Capitol Hill Suspect Identified As Miriam Carey, Dental Hygienist From Connecticut.


By Jueseppi B.

This image is believed to be of Miriam Carey, the dental hygenist identified in news reports as the suspect in a shooting incident that left Capitol Hill on lockdown for a brief period Thursday afternoon.

This image is believed to be of Miriam Carey, the dental hygenist identified in news reports as the suspect in a shooting incident that left Capitol Hill on lockdown for a brief period Thursday afternoon.



From The International Business Times:


Miriam Carey, Suspect Reportedly Killed In The Capitol Hill Shooting




Here’s what we know about Miriam Carey, the woman identified in news reports as the suspect in a shooting incident that left Capitol Hill on lockdown for a brief period Thursday afternoon, and has now reportedly been shot dead by police.


Carey, a 34-year-old dental hygienist has been identified by ­­­the New York Post and the New Haven Register newspaper as the suspect in a shooting incident that took place in the nation’s capital. Here’s what we know about Ms. Carey so far.


A law enforcement source told the Register that Carey is the suspect who was reportedly shot dead by Capitol Police following a high-speed car chase that began when she allegedly rammed her black Lexus into a barricade near the White House.


The altercation led to the U.S. Capitol being locked down for a brief period of time after shots rang out near Garfield Circle, in the vicinity of the Hart Senate Office Building.


Thank you The International Business Times.


Connecticut Woman, Miriam Carey Shot Dead Outside U.S. Capitol After Car Chased


Published on Oct 3, 2013

Connecticut Woman Miriam Carey Shot Dead Outside U.S. Capitol After Failed White House Break-in.



After attempting to ram down the gates to the White House, Miriam Carey, 34, a dental hygienist who once lived in Brooklyn led Secret Service agents and police on a pursuit toward the U.S. Capitol where she was gunned down. The chaos temporarily put the U.S. Capitol in lockdown.


A crazed Connecticut woman who tried to ram her way into the White House was shot and killed Thursday after she led police on a high-speed chase through the heart of Washington that left two police officers injured.


Miriam Carey, a 34-year-old dental hygienist from Stamford who once lived in Brooklyn, had a year-old child in the car with her who was not hurt, officials said.


“This appears to be an isolated incident,” said Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine. “There is no nexus to terrorism.”

ABC News reported the woman had a history of “mental health issues.”


The drama began around 2:20 p.m., officials said, after Carey — driving a leased black Infiniti — sped into the driveway leading into the White House and tried to breach security at 15th and E Streets, officials said.


Thwarted by the pylons and confronted by cops with their guns drawn, Carey spun the car around and hit the gas — knocking a Secret Service agent over the hood of the car as she sped away.


With Capitol police and Secret Service agents in hot pursuit, Carey raced 12 blocks toward the Capitol, chased at speeds of up to 80 mph at some points.

At Constitution Ave. and Second St., she collided a Capitol Police car and then barreled into some barricades outside the Hart Senate Office building, Dine said.


U.S. Capitol On Lockdown After Reports Of Gun Shots


From The New York Post:

Capitol attacker was Conn.-based dental hygienist


By Larry Celona


A dental hygienist from Connecticut was the female driver who tried to ram her car into a White House barricade and was shot dead near the US Capitol after a high-speed chase through Washington streets Thursday afternoon, law enforcement sources told The Post.


Sources said Miriam Carey, who formerly lived in Brooklyn, was licensed to practice in New York and Connecticut and had a permit to work as a hygienist in Connecticut prisons.


At least a dozen gunshots were fired when she tried to flee cops, who  had trapped her two blocks from the Capitol. She was believed to have been hit several times.


A child believed to be a girl about 2 or 3 years old was found unhurt in her black Infiniti sedan, which had Connecticut license plates.


Authorities had no immediate explanation of the woman’s motive. But Capitol Police chief Kim Dine told reporters there was no reason to believe it was an act of terrorism “or anything other than an isolated incident.”


ABC News said the 34-year-old woman had a history of mental health issues. A task force of FBI and Secret Service agents was executing a search warrant at her Connecticut home, CNN said.


The incident began when the woman got into an argument with officers a security barricade outside the White House and crashed her Lexus into the barricade about 2 p.m. witnesses said.


Then she drove up Pennsylvania Avenue towards the Capitol, with at least 20 police and Secret Service cars in hot pursuit.





A witness told the Washington Post that the woman drove up the west side of the Capitol where a police cruiser blocked her path.


Police ordered her to get out of the sedan. But she threw the car in reverse, jumped a curb and hit another cruiser as she fled to the south side of the Capitol, the witness, Frank Schwing, said. Police opened fire as she fled.


Patty Bills, who works at Faith and Action, a Christian outreach group near the shooting scene, said she saw officers firing at the driver. It was not immediately clear whether the driver was armed.


“We heard three, four, five pops,” said Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pa)., who was walking from the Capitol to an office building across the street. Police ordered Casey and nearby tourists to crouch behind a car for protection, then hustled everyone into the Capitol.


One police officer was injured, apparently when his car was struck. .Senate Sergeant at Arms Terrance Gainer said his injuries were not life threatening.


The incident ended at 2nd Street and Constitution Avenue, two blocks from the Capitol and between the US Supreme Court building and the Hart Senate Office Building.


US Capitol Police ordered a lockdown of the complex, telling people in House office buildings to “shelter in place.” President Obama was briefed about the incident at the White House. The lockdown was lifted after 3 p.m.


There was no weapon in the woman’s car and she carried no ID, ABC News reported.


Thank you The New York Post.


U.S. Capitol On Lockdown After Reports Of Gun Shots US-POLITICS-SHOOTINGS-CAPITOL US-POLITICS-SHOOTINGS-CAPITOL US-POLITICS-SHOOTINGS-CAPITOL US-POLITICS-SHOOTING capitol Shots Fired near the U.S. Capotiol Building in Washington, D.C. lockdown1 Emergency personnel stand near a police car after gunshots were fired outside the U.S. Capitol building in Washington Shooting at US Capitol


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By Jueseppi B.






Everything You Want to Share, in One Place:


Whether it’s with an infographic or a White Board video, we’re always looking for new ways to highlight the work President Obama is doing on behalf of the American people in a way that’s interesting and easy to understand.


Now we’ve put all of our favorite content in one easy-to-navigate page: White House Shareables. You can sort by the issues important to you, or the type of content you’d like to see.


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U.S. Wind Industry Report


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Obamacare: Strengthening Medicare


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After THAT Speech…If YOU Still Don’t Understand ObamaCARES……



Vice President Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden, Jr. Tours Flood-Affected Areas In Colorado



Barack’s World™ For Thursday The 26th Of September



Renewing The Call To Combat Human Trafficking



This Work Is Personal To Me



TheObamaCrat™: Affordable Care Act Marketplace Premiums. ObamaCARES Enrollment Starts Oct. 1st.



Delivering On The Affordable Care Act: Marketplace Premiums Lower Than Expected



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President Barack Hussein Obama On PBS


By Jueseppi B.




Obama Won’t Wait for Congress to Protect Americans‘ Voting Rights


Published on Aug 28, 2013

President Barack Obama said while he intends to work with Congress to amend the Voting Rights Act, he intends to take steps within his administration to ensure voting rights for all Americans, if lawmakers don’t move quickly.


The president spoke with PBS NewsHour senior correspondents Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill in the Blue Room at the White House, after delivering the final speech at the 50th anniversary celebration for the March on Washington.


President Barack Obama:

“I will be working with people like John Lewis in reaching out to both Republicans and Democrats in Congress to see if Congress is prepared to amend the Voting Rights Act to ensure that people are not being prevented from voting.”


“But Congress doesn’t move real quickly around here, and if we can go ahead and move administratively so that our attorney general can go ahead in jurisdictions that seem to be intent on preventing people from voting and that have a racial element to it, even though largely it’s probably for partisan reasons, then we need to go ahead and — and enforce the law. And the Voting rights Act has a number of tools. Section 4, which was struck down, was not the only tool available.”





Obama: ‘I Have Not Made a Decision’ on Syria


Published on Aug 28, 2013

President Barack Obama said he had not yet made his decision regarding a U.S. strike on Syria during an interview with PBS NewsHour senior correspondents Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill. The president said that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad‘s regime alleged use of chemical weapons would factor into his calculation and he warned that the Assad should be held accountable.








President Barack Hussein Obama On PBS


Washington (CNN) – President Obama echoed past statements in a Wednesday interview with PBS’ “Newshour,” telling the show’s anchors that Republican opposition to his agenda isn’t motivated by the color of his skin.


“It doesn’t have to do with race in particular,” Obama said. “It has to do with an effort to make sure people who might otherwise challenge the existing ways that things work are divided.”


Amid celebrations across the country commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, the comments place the focus back on bridging the partisan divide – not necessarily a racial one.


In the interview with PBS anchors Judy Woodruff and Gwen Ifill, the president said the GOP’s attempts to obstruct his policies stem from their ideological opposition to government-led reforms. Obama insisted his partisan foes dole out bitter pills of rhetorical bluster in equal doses across racial lines.


“It’s directed at Bill Clinton or Nancy Pelosi just as much as its directed at me,” the president said.


Clinton struck a similar tone in his remark earlier in the day. While delivering his speech paying tribute to the thousands who marched down Constitution Avenue in 1963, Clinton railed against red-and-blue colored Maginot Lines impeding the country’s progress.


“Martin Luther King did not live and die to hear his heirs whine about political gridlock,” Clinton said. “It is time to stop complaining and put our shoulders against the stubborn gates holding the American people back.”


But both remarks from Obama and Clinton come in a year very much tinted by a national discourse on race. The president, notably, commented on the Trayvon Martin trial after a Florida jury acquitted George Zimmerman of second-degree murder, telling reporters in late July, “Trayvon Martin could have been me.”


Other high-profile politicians have garnered attention by accusing some in the Republican Party of basing their opposition to the president on his being black.


In a radio interview with a Las Vegas-based NPR affiliate, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada, created a miniature maelstrom when he wondered aloud if the GOP’s unwillingness to cooperate with the President was “based on substance and not the fact that he’s an African American.”


Former Secretary of State, Gen. Colin Powell, made similar waves in January, when he told NBC’s “Meet the Press” he, too, suspected some within the more conservative wing of the Republican Party harbor racist beliefs.


“There’s also a dark vein of intolerance in some parts of the party,” Powell said. “They still sort of look down on minorities.”







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A Plea From Tracy Martin & Sybrina Fulton, via


By Jueseppi B.




Change for Trayvon: Stand Your Ground laws must be reviewed


Petition by

Tracy Martin and Sybrina Fulton with Change for Trayvon


Last year, our son Trayvon Martin was stalked, chased down and killed by George Zimmerman, and Zimmerman faced no punishment whatsoever. That’s in large part because Florida is one of at least 21 states with some form of ‘Stand Your Ground’ law, which enables people like George Zimmerman to claim self-defense.


We’re calling on 21 governors whose states have some form of ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws to review those laws and amend them so that people who instigate conflicts — people like George Zimmerman — won’t be able to use these laws to get away with murder.


‘Stand Your Ground’ was never meant to give aggressors the opportunity to get away with murder, but that is what happened when our son, Trayvon Benjamin Martin was killed. After Trayvon’s death, law enforcement used the law as an excuse to refuse to arrest George Zimmerman. Even worse, the jury in the case was instructed to think of what Zimmerman did as self-defense, even though Zimmerman ignored instructions from the police and instigated conflict with our son, who was just trying to get home to his father.


We are shocked and heartbroken by the jury’s decision to allow our son’s killer to go free. Despite our despair, we must honor Trayvon’s legacy by doing all that we can to protect other young people from being targeted, pursued, and senselessly murdered.


We are not the only ones calling for ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws to be reviewed. President Obama spoke out on the need for review, and prominent Republicans like Senator John McCain have joined him. This is not a Democrat or Republican issue, it’s not ‘black’ or ‘white’ issue, it’s a wrong and right issue. This is a matter of making sure that no other family will ever have to go through what we have been through. No parents should ever have to know what it feels like to watch your child’s killer walk free.


Here in Florida, we are pushing for an amendment to Florida’s ‘Stand Your Ground’ law. Sign our petition to call on all at least 21 governors to review their laws and consider similar amendments so that they can protect children in their states, just as we wish Florida would have protected Trayvon.


We want to say thank you to all of you who have stood up for our son. Because of all of your efforts, Trayvon’s life is celebrated all over the world. Please continue to stand with us as we fight to ensure that his legacy is to leave behind a safer and more peaceful world for all our sons and daughters.



Justice for our son Trayvon: 'Stand Your Ground' laws must be reviewed.

Justice for our son Trayvon: ‘Stand Your Ground’ laws must be reviewed.



Sign Tracy and Sybrina’s Petition


Mike Pence, Governor, Indiana
Phil Bryant, Governor, Mississippi
Steve Bullock, Governor, Montana
Maggie Hassan, Governor, New Hampshire
Rick Scott, Governor, Florida
Robert Bently, Governor, Alabama
Sean Parnell, Governor, Alaska
Jan Brewer, Governor, Arizona
Nathan Deal, Governor, Georgia
Sam Brownback, Governor, Kansas
Steve Beshear, Governor, Kentucky
Bobby Jindal, Governor, Louisiana
Rick Snyder, Governor, Michigan
Brian Sandoval, Governor, Nevada
Pat McCrory, Governor, North Carolina
Mary Fallin, Governor, Oklahoma
Tom Corbet, Governor, Pennsylvania
Nikki Haley, Governor, South Carolina
Bill Haslam, Governor, Tennessee
Rick Perry, Governor, Texas
Gary Herbert, Governor, Utah
Earl Ray Tomblin, Governor, West Virginia
I’m writing you today to ask that you support a review of your state’s “Stand Your Ground” law.

President Obama spoke out on the need for review, and prominent Republicans like Senator John McCain have joined him. Some Stand Your Ground laws have had unintended consequences, like protecting those who are the aggressors in confrontations that end in death.


Even former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, who signed ‘Stand Your Ground’ into law and said regarding the killing of Trayvon Martin that, “‘Stand Your Ground’ means stand your ground. It doesn’t mean chase after somebody who’s turned their back”.


Please join in the bipartisan calls for states to take close look at Stand Your Ground laws.










The Daily Word From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


By Jueseppi B.




August 1st, 2013: Tweets of the Day








White House Schedule – August 1, 2013


Thursday, August 1 2013 All Times ET


12:30 PM: Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jay Carney WATCH LIVE.



12:45 PM: The President and the Vice President meet for lunch.



2:15 PM: The President meets with a group of bipartisan Members of Congress.



3:45 PM: The President holds a bilateral meeting with President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi of the Republic of Yemen.



5:55 PM: The President hosts a reception for the 50th Anniversary of the Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under the Law.



Statements and Releases August 01, 2013


President Obama Signs Iowa Disaster Declaration



FACT SHEET: Executive Order on Improving Chemical Facility Safety and Security



Press Briefing

July 31, 2013 | 52:16 | Public Domain


White House Press Briefings are conducted most weekdays from the James S. Brady Press Briefing Room in the West Wing.








Tyler Holden
July 31, 2013
04:56 PM EDT


President Obama Honors the 2013 NCAA Champion UConn Huskies

July 31, 2013 | 8:41 | Public Domain


President Obama welcomes the University of Connecticut Huskies to the White House to honor their 2013 NCAA women’s basketball championship.








Today in the East Room, President Obama honored the 2013 NCAA Division I women’s basketball champion UConn Huskies as a part of his commitment to celebrate sports teams that inspire their communities on and off the court.


The trip was a familiar one for the Huskies, who won the tournament and visits to the White House in 2009 and 2010. President Obama joked that eight-time NCAA champion UConn Coach Geno Auriemma “spent more time than some Presidents in the White House.”


While the Huskies have a new trophy to tout, President Obama called attention to their positive impact on those around them.


President Barack Obama looks at the basketball presented to him during the ceremony for the NCAA Champion University of Connecticut HuskiesPresident Barack Obama looks at the basketball presented to him during the ceremony for the NCAA Champion University of Connecticut Huskies to honor the team and their 2013 NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship, in the East Room of the White House, July 31, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Amanda Lucidon)


“As any UConn fan will tell you, folks just love this team — and it goes beyond what they do on the court. One fan came to the victory parade to take pictures for his daughter and he was quoted as saying, ‘We come to as many games as we can because they are truly amazing. They’re great role models.’ They’re great role models.


And that’s true in the classroom. I want to congratulate all three seniors on earning not just another title, but earning their college degrees as well. It is true overseas, where a lot of these folks played on Team USA, whether it’s Geno and the six UConn Huskies who helped bring home the Gold at the London Olympics, or Breanna leading our under-19 team to a championship just a few days ago.


When they’re not hitting the books or representing their country, they find time to get involved in the community. Last year, players visited the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp for children with serious illnesses; joined the Walk for Autism. Geno just held his 11th annual charity golf tournament. And while you may be rivals with Baylor on the court, you joined together off the court to raise over $30,000 for the Kay Yow Cancer Fund.


And so that’s why we’re so happy to have you all back to the White House. These are just some incredible athletes. They’ve made their mark as one of the great sports dynasties of our time, but they’re also just really outstanding young women.”


Thinking of his own family, the President also recognized that the Huskies represent more than themselves: “As the father of two young, beautiful, athletic and tall daughters,” he said, “it just always puts a smile on my face whenever I see such class acts represent their school and their country so well.”


Last week, President Obama congratulated the Louisville Cardinals, who won the men’s tournament this year. President Obama didn’t expect to see either team as NCAA champions when he filled out his men’s or women’s bracket, announcing that “I have to confess that my bracketology needs some work.”





Megan Slack
Megan Slack

August 01, 2013
09:30 AM EDT


America has always been a nation of immigrants, and throughout the nation’s history, immigrants from around the globe have kept our workforce vibrant, our businesses on the cutting edge, and helped to build the greatest economic engine in the world. But our nation’s immigration system is broken and has not kept pace with changing times. Today, too many employers game the system by hiring undocumented workers and there are 11 million people living and working in the shadow economy. Neither is good for the U.S. economy or American  families.


Commonsense immigration reform will strengthen the U.S. economy and create jobs. Independent studies affirm that commonsense immigration reform will increase economic growth by adding more high-demand workers to the labor force, increasing capital investment and overall productivity, and leading to greater numbers of entrepreneurs starting companies in the U.S.


Economists, business leaders, and American workers agree –  and it’s why a bipartisan, diverse coalition of stakeholders have come together to urge Congress to act now to fix the broken immigration system in a way that requires responsibility from everyone —both from unauthorized workers and from those who hire them—and guarantees that everyone is playing by the same rules. The Senate recently passed a bipartisan, commonsense immigration reform bill would do just that – and it’s time for the House of Representations to join them in taking action to make sure that commonsense immigration reform becomes a reality as soon as possible.


Read More




Valerie Jarrett
Valerie Jarrett

August 01, 2013
11:00 AM EDT


As we implement the Affordable Care Act, we continue listening to the needs of the business community. Based on our many conversations with leaders of our nation’s businesses, large and small, today we are launching, a one-stop-shop where employers of all sizes can go for information on the Affordable Care Act.


The new site includes a web-based tool that allows employers to get tailored information on how the health law may affect them based on their business’ size, location, and plans for offering health benefits to their workers next year. From tax credits for small businesses to help make coverage affordable, to measures to help slow the growth of health care costs, there are a variety of ways that the Affordable Care Act can help businesses expand health care coverage and compete.


Read More



Valerie Jarrett
Valerie Jarrett

August 01, 2013
12:30 PM EDT


Yesterday, I joined eleven Champions of Change at the White House to honor their achievements toward making science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) industries more inclusive for underrepresented communities.


The Champions of Change are an amazing group of ordinary citizens doing extraordinary things. They are sparking imaginations, and captivating young minds, all across the country.


From teaching computer science to high school students, to encouraging young women, and urban teens to code, to writing children’s books, to providing low-income students with programming classes—they are doing phenomenal work for our country’s youth, and their futures.


President Obama cares deeply about making sure that our young people have the opportunity to dream big. Whatever their background, our children deserve the chance to reach for the sky, pursue whatever they put their minds to, and live up to their fullest potential—including working in STEM.


I saw this potential firsthand in April, when I had the opportunity to visit the White House Science Fair. What an experience that was—I visited several of the 30 exhibits, and spoke with students about their projects—they were so excited to be in the White House, and I learned a lot too.


A few young women showed me a rocket that had launched raw eggs without cracking a single one. There was a young woman who made a device that helps strengthen eye muscles and improve vision. Can you imagine that?


I also had the opportunity to meet the parents, and teachers, who have played such a vital role in these young people’s lives. And I hope, that as parents, teachers, mentors, and role models, we continue to lift them up so that they can achieve their dreams.


This is about our young people. But it’s also about the future of our country. President Obama has said that engaging, and exciting young people in STEM is incredibly important to the future of our nation.


On Tuesday, he gave a speech in Tennessee, highlighting how we need to give the middle class a better bargain and create jobs for a 21st century economy.  Those jobs will eventually be filled by our young people. And we know that the students of today will be the inventors, entrepreneurs, and business leaders of tomorrow. We know that students with STEM skills will be a driving force towards making the United States competitive, creative, and innovative.


We also know that as a nation, our diversity is one of our greatest strengths. That’s why President Obama is committed to making sure our STEM talent pool reflects the full spectrum of America.


President Obama launched a public-private initiative to move students to the top of the pack in math and science. This effort, known as the Educate to Innovate Campaign, has to-date generated over $750 million for STEM education efforts.


President Obama is committed to creating STEM education and mentorship opportunities for young women. For example, our science-oriented agencies, such as the Environmental Protection Agency, and Department of Energy, have STEM programs specifically for women and girls. And we’re training teachers to help prepare students across the country for rigorous STEM careers.


These are a few accomplishments of the Obama Administration, but we can’t do it alone—and as our champs yesterday prove, with everyone involved, all of our children can pursue their dreams.



Kori Schulman
Kori Schulman

July 31, 2013
01:28 PM EDT


POTUS Kindle Singles Interview  

Yesterday, President Obama visited the Amazon Fulfillment Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee to discuss his plan to create jobs and grow the economy from the middle out, not the top down. Just before speaking to a crowd of Amazon employees, the President sat down for a “Kindle Singles Interview,” a new long-form interview series for Amazon’s e-reader.


During the conversation with Kindle Singles editor David Blum, the President explained how his past has informed his policies as President, and discussed his plans to spur growth for middle-class families and create more ladders of opportunity. You can download the interview now at


The Kindle Singles Interview with President Obama is available on Kindle devices and free Kindle reading apps for iPhone, iPad, Android tablets and phones, Windows Phone, Blackberry, PC and Mac. Get the reading apps at




Senate ready to approve Obama’s nominee for UN


WASHINGTON (AP) — The Senate is ready to approve President Barack Obama’s choice to be the next ambassador to the United Nations, a day after a marathon vote frayed but maintained the chamber’s recent bipartisan spirit toward nominations.


Senators were considered certain to approve Samantha Power for the U.N. post, elevating the president’s former foreign policy adviser who has also spent years as a human rights advocate. She will replace Susan Rice, who has become the president’s national security adviser.


On Wednesday, the Senate took five hours for a roll call that ended Republican tactics aimed at blocking Obama’s pick to head the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.


For most of that time, the chamber was mostly empty as lawmakers waited for Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp to fly back from her home state, where aides said she was suffering from an infection, to cast the decisive 60th vote in the 100-member chamber.


Once Heitkamp voted, the Senate approved B. Todd Jones to the ATF post by a nearly party-line, 53-42 tally.


By the time Power is approved, the Senate will have completed a month in which it resuscitated a stack of stalled Obama nominations and approved chiefs of several agencies. Those included leaders for the Environmental Protection Agency, FBI, Labor Department and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


Much of that progress flowed from a bipartisan pact that averted a “nuclear option” showdown in which Democrats had threatened to alter Senate rules to diminish Republican clout. Democrats dropped that threat in exchange for Republicans allowing votes on seven nominations.


That cooperation has extended to additional nominations as well, including Jones and Powers. With Congress about to start a summer recess, many leaders are hoping that spirit will survive into the fall, when lawmakers face nasty fights over the budget, immigration and other issues.


Looking to those issues when lawmakers return, Democratic Sen. Amy Klobuchar told reporters, “The last thing we want to do is leave with some radioactive blowup.”


The Irish-born Power won a Pulitzer Prize for a book on how the U.S. respondedto atrocities in Rwanda and Bosnia in the 1990s and for years has backed intervention — including military force — to halt human rights atrocities. She has distanced herself from her 2002 call for a “mammoth protection force” to prevent Middle East violence, calling it a “remarkably incoherent” statement.


Two weeks ago, Venezuela said it was calling off efforts to restore normal relations with the U.S. after Power said at her Senate confirmation hearing that the South American country was guilty of a “crackdown on civil society.”


In another instance of her occasional outspokenness, she called the U.N.’s inaction to end the large-scale killing in Syria’s civil war “a disgrace that history will judge harshly.”


Jones has been acting ATF chief since 2011 and was nominated by Obama weeks after a gunman killed 20 children and six aides at a Newtown, Connecticut, elementary school. Part of the agency’s role is to enforce federal gun laws.


Many congressional Republicans long have been critical of the ATF, especially for its fumbled “Fast and Furious” operation aimed at gun-smuggling across the Southwest border.


Thank you The Associated Press.



From Rep. Diane Russell: 

GOP Rep: Sequestration Must End


Five months ago today, we launched the Pay Cuts for Congress petition telling Congress to either end Sequestration – or take a voluntary pay cut.


Finally – there’s been a break. GOP House Appropriations Chair, Harold Rogers (R-KY), called on the House, Senate and the White House to repeal Sequestration. Let’s tell Rep. Rogers we’re willing to work with him to get this done once and for all.


Join me in thanking GOP Rep. Rogers!


Last week, I met with a bipartisan mix of US Senators, US Representatives and even the White House talking about the 360,000 people who signed the petition – and the people whose lives are being effected by Sequestration. I asked them to sit down with each other, find common ground and end this madness once and for all.


Let’s send a message to Congress that we’re willing to work across the aisle to find a bipartisan solution that ends the devastating impact of the Sequester while passing a responsible budget.


Tell Rep. Rogers, “We’ll work with you!”


Today’s Tweet/Share:

Join me in thanking GOP @RepHalRogers for calling to end #Sequestration! @MissWriteThank you for all you do! We are making progress!

Thank you for all you do! Together, we are making a dent!



~Diane Russell
State Rep. Portland, Maine



Big MAC: The Case To Raise The Minimum Wage





























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