must have ordered a “Thai Iced Tea” at least once, right? It’s the best antidote for the heat of Thai chili. Hence, it’s a perfect drink to pair with the spicy dishes.

I was searching, asking around, Googling, Yahooing—both in Thai and English—to find out about the history of Thai Ice Tea, the magical orange drink that is so well-loved, and found NOTHING! So frustrating!

I’ve known this orange tea all my life, but I never knew why it was orange, where it came…

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The Reporter and The Girl: The Movie!

Originally posted on TheReporterandTheGirlMINUSTheSuperMan!:

Hey smut lovers,

It has been so long since I gave a shout-out to you all!!

So some reviews have been coming out about my blog turned novel; and you can read the latest editorial review published in the January 2014 issue of Midwest Book Review here.

I am also part of the largest online social media Authors contest called MARSocial, in which I posted an excerpt from my book, and it’s being tweeted and re-tweeted about 2,000 times!

The grand prize winner, not only gets to be tweeted out to millions of people, but can have their work picked up by Keeran Vaani Creations and have their book turned into a movie!

So what do you say? Will you click here and tweet my page? Winners will be announced February 1st, and I am a #Finalist in the competition.

Are you following me on twitter and facebook? If not…

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Post Script

Originally posted on idealisticrebel:

My hometown in Pennsylvania

My hometown in Pennsylvania

When the Violin


The violin

Can forgive the past

It starts singing.

When the violin can stop worrying

About the future

You will become

Such a drunk laughing nuisance

That God

Will then lean down

And stare combing you into



When the violin can forgive

Every wound caused by


The heart starts singing.”   —Hafiz; Translated by Daniel Ladinsky


Peace Convocation; Asheville, N.C. Peace doves released. Photograph taken by Barbara Mattio 10-10-10. Copyright 2010 by Barbara Mattio

Peace Convocation; Asheville, N.C. Peace doves released. Photograph taken by Barbara Mattio 10-10-10. Copyright 2010 by Barbara Mattio

Acrylic painting. Jackson Square, French Quarter Painting done and Copyrighted 2009

Acrylic painting. Jackson Square, French Quarter Painting done and Copyrighted 2009 by Barbara Mattio

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