A Militant Negro

Mr. Militant Negro

Mr. Militant Negro


What is a Militant Negro you ask? That’s very simple to answer. I’m a Militant Negro.


I am Sicilian, Corsican, African & Pawnee Indian and that makes for a fascinating combination of volatile combustible raw emotional truth and facts, which most folks can not handle.


Ok, so let me tell you a little bit about this guy. He’s this Blogger; thinker, hard-worker but always refers to himself as a Hack not a writer.  You know how some articles we read can be so boring but full of facts and information right. Well this guy puts down words like I’ve never seen before.  I mean it doesn’t matter the topic, he writes about a variety of things. Some pieces are full of facts, stats quotes and some not, but always his bold personal opinion. That’s where he grabs you. He has this bold manly kind of manner that almost stands up off the page as you’re reading it.


It can give the average unexpected readers that shock factor at first because you can darn near feel his strong but real honest presence standing next to you, his sense of “this is my view, my opinions and I’m saying it my way”!


Now of course it will be seen to most as rude, blunt and socially incorrect. Being quit intelligent, he already knows that some people are going to react to that factor and I believe he loves it.  Not just for the sake of the shock factor, more so because he is being truly himself.  This is a guy that knows who he is and what he’ll stand up for or against.  He’s not just comfortable in his skin but driven to release and express whatever honestly strikes him at his core.  Frankly, after my initial shock factor, I oddly found that part about his writing most refreshing. By the way it took me more than a couple of articles to get pass that shock factor, I simply didn’t comment on anything until I found my comfort zone with his work. I enjoyed the challenge quietly you could say (wink).


To give you an even deeper insight into what some of us fellow blog followers have seen, discussed and experienced from this Bold Odd Hack, here’s peak at some Comments and Responses to some of his writings. Revealing how his bold style and hard-work Matters in the Real! World:


* “Jueseppi, may you continue to be; to some – a light, to a few – their might, to many – their voice and to a million others – more than you could imagine.   ”Keep Doing You” no one else can.”


“This is one of the better blog posts I’ve read. Well written. Well researched. Straightforward and convincing. Good job. Thank you for writing it.”


* “Remarkably on target and factual… Mr. Baker, you express exactly what many others can only boil over from the inside and over again, yet will never speak it.”


* “Very interesting…and enlightening! I always learn so much from you!”


“Actually Mr. Jueseppi B. as a “Caucasian” American I did not stop reading when you asked me to. Sorry about that but I was very interested in what you has to say. Guess what…I wholeheartedly agree with you, and I happen to know that everything you assert about that time is accurate. You see I’m a frequent watcher of the History channel and PBS,…”


* “JB, I have to commend you for your strong commitment and daily leadership! Way to step up my friend!”


* “Jueseppi B.-Thank you so much for sharing this article on our page. I found it very informative and quite helpful. .. however, my granddaughter is mixed. I love being able to share this type of information with her, …I admit that I knew nothing of this until I read your article and am so very glad I did. I want my beautiful Peanut to know true history, not history that is distorted to suit what others feel should be known. Again I thank you for this information. I would love to have any links or reading material that you know of that relates to this topic. Blessings to you and keep the knowledge flowing.”


* “Proudly respectful of your mind soul and above all the Caliber of your integrity.  You are driven and you are relentless in your commitments.  Your works inspire, invite, provoke, incite, educate, stimulate and often cause pause for deeper thought.”


* “Congratulations Mr Jueseppi Baker! I’ve always known…”


Your mind is like a Chef creating written dishes; blending of raw facts and emotions, sprinkling secrets of rare finds, adding blends of wild spices. Boldly served on a platter uniquely you!


An acquired taste most appealing to the broader palates worldwide.”


My name is Jueseppi B, and this is my blog. I started TheObamaCrat™ blog after leaving Politics Anonymous.com. I partnered with a woman I met on Facebook a few years ago. She and I were Facebook friends for two years and we decided to work together as partners building up Politics Anonymous.com. The blog did very well, with my hard work and promoting & marketing. My partner was not focused on development of the blog and the bulk of the work was left on my shoulders. So, I decided, if I am going to work my ass off, why not work it off for myself? So on December 13th, 2011, TheObamaCrat™ was born.


I never think too hard about what I want to say or how I want to present it, I don’t have mixed messages, there is never any doubt about MY opinion. On anything. I do not step back and wonder what or how my message will play I lack self consciousness in my writing, I am extremely intense in my message and I do not mince words.


I don’t have an open mind about much, and I love my mind that way. Common sense, logic, and critical thinking are what drives my opinions, thoughts and ideas, sometimes that gets mixed with emotion. Over the past few weeks, I have written about racism, and racist subjects, such as Ron Paul being a white supremacist, or how to erase racism, and those particular articles have gotten a lot of response in the form of comments, both in Facebook and in the comment section of PoliticsAnonymous.com. Here’s some advice to those who write comments attempting to change my stand on racism and racist, or anything for that matter, you’d have more success sucking a watermelon through a straw.


Writing to me, is like taking a bowel movement, it is something I only do when I feel a need. If I don’t go sit on a toilet when there is no need to do so…why write when there is no need? I write because so many Americans are just plain stupid, and need to have a few facts & truths presented to them….but mostly I write to spread MY opinion, and your idiotic attempts to reverse my opinion based on your “likes/dislikes”….ain’t gonna ever happen. Some more advice, if you leave comments on what I write, and your comments piss me off, expect to have your ass handed to you on a paper plate. Unless you have facts to back up your opinions…..I am not interested in your words. If you are agreeing with me, or posting a sensible intelligent question for discussion or debate, we will get along famously. Do not waste my time with petty, stupid, idiotic comments designed to prove to yourself you are intelligent. If you must prove it, you ain’t.


My opinions are based on research, and in some cases, living through the events of the past and present that shape what I believe and decide actually is my opinion. Take Ron Paul for example….I have read the news letters published by Ron Paul, and sent out to his hand full of white supremacist followers, from the days before he decided he wanted to be President. I have studied his association with societies for racial “cleansing”, much like the Nazi Germany of WWII. No moronic comments from any morons who see Ron Paul as the second coming of Christ based on his wanting to legalize weed, so you can get high legally, will change his racist attitude, nor will it change the fact that Ron Paul IS a white supremacist.


I am an angry Sicilian, African, Corsican,  & Pawnee Indian Male, who has a nasty attitude, an evil disposition, and an ornery and opinionated character. I guess you can label me the last Angry, Militant, Black man In America.


I am not a writer, or one who cares about grammar, punctuation, or if what I write sounds pretty. I used to be an ObamaCrat and follow Barack blindly, but Ferguson Missouri and a Black teen named Michael Brown, changed my views of Barack Hussein Obama. The Presidents total lack of attention he didn’t pay to a rash of incidents involving the systematic genocide of Black Americans right here at home by racist AmeriKKKan law enforcement, made me realize Barack didn’t deserve my blind commitment. AmeriKKKa can’t fix the world when freedoms and liberties are denied daily to Americans citizens.


One final thought about me….I am NOT a writer, I am a hack who uses his emotions along with some common sense and logic to form MY opinions….sometime with links to factual information that has led me to MY opinion. You might be foolish enough to argue with me, but you can not argue with a fact.


I offer my gratitude to my ex-partner, her laziness and lack of business sense assisted me in realizing I am better off working for myself, and that gave me the push to create The Militant Negro™. Thank You.



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“Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts & Truth”.

146 Responses

  1. Hello Mr. Militant Negro! I’m so glad to have finally found your blog spot. I admit I’ve been neglectful but happily have located you now.

    Keep on keepin’ on…I love your work here and when I see you on Twitter. You’re quite an accomplished man.

    I’m going to go surf around your site and learn more things. Come for the Avacado Dressing recipe, stay for the mental stimulation!

    Take care and I’ll be back soon!

  2. Who Is theObamaCat..on twitter?

    • That is a stalker/hater who has stalked my twitter account for 2 years, she is a good buddy to Chipsticks from The ObamaDiary. About 2 years ago Chipsticks sent a group of her “groupies” to my blogs comment section to harass me not knowing what shitstorm they opened up on themselves. the obamacat is just a silly female who is obsessed with me and follows every who I follow and who follows me on Twitter to keep her twitter handle in my TL. I have had her blocked for 2 years but twitter does not have a sensible block policy.

  3. First time here and won’t be my last. Love the approach, screw correctness and conformity, say it like it is sans political correctness. We need street cred and fist pumping outspokenness sometimes! ‘They’ can manipulate data but not the eyes, ears, history, and common sense. Write on. New fan!

  4. Just found this site. How cool!

  5. This is an excellent site/blog!!! Don’t every doubt it!! I learn so much from you …. It’s my daily “reality check” TY for all you research and all the work you put into this. You are admitted, J!!!! :-)

    • Dr. Rex, you make me smile daily….thank you so much. I am now officially the color purple from blushing. :mrgreen:

  6. I’m not commenting here for the public unless you want this up, it’s really just for you. – I was looking for your blog but wasn’t logged into wordpress to link directly to you so I searched google, omg. First I found an unused blog by the same name from 2009, maybe you started out on there, but then when I just typed in obamacrat .com (no space before .com but I don’t want to create a link here) it switched to an abortion site on yahoo. I guess you’re probably already aware of it. The domain is registered to GIT Media in Delray Beach. I just thought it was horrible, probably set up to be anti-obama (or anti you?) site. Wanted to mention it to you, just in case you hadn’t seen it, thought maybe you’d want to know. – But I’m here now, I found you.! The point was actually to thank you for the recent re-blog I’d seen earlier, so thank you. :)

    • I am so hated Ms. Dani, that i know of several blogs all about me and several Twitter impostor accounts of me, so what you say does not surprise me at all. I had to rescue you from the spam folder for some reason, tonight. I don’t worry about that stuff tho.

      Here’s my blog address….


  7. I think I did … I was also able to re-blog other posts. Another thing I noticed is that several of my postings today didn’t appear on the Reader …. asked a friend to look into it … :-(

    • Ok dear, let me know what happens, I am off to bed, I’ve been up for 24 hours. Be sweet & I’ll see you tomorrow.

  8. I love your entire blog.., very nice format! I stand behind our president. He is a breath of fresh air. And when Michelle talks.., I listen. Two beautiful souls whom truly love each other. And you have to really know how to love to exhibit genuine sincerity to others and for others.

    • I am 53 years old and have witnessed a few Presidencies in those years. This is the most compassionate, diplomatic and sincerely involved White House in my lifetime. The First & Second Families are so “for” ALL Americans.

      Thank you so very much for your kind supportive words Ms. Judy.

  9. You are an ignorant American and its because of people like you who print misinformation and pull out the race card that are driving this country into the ground.

    • I disagree fake ass “face”, it’s asshole morons like you, who hide behind your rent a center computer, with fake ass e-mail addresses, and don’t know fuck about America, who have brought this once great nation to her bruised knees. Now anytime you’d like to meet, to discuss this country, which MY native American forefathers settled when your forefucks were living in cave sucking your thumbs,…just let me know. ;-)

      • wow Jueseppi if you really want to be taken seriously consider lossing the foul mouth.
        just a suggestion

      • Taken seriously by whom? Some asshole like you who is not even serious enough to use a real name or real e-mail? My advice to you Smile Some, shut the “Samuel L. Jackson’ up, and go digest some feces and expire. Is that clean enough for you? :lol:

        If this blog and my mouth is not your cup of tea….stay the muthafuck off MY blog. Have a nice day. ;-)

  10. Fantastic blog! Do you have any tips and hints for aspiring writers?
    I’m hoping to start my own blog soon but I’m a little lost on everything.
    Would you propose starting with a free platform
    like WordPress or go for a paid option? There are so many choices out there that I’m totally confused .. Any recommendations? Many thanks!

    • I would suggest you use WordPress or some other free platform until you see if you like blogging first. I am not a big fan of WordPress but it is free and the problems are minimal compared to other free blog platforms. If you decide at a later date you prefer a paid blog platform, you can always change. WordPress does offer upgrades to it’s “premium” packages, so you could pay for better themes and some better options by paying for them with WordPress.

      I recommend you start out with a free platform, choose a theme, chose a subject matter and just start blogging.

      Let me know what you decide and how you are enjoying your blog experience. ;-)

  11. JB, you, Current TV(Stephanie Miller’s Show), and MSNBC helped me get thru this election, and I want to thank you soooooo much! Thank God for Liberal TV and sites like yours…INTELLIGENT people like you all! If we had had these, maybe we would not have had the Bushes! Keep up the GREAT job!

    • I appreciate your kind words of support Ms. finergirl1, you have made me smile this morning. I am glad I could help you and others like us, who seek the truth and facts. It was fun and hard work helping to re-elect Barack Hussein Obama. Now lets get to work helping him achieve his goals for a greater America. ;-)

  12. your black history month section is exeptional, i learned volumes of information and would love to see more of this in schoolbooks.with that being said, i think it is sad that your definition of racism has nothing to do with real racism,but that it is for anyone who doesn’t agree with you 100% we are not a socialist country yet, but we are getting there

    • Mr. Olish,

      My definition of racism applies to MY experiences in life with racism. Being that this is MY blog, written By ME, I think MY definition of racism, as it has affected/effected me in my 53 years, is just perfect FOR ME.

      Glad you liked the Black History section, I had planned to add to it weekly but volunteer work during the election cycle prohibited that….now that the Man has been re-elected, I will return to adding to the Black History section weekly.

  13. I am relieved that Obama is still the President. I am the Provost of Navajo Technical College on the great Navajo Nation, and, although I thought he would win, I felt that if he lost the consequences to our small college located in one of the poorest places in the United States would be lucky to survive. This is a diverse country, and I cannot believe we cannot find the funding to support what we need to do to help people, whether they are highly intelligent young Navajo who want to become educated in order to help their people, or a family struggling with autism or some other terrible affliction. I am hoping this election will break the fever where too many people believe that great greed is the greatest good rather than a sin of the spirit. I am hoping this election will confirm the importance of the diversity of America. I am joyous the Barack Obama is still President of the United States, and I am hoping he will lead forward into humanity rather than into the rule of the privileged and the plutocrats.

    • Mr. Thomas,
      I could not have said what you expressed, any better than you said it. Thank you for your insight. Racism, and especially economic racism, is a disease we need to heal quickly.

  14. [...] ObamaCrats. Text from page below: [...]

  15. I am proud to be an Obamcrat!

  16. Why are Republicans such angry, DISGUSTING hypocrits???

    • Simple answer is racism, fear, greed and evilness.

      • And ego. I believe ego is the root of all evil. By the way, I love your writings! I’m using some of your quotes for my dissertation-hope you don’t mind. In solidarity!

      • Mind? Thats an honor, no matter how you use what I type, it’s an honor to be used. ;-) Good luck with your dissertation.!!

      • You might be interested in taking a look at it some time. I’ve interviewed professionals who work in child welfare and juvenile justice system about racial disproportionalities and their racial attitudes.

      • I would love to take a look at it, just show me the way.

  17. Every day, Mittens makes it easy for intelligent voters to vote AGAINST him! Is this man sane? How could he blunder like this? WOW, how low can Rawmoney go? This is even WORST than John Mccain! DISGUSTING!!!!

  18. Just read that when Mittens was touring the damage done by Isaac, he met a woman who told him she had just lost everything..her home, everything! Mittens told her to go home and call 211! Didn’t she just say she lost everything, there was NO home or phone, yet Mittens was telling her to go home and phone 211! Is this man out of touch or what????

  19. Marathoner to Paul Ryan: you didn’t run that!

  20. There is “something” about Romney that just stinks! He has made lying a profession! Anyone who comes close to him smells…case in point: I have NEVER liked Ryan, but he was a man of his word, he gets near Mittens, and now lies a the drop of a hat! WOW! What does the Book of Mormons say about lies?

  21. Might I also suggest that you don’t put your trust and faith in any human at 100% (or 500% as you like to say).
    You like to tell folks who don’t agree with you, not to come back to your site. take the blinders off so of those who don’t agree with you or obama might make you think differently on some issues that your blind loyalty will cost you.
    remember those that followed Nixon blindly paid for their blind trust/faith.

    • Might I suggest you never attempt to tell or “suggest’ what the fuck I do Ms. Alisssandra? I might also “suggest” you go locate some cock, insert it in your mouth, and shut the fuck up and swallow. Enjoy your day dumbass.

    • mind your business woman….

  22. so all the past presidents screwed up America? Gee I didn’t realize Washington did such a bad job.
    how can you support any one/thing at 500%, quite impossible. Most one can give is 100% and nothing more.
    You do realize if Obama had been our first president with all these programs the country would have never succeeded.

    • If you were capable of critical thinking. logic and common sense, you might be human, as it stands now you’re a moron.

      • so basically you have no answer just simple common insults? I made an honest statement

      • U made an ass of yourself attempting to suggest to a grown person how and what they should think. Thats all you did.

    • Alisssandra (3 esses? really?), Coming on this site with criticism of the POTUS is like going to a formal dance in pajamas. I know the history of our past presidents and some of them did good things, others not so good. I support the re-election of the POTUS 100% but know he is a mortal man with a helluva job to do. He might not make all the right moves all the time but he’s doing well and I admire him and I am going to get his back. He is doing what he can for ALL the people…not just a favored few who operate out of greed.

      As for what would have happened had MR. Obama been our first president, you are talking oranges and apples and bananas. We had neither the population, nor the dynamics nor the technology that makes these social programs a necessity, today. Back then, we were scattered, news traveled slowly and women were not even allowed a voice in the government. Back then there was also a well-stated ideal of separation of church and state which seems to have been dropped by the wayside as some have cherry-picked the Constitution to reflect their self-serving ideologies.

      A strong central government with a well-established social conscience is VITAL to our well-being. I sense a libertarian streak in what you are saying. Libertarianism is what Moussolini “advocated,” when he said “Neither right nor left.” We would surely fail, as a nation and society, if we went down THAT misguided road.

      • Ms. Alisssandra is talking apples bananas and motor oil, is what she is doing Ms. Robin, thats what racist do when faced with superior facts & truth. This blog has a warning for knuckleheads like Ms. Allisssandra, but they just don’t comprehend. Coming onto MY blog to diss the POTUS is more like coming to a gun fight with a pillow.

        I have stopped posting/approving her stupid attempts at logic. I am allergic to stupid.

      • okay, I’m part japanese part cherokee and a little irish (don’t ask) so I doubt i’m being racist. the 3sss it is on my birth certificate, nurse error Dad thought it was cute and kept it.

        I prefer live and let live approach with little gov’t in our private lives, of course infrastructure, military and stuff like that is what gov’t is good at, fuck obamacare, don’t tell me I have to pay for something I don’t want. I choose to drive so I pay what The State requires me to buy to drive.

        I believe a great president could serve during any period and do well, you seem to feel obama could only do well when the citizens are self entitled lemmings

        keep in mind the separation of church/state was not to keep religion down and out of the gov’t it was to keep the gov’t out of the church.

      • You are absofuckinlutely being racist. Are you THAT ignorant to believe ones race/heritage prevents them from being racist? how old are you…7?

      • Maybe you need to read what others can clearly see….that your racism blocks you from seeing:

        Submitted on 2012/08/01 at 12:43 | In reply to Jueseppi B….by michelinewalker
        michelinewalker.wordpress.com x

        “This I can understand fully. Obama is admired by the entire world and Americans would not reelect him. He is competent, sufficiently flexible, intellectually superior, but most of all, he thinks about the people. He thinks about their needs. And, he is a good man, with a beautiful soul.”

        So i ask you Ms. Alisssandra, whats blocking your vision if not your racial hatred?

      • I have a hard on for truth & facts you stupid dumbass. Now your comments that are disrespectful won’t be posted so I think your moronic young ass are finished here, until you learn respect. Go get laid.

  23. I just found your blog today and it’s great.I’m a Dane and here in Denmark a lot of people are very worried of what is going on in America.The GOP lies and their friends FOX lies and Willard lies.Out of more than 300.000.000 americans Mitt is the presidential candidate?!Shame!

    • Robert, I and millions of Americans, are asking that same question, out of all American politicians, Lyin Mitt Romney is the best the GOPretenders have to offer> Shame is absolutely right.

    • Mittens is a disgrace…Americans will see thru this fraud…he and his wife and their horse Rafalca will NEVER get to the White House! Come November, the world will see a revolution! Obama will have 4 more years!

      • Yes I agree with you, America will wake up and see just what the Lyin UnFitt Romney’s are all about. They both are disgusting.

  24. OMG where do I begin?? I love this site, and plan on starting my own blog in support of our great President soon. I also plan on posting a youtube vid soon. I will keep you posted. I voted for President Obama in 08 and will again. Romeney and the GOP are a bunch of lying,ignorant assholes who are out to scew the poor, black, hispanic, lgbt, women of this country so they can give more money to the wealthy. We all need to stand together and let these idiots know they will not take us back. They will try to buy this election, and if that does not work they will try to supress our vote. Again I love your site and stand with you brother. Keep up the good fight!

    • Thank you Mr. Dohner for your support and your words of encouragement. Yes start your blog and please keep me updated, I support all new bloggers as I discover their work. Unity makes us individual bloggers stronger as one voice. I agree with you 5000% on Lyin Mitt’s mission, and that of the GOPretenders. We must work as one to stop the TeaTardedRepubliCANTS.

  25. I love the POTUS and the FLOTUS…they are a totally class act. Anyone who supports them is a friend! ;o)

  26. I love this site. I voted for Obama and will, again, in 2012 and have the tee shirt that says so. I was reading your reasons and I wanted to add one of mine. I voted for him because he is, like my 3 great-nieces and my great-granddaughter, of mixed race. As far as I am concerned, he got the best of both. I will also say that, if I were not happily married, 20 years younger and as pretty as Michelle, I would go for some of that hunky POTUS! Seriously, what matters is what he believes, how he behaves and what he does and he hasn’t disappointed me at all.

    • Ms. Westbrook, I love you, your mind I mean. ;-) I am now following your blog cause any woman pretty as Michelle needs to be followed. The Prez has swag babygirl.

    • Oh, thank you so much for loving the blog, I need & appreciate the love Ms. Westbrook.

  27. Heard the term Obamacrat and searched it. Love the disclaimer on the right side….”Don’t attempt to leave stupid racist comments on MY blog, they go straight into the trash can.” and you follow w/ the most racist thing on the site; “Yes I voted for him because he is Black.” ’nuff said….it’s impossible to take anything else you write seriously. Way to stick it to the “man” however. Also like the fact that freedom of speech is thriving, no matter what they are. Good job on the site.

    • John, your stupidity is blatant if you associate my voting for a Black man for President because he is a Black man, with racism. I especially love how your racist ass ignored the other reasons why I voted for Barack Hussein Obama. Do yourself a favor and don’t respond or return to my blog. Who told you free speech was practiced here? The only speech practiced on MY blog John, is MY speech. Might I suggest you start your own blog and practice whatever you desire? With warmest regards John. Really.

  28. since 1/20/09, people stopped listening. GOP/KKK(TP creators) broke in on the nimrods who wouldnt + couldnt listen cause they wouldnt and couldnt comprehend his message. You know why they wouldnt(IBPC). They stopped once they looked at him. Once the GOP turned the TP into the 3rd Party last year, some rednecks down there got a clue on how the GOP game was run. Theyre for Obama now.

  29. Great website.

    Keep spreading the message.

    From now on, I will identify myself as an ObamaCrat, even though it will cause my spellchecker to have fits.

    Every year, the Republican party gets slimier and less in touch with Americans.

    We need more voices to help drown out the ignorant rantings of the Faux News propaganda machine and its many victims.

    • Mr. Roussel, you have just described my mission in life. Thank you for joining us in spreading the truth & facts over the lies & misinformation.

      • First of all I respect everyone’s opinions. But Mr. Jueseppi, you said that your mission in life was to stop the spread of rumors that the Republicans and Fox News create? People are so misinformed by all of the media (any news station, supporting either Republicans or Democrats) that they will believe anything. I am not saying that there is some truth to the media, but the media is the main reason why the country is so misinformed. The people of America need to pay attention to the speeches and true motives of politicians instead of believing whatever the media says. If they don’t, our country that our forefathers fought so hard for will crumble.

      • I agree, I don’t trust any media, on either side, I long for the days of Walter Cronkite. I base my opinions, support and allegiance to the candidate who speaks to what is best for the greatest number of Americans, the 98%, and not the 2%.

  30. “I am an ObamaCrat who Is Proudly & Loudly Supporting Barack Hussein Obama.” Well put ;-)

  31. I guess I’m a little behind the times. This is the 1st time I’ve heard the term Obamacrat. I like it. Thanks

  32. BWA HA HA Right there with you, Jueseppi. BRING.IT.ON, BABY!

  33. May the blessings of the greatest POTUS reign down on all.

    • May you finally get your head removed from your anus….sarcasm…..see how it works??

      • That was uncalled fore, I think. I didn’t get your sacrum joke and I don’t see how it works.

        We need to work together to get the one, true POTUS reelected. A house divided against itself CAN’T stand, and I can’t stand Republi-misCreANTS.

      • POTUS Obama will be re-elected no matter if you and I are in agreement or not. The man is doing great things for America & Americans. Sarcasm is relative Mr. Hunter.

  34. i support the obamacrat

  35. If it makes me stupid for disagreeing with you, and our President, why did you delete what I said? Thank you for doing what every democrat I have argued with to date has done. Ignore me and call me stupid.

    • Sorry but I see your comments right below mine….so deleting your comments is a out & out lie. You’re stupid because you disagree with Affordable Health Care for ALL Americans, me being one who benefits from that law. You’re stupid because you fail to see the over 340 accomplishments achieved by the President whom you don’t agree with. Beyond that your stupidity is blatant based on your misunderstanding of basic government. I don’t have time or the desire to educate a stupid person on politics when that person is too stupid to realize facts and truths over lies & misinformation. THAT is why you are stupid.

      And don’t waste my time here in this forum again with your stupidity, I am not a role model nor am I a teacher.

      • I love the fact that people don’t like the Affordable Health Care act. Hopefully, they will suffer the same fate as this woman:
        ‘Mary Brown, a 56-year-old Florida woman who owned a small auto repair shop but had no health insurance, became the lead plaintiff challenging President Obama’s healthcare law because she was passionate about the issue.
        Brown “doesn’t have insurance. She doesn’t want to pay for it. And she doesn’t want the government to tell her she has to have it,” said Karen Harned, a lawyer for the National Federation of Independent Business. Brown is a plaintiff in the federation’s case, which the Supreme Court plans to hear later this month.
        But court records reveal that Brown and her husband filed for bankruptcy last fall with $4,500 in unpaid medical bills. Those bills could change Brown from a symbol of proud independence into an example of exactly the problem the healthcare law was intended to address.”


      • Evil and mean as this may sound, and I mean every word of what I am about to say: She and her husband deserve to die broke & uncovered. I am disgusted by selfish, greedy, anti-government American who scream “smaller government” while taking government assistance in many forms.

  36. I don’t disrespect President Obama, he is our Commander in Chief. However, I disagree with just about everything he is doing. Does that make me an anti-Obamacrat or a “RepubliCANT’S/teabaggers/racists/rednecks/white supremacists/left wing-nuts/right wing-nuts/GOP party members.” Just curious because many people have thrown me into the second large group just because I disagree with what he is doing.

    Check out my blog at ReconAmerica.wordpress.com. We need to return America to its original constitutional roots if we want it to be around for another 230+ years.

    • No reconstitutionalize…..that makes you stupid.

    • Original constitutional roots….does that include the slavery aspect of “original”….NO THANKS.
      In addition, Mr Obama has NOT taken away any of your rights since he is in office.
      We have NO IDEA what could have happened in this country had we elected another republican for POTUS.
      8 years of W sank us to levels we have not seen since the 20’s. All economic experts agree on that. (of course this excludes EVERYONE for Faux News since they don’t talk about reality)

  37. All hail to the Chief! I’m officially an Obamcrat. In for four more.

  38. Just dropping by to say…aloha! As usual…I am always here, because you rock!!!

    • Ms. Shelli,
      I know you are here, because I can see you, to be honest, if I lived in “THAT” paradise you are in, I’d probably never be “here”. Thank you for being here with me.

  39. Cool Blog! Must say I like. (Minus the pic of the pres with the braids) :)

    • dnicolebranch,
      You don’t like braids? Hang around long enough and you’ll see several photos you might not like….or you may love ‘em….who knows. Welcome just the same. ;-)

  40. Nice fan site.

  41. Great site! I’m glad someone out there knows how hard it has been for our president! He has been blocked by those deeply entrenched in the politics of the past and has had some very difficult learning curves thrown at him. I pray that this last year in office will award him the validation he deserves. Something about him reminds me of Abraham Lincoln…. a very cherished and greatly honored president who faced unimaginable odds in trying to keep this country together. Pres. Obama certainly has tried his best to be the change America needs. We must all dig deep to assist him to succeed.

    • ChickenScratch22,
      Thank you for your intelligent observation of the past three years. You are absolutely correct in everything you typed. We have much work to accomplish in the coming year. Have a Joyous & Happy New Year.

  42. I finally found you! I love your blog!

  43. Potus obama has shown intelligence reflexive mind cordial interrelationship sober approach and world affairs knowledge even when he is a first term potus that’s the reason why he is MY PRESIDENT!!! I hereby declare myself a genuine OBAMACRAT!!!

    • Mr. Vega,
      I am thrilled to have you join me here, and you are correct, all you said id true. Four More For 44!!

  44. I am glad I found your website and love it. I too, am an Obamacrat. :)

  45. I’m an Obamacrat! I want the T-shirt, man! Hurray and thank you for making this site… I love it! I’ll be back.

    • Thank you Ms. Bailey. Us ObamaCrats must stick together!! I’m hand stitching ObamaCrat tee shirts as we type.

  46. Obama can fuck up totally and its OK WHY? cuz hes my NIGGAHHH woot woot

    • He’s my niggah if he don’t get no bigga….except POTUS Obama don’t fuck up.

      • Your comment was sounding civil until you used the N word and statement, how disrespectful and ignorant your comment was. You evidently have no honor of people, culture and what many have been through.

      • The use of the word niggah is neither disrespectful or ignorant Ms. Bobbee. If you were aware of the words used in and among the Black community, you’d know the word niggah is vastly different from the word nigger. It is a word of friendship & camaraderie among our community. We have taken a negative and turned it into a positive. We Black Americans have more honor than others who pass judgement on what they are not informed about in a different culture.

      • (typed in wrong email… but my post is as follows..)

        I am an African American, I’m VERY proud of MY president and the job he is doing. However, the N-word is very disrespectful. If you are going to use it, show some respect (if not for yourselves) for the POTUS and refrain from using that word publically when referencing him. Thank you!

      • Mr. Believer,
        I thrilled you are a supporter of POTUS Obama, that is a great thing. Never attempt to tell me what words to use in what I write. You might have children, but I am not one of them. I write what I desire, and since I do NOT believe the word nigger is disrespectful, being a Black American myself, I will continue to use whatever words I choose. Thank you for allowing me MY freedom to use whatever words I deem necessary. Thank you.

      • Ms. Jueseppi,
        Wow! The arrogance… The word IS offensive. You should attempt to show some respect for the first African American to hold the office of the President. And as from one person of colour to another, yes, I can tell you this! Just wait until you do have kids and one of them comes home upset at their non-black classmates who have called them the N-word which you so disdainfully use. Wait until you are employed in the private/public sector and have to pleasure of being called the N-word by your non-white collegues and tell me what you think/feel.. It truly is a shame at the attitude you have shown though… I erroneously assumed that this sight would be something of great insight, beneficial, enlightning… Something with a little class. I see that I am wrong and won’t wast my time… or yours. I forever support Pres. Obama, but not the likes of this..

      • Believer, let me repeat, school and educate your children, but never attempt to lecture me on your opinion of a word. What works for you, does NOT work for me, what is offensive to and for you, is NOT offensive to or for me. This is MY blog, and as such I will continue to write what I desire, as I see fit. If you would like a blog more like your opinion of life, the internet is full of those, might I guide you to PoliticsAnonymous.com Now this discussion has ended.

  47. We need to respect our leader until proven he should not be, this Prez is a great leader and I wish he was freer to iimplement his work better because he is out to regulate the big banks, the oil industry, the lobbyists etc…no wonder they fight him so. but we stand behind him and support in anyway we can. Power to the people who see the possiblities and take the steps forward….not backward.

    • I agree 500%…the office should be respected as well as the man holding the office. George Dubbya Bush was 25 times worse as a man and a President than Barack Hussein Obama….but I respected his office, and his being elected by a majority of Americans.

  48. I like the definition of ObamaCrat. I fit this description and am new to this blog. I’m going to try to squeeze this in somehow as the duties in my daily life are now running back to back and there’s not enough hours in each day. I will return because this is good.

    • Ms. O Bryan, you have made my day….and reality and real life is so important but I appreciate your endearing desire to return. I will strive to write more in support of our wonderful POTUS Barack Hussein Obama.

  49. Oh, I will come again. I just know that there are many who won’t because of the name calling. You are right, though. To each his own.

    • I am not, nor have I ever been interested in “many” of anything Ms. Jlue. I write/type what I feel, and feel what I write/type. The name calling as you put it, is a way of life. If you are a white supremacist or a racist or a member of the RepubliCANT party, then you are what you are. The label you carry is something one decides for ones self early in life. Would you call it a RepubliCAN when all they do is say CANT?? can’t pass this, can’t agree on that, can’t raise this tax on the wealthy, can’t compromise on this bill…can’t allow the poor or middle class to get ahead, can’t support this POTUS on any issue…yes, RepubliCANT matches well.

      Don’t you worry about the “many” who won’t come….I’ll survive on the many who will come. Have a very happy & joyous holiday.

  50. Here is my “intelligent” disagreement. Those who oppose Obama and his policies without calling names would like the same respect. We can disagree without being disagreeable. I will not call you names if you will drop RepubliCANT’S/teabaggers/racists/rednecks/white supremacists/left wing-nuts/right wing-nuts/GOP party members. I try to never call Democrats anything worse than liberals and progressives. I would like to be called conservative. Those terms actually describe who we are, at least for me this is true.

    • Ms. Jlue…if those labels and categories do not pertain to you, being offended is a waste of time. There are far too many Americans, or people all over the planet, who fit comfortably into those above mentioned cubbyholes….and rightly belong there. If you do not, then they are not connected to you. As my Granny used to say, if the shoe does not fit, keep shopping. Translation….if you are not a RepubliCANT’S/teabaggers/racists/rednecks/white supremacists/left wing-nuts/right wing-nuts/GOP party members……then you have no worries, do you?

      • Your Granny had good advice, but often, in this case, the shopper looks for another blog rather than another shoe… Just saying.

      • That is what makes America great Ms. Jlue, the freedom to choose what we do, and what blog we follow, good luck looking for another blog.

  51. Glad I found you website. I too am an Obamacrat. Have you ever met him in person? I was fortunate enough to meet him several times. He is the real deal. I find it very difficult to be nice to anyone who bad mouths that man. In fact, I don’t even try anymore.

    • I understand exactly what you mean Ms. Fuller. It is very hard to respect anyone who disrespects POTUS Obama.
      Please tell all your friends & family, who think as we do, to come visit us at The ObamaCrats!!

      • Hi there, my friend!!! Just found this page ….. I believe that I’m also an ObamaCrat!!! …. Anyway … posting here b/c for whatever reason, I can’t post on the original articles or re-blog your posts. Phoo-ey!!! Don’t why … but I’m still around!!! :-)

      • I wonder what is going on that you can’t reblog or post on the original post? WordPress is always messing with the blog site doing upgrades. Were you ever able to reblog and comment on the original post?

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