How Many Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act (ObamaCARES) Enrollees Were Uninsured? 5.4 Million.


By Jueseppi B.




From The L.A. Times:





A look at how many Obamacare enrollees were uninsured: 5.4 million


By Michael Hiltzik


Reason to smile again? HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius at the White House ceremony this week announcing the Obamacare enrollment numbers. (Nicholas Kamm / AFP/Getty Images)

Reason to smile again? HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius at the White House ceremony this week announcing the Obamacare enrollment numbers. (Nicholas Kamm / AFP/Getty Images)



As we observed earlier this week, one of the obsessions of opponents of the Affordable Care Act is the question of how many enrollees in Obamacare health plans already had insurance. The goal is to knock down the latest enrollment numbers by suggesting that most of the 7.1 million people enrolled through the individual insurance exchanges just moved from one insurance plan to another in a waste of time and effort.


The real figure probably won’t be known for weeks, even months. But researchers at the Urban Institute‘s Health Policy Center have weighed in with their own estimate. They’re figuring that the ACA has reduced the number of uninsured Americans by 5.4 million from the first quarter of 2013 through early March this year.


Their estimate is based on data from their March 2014 Health Reform Marketing Survey, which consists of public polling. Their finding is that the uninsurance rate for adults ages 18–64 was 15.2% for the nation in early March, a decline of 2.7 percentage points since September 2013, just before open enrollment on the exchanges began Oct. 1.


“This represents a gain in coverage for about 5.4 million adults,” they write.


Although the Urban Institute figures aren’t keyed to the enrollment figures, it’s worth observing that if all those newly insureds were among those who signed up on the individual exchanges, that would mean that of the 7.1 million enrollees, 77% were previously uninsured.


The researchers say, however, that their figures include people who will receive their insurance from Medicaid, which was expanded in about half the states. (The others refused to take up the federal government’s offer to pick up 90% to 100% of the tab.)


In Medicaid-expanding states, the uninsured rate fell by an average of 4% and is now an average 12.4%, according to the survey; in the others, it fell by an average of only 1.5% and is stuck at an average 18%. Thus does ideological opposition to the ACA by Republican office-holders in non-expanding states make suckers of their citizens.


The Urban Institute says its figures probably understate the decline in the uninsured ratio for two reasons. First, it doesn’t count the late-March surge of enrollments that brought the exchange total to 7.1 million; second, it doesn’t measure the effect of other ACA provisions, including one allowing adults up to the age of 26 to stay on their parent’s health plans.


That said, it’s proper to observe that the debate over how many people were previously insured is something of a red herring. The ACA had several goals — to impose national consumer protection standards on the health insurance industry by eliminating exclusions for preexisting conditions, among other things; slow the growth of healthcare costs; reduce the number of underinsureds (those who were forced because of costs to buy plans with limited coverage); and finally to reduce the number of uninsured people.


All those goals, not just the last, have been advanced by the ACA. In addition, it has always been clear that the act is a multi-year project. Judging its success or failure by this one metric of how many uninsured people were signed up in year one doesn’t tell us anything about how it will change healthcare coverage in the U.S. over time.


Thank you MICHAEL HILTZIK & The L.A. Times.







President Obama: “7.1 Million Americans”



President Barack Obama, joined by Vice President Joe Biden, delivers a statement on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the Rose Garden of the White House, April 1, 2014.President Barack Obama, joined by Vice President Joe Biden, delivers a statement on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in the Rose Garden of the White House, April 1, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy)


The President sent the message below to the White House email list this afternoon following his remarks in the Rose Garden, announcing that 7.1 million Americans have now signed up for private insurance through the new Health Insurance Marketplaces.


Didn’t get the email? Make sure you’re signed up for White House updates.



President Obama Delivers a Statement on the Affordable Care Act

April 01, 2014 | 18:13 |Public Domain


Following the closing of the first open enrollment period of the Affordable Care Act, the President delivers remarks in the Rose Garden, announcing that 7.1 million Americans have now signed up for private health coverage.









Hello everybody,


Last night, the first open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act came to an end.


And this afternoon, we announced that 7.1 million Americans have now signed up for private insurance plans through the new Health Insurance Marketplaces.


7.1 million.


That doesn’t count the more than 3 million young adults who have gained insurance under this law by staying on their families’ plans. It doesn’t count the millions more who have gotten covered through the expansion of Medicaid and the Children’s Health Insurance Program. It doesn’t include the more than 100 million folks who now have better care — who are receiving additional benefits, like mammograms and contraceptive care, at no extra cost.


Now, millions of our fellow Americans have the comfort and peace of mind that comes with knowing they’re no longer leaving their health and well-being to chance. For many of them, quality health insurance wasn’t an option until this year — maybe because they couldn’t afford it, or because a pre-existing condition kept them locked out of a discriminatory system.


Today, that’s changed. And while our long-broken health care system may not be completely fixed, it’s without question a lot better. That’s something to be proud of — and there’s no good reason to go back.


Regardless of your politics, or your feelings about the Affordable Care Act, millions more Americans with health coverage is something that’s good for our economy and our country.


At the end of the day, that is what this law — and the other reforms we’re fighting for, from a 21st-century immigration system to a fairer wage for every American who’s willing to work for it — are all about:


Making sure our country lives up to our highest ideals.


I am thankful to be your President today, and every day. And I am proud that this law will continue to make life better for millions of Americans in the years to come.


Thank you.

President Barack Obama

















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  1. Love the lies as they continue to spin. One must wonder, who sits around and makes this up, how much are they paid?


  2. The Republicans will find a way to make us pay for Obamacare.

    “Oh, I have to help pay for your healthcare?
    Ok. Now lets see.
    You won’t need a doctor if you have no food;

    Hey to you too. Once again I have a internet connection etc.
    I’ll post a short account soon


    • Man have I missed you. It’s beyond words to say welcome back Brother.


      • Me too man. So-o glad to be back.
        Lost my Wi-Fi when we lost the apartment.
        Had to spend three months in a motel.
        Nice people; so-so accommodations.
        No Wi-Fi of course.
        And man; did they bend us over every week at rent time?
        Onward and upward though.

        On a better path;
        gonna’ build my boat;
        gonna’ speak my mind;
        gonna fuck with every Republican I find.

        Got a big, bold style and a little, white—- “stick”;
        but Republicans say I’m a huge, white ————–“Mick”;


      • I wish you had told me of your situation, there might have been something I could have done to help. I feel like you are more than just a blogger buddy. I am glad you’re back, if I can do anything to help, I am not that far away. Good to see you are alive and kicking.


      • Thank You,
        I truly appreciate the sentiment and I return it.


      • Anytime my brother.


  3. I heard from a friend this morning that her food stamps were almost cut completely out. :(


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