The Rules

By Jueseppi B.


Welcome to The Militant Negro™


Let me start out by advising you to read these “House Rules” before you leave a comment & here’s why:


I’m not a representative of anyone but I speak for those not able to speak for themselves. I represent MYSELF. This is MY blog so any dumbass suggestions or comments, left on MY blog, will be responded to in KIND.


That means if you leave a stupid dumbass comment, expect to get your ass handed to you on a fuckin platinum platter. I type what the hell I desire to type, and please don’t attempt to advise me on what I should or should not type.


All comments & opinions are welcome BUTT….when said comments or opinions piss me off because they cross the line from logical, common sense or critical thinking into just plain stupid, idiotic, asinine, racist, moronic…..then you get The Militant Negro™ and chances are your feelings will be hurt.


That said…..Welcome & have Fun!!


I believe in reblogging vital information from fellow bloggers. If you have a problem with that, I suggest you contact WordPress & make them remove the “reblogging” feature available to other WordPress bloggers.


The purpose of  The Militant Negro™ is to spread facts, truth and information “By Any Means Necessary”. I hate racism, racist and closed minded fools of any gender or skin color. I am a voice for those who are oppressed and downtrodden and i do two things very well, kick ass and chew gum. I don’t have any gum.


Feel free to reblog anything I post here at The Militant Negro™. MY mission here is to spread facts, truth & vital information to combat the lies & misinformation of the TeaTardedRepubliCANTS.


 I support President Of The United States Barack Hussein Obama in ALL that he does, 5000%. If that upsets you, or rubs you the wrong way or makes you scared, too damn bad.


Might I suggest you find another blog that better serves your beliefs to read & follow.


Don’t attempt to leave stupid racist comments on MY blog, they go straight into the trash can.


Yes I voted for him because he is Black.


Yes I voted for him because he is intelligent.


Yes I voted for him because he is moral.


Yes I voted for him because he is a diplomat.


Yes I voted for him because he is smart.


Yes I voted for him because he is savvy.


Yes I voted for him because he is Me.


Enjoy your stay, and obey the rules.


If you choose to disobey the rules, enter At Your Own Risk.


A caucasian man asked his Black friend, “are you voting for Barack Obama just because he’s Black”? The Black man responded saying “Why not? In America Black menare pulled over everyday while driving just because they’re Black; passed over for promotions just because they’re Black; labeled as criminal just because they’re Black; not to mention the millions who will vote for Lyin UnFitt Mitt Romney and NOT Barack Obama because he IS Black. You don’t seem to be too concerned about that do you?










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  1. Hi Jueseppi, Thank you for visiting my blog FUR OUT THE CLOSET, which led me to yours. I like people who speak out for what they believe, as long as it is not right-wing fanaticism.
    All the best, Emy

    • Good morning Ms. Emy. It is a pleasure to meet you and follow your blog. We have a struggle ahead of us to make this planet right. Enjoy your HuMpDaY.

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  3. People caught up in the left/right paradigm. SMH. I say that with love BTW.

    • U asked if gay was a race now, besides that being a question of the utmost stupidity, gay is a human condition just as being straight is a human condition just as being bisexual is a human condition just as being ignorant is a human condition….comprehend?

  4. Great website Jueseppi!

    We need more people like you to help spread the true events in our world (even if the media ignores the facts and continues to report only the slanted sensationalists ‘news’).

    Thanks for doing a great job.


  5. I agree with your assessment of President Obama, I agree with your rules. I am white, voted for him twice and thought he was “exactl;y” what we needed to bring our country back to its honoroable stature in the world. I have always been reasonable and listened carefully before ever commenting. Our POTUS is a true leader and although there are those that deny him his true worth, block his every notion to help those that need, “those” people will never know what they have lost because they could not see past their ignorance! I love your website, very good up to date information!

    • Good morning Robin. It is a pleasure to meet you here in the bloggersphere. I wish every American had your common sense to see past what makes us uncomfortable, in this case skin color, and see what good a person does. But my Granny used to tell me, “common sense is not common at all.” I never understood what she meat until I grew into a Black man in AmeriKKKa. Thank you for your kind words of support. Hope I see you here often. Welcome.

  6. I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Thank you for the inspiration it brings me.

    Award Rules:

  7. I love your rules page! I don’t think you’ve left any type of ignorance out.

    • You’d be shocked & surprised at how many fools I send straight to trash/spam daily. Sometimes I cuss ‘em out, sometimes I comment over their heads and sometimes I just ignore them. ;-) Thank you for your kind words.

  8. The nonsense this good man has to put up with just because of who he is is some BULLSHIT. Agree or disagree with Obama, just don’t preface your disagreement with shit like “I think he’s anti-religion”, or “He’s not like us”, or “He hates America”. Those statements are idiotic and, yes, racist.

    • I agree 5000%. If you don’t like “his policies” as most racist will say, then name me one policy of his you dislike.

  9. nice page, i also support President Obama as much as you do, I’m thinking Mt. Rushmore in the future.

    • I have an image with his face on Mt. Rushmore.

      • i think i seen one of those before. It amazes me that people can’t see how hard he is fighting for them and just believing all the BS the tea party and republicans make up.

      • I’m not amazed. The President is Black. The current mood in AmeriKKKa is hatred against ANYthing not caucasian or male or an NRA member….or Christian. So I am not amazed at all.

  10. Thank you kindly for joining my blog :)

  11. I am ELATED to have run across your comment on another blog that is on my faves list..Saw your nic@The ObamaCrat & had to figure out how to find your blog & sites..Just absolutely love IT..The sentiment, the pictures, and every single word..Much as I yap(translation=run my mouth) and write and THINK; still I can’t truly express how glad I am such blog sites as yours(and the SENTIMENT) mean to someone like me..I’ve been known to say I’m the 2nd biggest President Obama cheerleader that exists on the planet..2nd only to First Lady Michelle! I read ALL of his books he’s authored long before he even ran for President..I remember VIVIDLY his , now infamous, speech as the keynote speaker at the 2004 DNC..It was then many of us knew he’d make a run for President & rightfully so…I’ve written 2 poems about President Obama; one of which I actually sent to the White House prior to his re-election..President Obama is a light of HOPE for my 3 now-grown educated BLACK sons; who now have only to have witnessed(and voted FOR) a Black man as POTUS..Which translated means they can BE anything they aspire to BE..And because my eldest has already broken barriers & is a trendsetter in our family(he IS the first on both sides of my family to earn his PHD) there is nothing stopping him(or any of my /our sons) from making a run for the Presidency in the future(IF that becomes their desire)…I applaud you for your efforts! I commend you for your forthright approach and for making a place for all to voice positive & progressive opinions(and good works…) Simply said, thank you.

    • Ms. Berna, for one of the very few times in my life, I am almost speechless. Almost. I am so thrilled you raised 3 boys into productive Men. Thats the most important thing a mother can do is see her boys grow into Men. I sit and wonder/worry about our Black Men, and even more for our Black young Men. I won’t go into this whole Trayvon fiasco but it has changed me from bad to worse.

      I thank you so much for becoming a reader of this blog. I need people with pure hearts like yours. Thank you for these words of love and support.

      I had the pleasure of voting for Barack as Senator, before moving to Iowa. That is a joy I will never forget.

      Thank you again, and lets please keep in touch. ;-)

      • Lol, lol! @the almost speechless..The last thing I want is for you to be speechless! You’ve alot to share & from what I’ve read so far you say it very well..

        Let me quickly add I can’t take all of the credit for my sons..I’ve got an awesome co-parenting partner(my now ex-husband) who helped to co-raise our sons..I’ll say this for now about the subject of our Black men..There IS a war raging against them! I was do hot about the murder of Trayvon Martin that I couldn’t hit keystrokes fast enough…Writing it out was the best way for me to express my disappointment with ‘the verdict'(yep, I’m naive I thought the jury would find Zimmerman guilty) and coupled with my feelings of anger & sadness that we’ve still so very far to go..A fave of my quotes from MLK, Jr is ” An injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”..As a mother of Black sons I instantly felt, & rightfully so, that Trayvon could’ve easily have been one of my sons..So I took it very personally!

        I’ll certainly be in touch..Its my pleasure to be here..To learn & to share …I voted twice for President Obama..And IF he could run a 3rd time I’d vote for him again..:)

      • ahhh yes I love that quote! Or rather the sentiment it expresses

      • I don’t believe Barack would like a 3rd term. I don’t blame him either.

      • You know what? One of the MOST profound remarks I recall when then Senator Obama announced his intent to run for POTUS..My own Daddy(who began teaching me/my bro of our “roots” with books & books on, about, and authored by Black Americans) said ” I feel so sorry for him..He MUST be half-crazy & suicidal to want to enter the race for the White House”..Since this remark came from my first teacher of Black pride and heritage; I didn’t quite know how to digest it. My Daddy IS my top hero(as is my Mom) so of course his opinion matters a great deal to me..Plus because of the VAST experience/recollections he has from actually having lived during the Civil Rights “most active” phase(which in my opinion was the 60s) After having seen/read “some”(for I’m sure not everything is published for us to know) of the things & HATRED & bullshiiiite & even threats to his life President Obama has faced/does face ? Now I know exactly what my Daddy meant over 8 years ago. And what you mean also by your remark now..

      • Not many folks get me. I do & say exactly what I feel and mean exactly what I say. That causes many to not comprehend where I am coming from. I lose many followers on Twitter daily over this, and FB “friends” find it difficult to stick with me long because I’m not a Koch Bros sucker. I don’t follow the path of most, and I like that about me.

        Your father sounds like a Man I’d want to know.

      • I march to the beat of a different drummer..Have most of my life..When many of my peers, backintheday, were buying their children TONS of toys..I’d get excited about being able to afford things like desks, books, books, and more BOOKS, and the most up-to-date computers for our sons..(& you’d be amazed how popular one becomes when such “different” actions show awesome rewards..) Its my sincere belief I was confident to be different; from things my Daddy (yep, even as a grown arse 50 yr old woman he’ll always be my Daddy ) taught me…A great deal of those things he taught me; he taught me by “showing me” ..Or quite simply just by; BEing who he is.

        Sounds like you’re a straight shooter/no holds-barred/speak freely what is on your mind type of person. I’ve been known to say when I want to get the NON sugar-coated version of an opinion? My Daddy is my go-to guy! Backintheday when I was quite young often I’d walk away either a. in tears!(cause I’ve always been sensitive..) or b..scratching my head; after deep conversations with him..I’d be thinking wtH? Lollll but as I matured & evolved? I grew to appreciate his opinion..I know without a doubt he loves me! and has never ever ‘eva lied to me…And my new friend? If said folks that don’t get you; can’t respect that kind of stance or opinion or frame of thought? Then it is their loss for jumping off the bus..It is personally my preference when a person is forthright. I’m not a mind reader..and I don’t have time to work my way around any bush, trying to figure out what someone is trying to say or express..Ever known someone who you “thought” thought highly of you or your opinions? Then when they got MAD at you , or whatever, the real truth of how they felt came flying out of their mouth? That doesn’t happen when interacting with straight-shooters…They’re about as real as real can be & consistently so. I dig that a GREAT deal..Alot of people do & they’ll continue to follow

      • This has been a busy day. Is your Dad alive?

      • But of course..And happily married to my Mom for 51 yrs & counting..Which means he’ll probably live to be 100! (happily married people live longer than others)

      • I suppose that is true, happy means a long life. Unhappy means stress = short life.

      • Exactly..Plus last stats on read on married people; they do indeed live longer than singles…To top that off? My 70ish old parents are more active, and proactive than some folks I know in their 30s! Real talk for real..I think I posted a picture of them in my blog post titled ‘ This is What 50 looks like” last month on July 4..I recall it clearly cause it was my bday post(and I’d promised I’d finally post pics on that day)

      • Where can I see photos of you?

      • I’m in ALL of those pictures..In my blog post dated July 4 titled ‘ This is what 50 looks like…” The 4th was my 50 bday..I’m the one standing at 5’4 in the purple dress next to the tall pink bday cake…

      • Yes, I just returned from viewing your photos….my lord. U R F.I.N.E.

      • Lol, lol! Thank you my bro..Merci beaucoup! Gracias, mi amigo.

      • U didn’t expect THAT type of response did you, caught you off guard and a bit lost for words. I like that. ;-)

      • You got me almost ..speechless. And that is a state I’m not often in. So yep, you did catch me quite off guard..I’m getting ready to find plenty of words though for a post, a BRILLIANT post, I’m attempting to respond to..OMG..Is there a way for me to link you to my responses on WordPress? I’m still new here..But there is a FreshPressed post that is by far the best I’ve ever seen here …

      • Whats the link to this post? U know how to copy and past links?

      • Oh you’ve got to read it…It is written by a Sista..And so far? She has 179 likes so far! I don’t yet know how to do links on here..Can you teach me? Well for now just check out her post..You can’t read my response yet because it says its pending moderation…But my response is long! I got HOT from some of the ugly , awful comments I read…And I don’t get heated on here often at all…It is front page under Freshly Pressed section titled ‘ When Your (Brown) Body is a (White) Wonderland” and oh my new friend I can SO relate to what she wrote..

      • I read it and commented…probably will piss off a redneck or 3…good 4 me!! Let me know when you post your comments.

      • Yay! I was hoping you commented…It took alot of guts to write that piece..As a Sista and as a woman and as someone who has been lusted behind and worse by White men(well one at the worst level…) I just had to comment to support her…I commented right away but says my comment is pending moderation..My response is SO long or else I’d copy/paste it to you here…I’ll let you know when I see that its been published…Again, thank you for commenting I can hardly wait to read it! Yes, good for YOU..we need y’all to support us in such efforts..I am not complaining because I’ve never received anything but loyal friendship, fierce protection , respect and regard and love from my brothers…

      • Well it’s a good thing you don
        t live close and that you’re so young….

      • Is that right? And ahhhhh ..Well now that I’ve finally come out of my dating hiatus; apparently ALL of the guys I’d find interesting to date are on the other coast…But then again I’ve not yet sincerely dipped my toe in the water here..Yet. Been sight-seeing though & not sure they’re ready for me here. Time will tell soon

      • Yep, time will tell. Just don’t deny them guys the total package…that “toe dipping” stuff won’t cut it. You gotta dip them long legs in that water girl.

      • Naw, what I meant by toe dipping is I’ve kept my eyes open…I’ve been here 2 years this month & haven’t dated yet..Longest timeframe in my life I’ve ever been single..By choice! I really needed it..A breather of sorts..For me..When I relocated to this coast? I’d been on the right coast(or least thats what I call California for 20 years..) when our youngest left for college I was in love…With a lifelong bachelor and a catch …BUT the quick version? I decided it was time for me to set roots where ever I was going to be..And if he wasn’t going to marry me I was relocating…He realized after I relocated that I was serious about that…By that time I wasn’t moving back..BUT these brothers seem very, very different on this Coast…From what I’ve seen..And from the list of them that have shown me interest since I’ve been here…The ones I’m interested in? They’re married! Or far too young…So time will tell cause I know this IS my year..Awesome things have been happening ..all is is place..Love is next. I just feel that in my bones

      • Well good luck and be careful. U’d make a man a good wife, if thats what U seek.

      • I hear that, alot. And yep, I know & feel that. And I won’t date anyone who isn’t marriage-minded..After dating of course..I’m so prepared this time for marriage, and paid my dues, I’ve got a feeling I’m going to hit a homerun first time out the gate. But I’m not rushing anything…Alot different than when I married at 20. But I just might have to import a brother whose from the South but has lived on the West Coast for a while..Oh, I see your re-blog!

      • Oh Yeah, I had to reblog it.

      • Now I can’t resist re-blogging it also..

      • ;-)

      • Though I was a bit more long-winded than you in my attempt to announce it to my readers…

      • Thats a sistah thing

      • I’m cognizant of it though & trying to work on that..But I’ve been saying that for a couple years now..And I’ve improved; but still long-winded from time to time

      • I’d listen to you be long winded

      • Trust and believe I’ve never had a complaint from guys…But much as my Mom loves me? She won’t listen to my voicemails anymore . Lol, lolll She said I’m going to hear it allll over again anyway ..So she skips the vmail and just calls . Or texts. I taught my parents how to text years ago.

      • :-0

  12. Hey Jueseppi… thank you for reblogging my posts! :)

    • Your post made me hungry, and that is a gauge to measure just how good a food post is. I love your blog & I am so glad you found me and I noticed you found me. I’m a retired chef and I always look for magnificent post to reblog for my hand full of followers. They love food & so do I.

      Thank you. ;-)

  13. Great site. Thanks for the follow. I will be coming back here for sure. simply amazing

  14. I drink the exact same muthafuckin flavor your mamma drinks. Have a nice week fool because every comment you leave has been ear marked for trash, which is what your family is, caucasian trash. Ciao. ;-)

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  16. I am white, I am proud to be white. Have a good day :)

    • I am Sicilian, Corsican, African & Pawnee Indian, and I am proud to be Sicilian, Corsican, African & Pawnee Indian. Oh, by the way, for your uneducated information, there is no such race as “white.” You are caucasian, and most probably mixed with some other race or ethnicity. Along with your “whiteness”, you might want to pick up a book and read some racial history before you return here to leave a comment.

      Intelligence counts on this blog. Have a nice week. ;-)

  17. Brainwashed and stupid is what you are. Same with anyone who still supports Obummer. You can reply back with anything you want. I will not return to your stupid site ever again. You are a FOOL!

    • Your mother is brainwashed & stupid for not using birth control when she fucked whatever lowlife moron that produced you. Have a wonderful week.

  18. I totally agree with your reasons why you voted for President Obama—except the last one. I voted for him because he is US! For the first time in American History, a MAN of COLOR sits in the Oval Office, unafraid of the masses of bigots, standing up for ALL Americans, Black, White, Red, Brown and Yellow! The Man is cautious, patient and concerned about the condition of the Nation. Indeed, he has been thwarted at every turn by Republicans and bigots alike.

    I also agree with your outrage about the waste of a 17 years old’s potential in the murder of Tryavon Martin. However, I do not agree with your “deification” of him on your blog site, especially when the court in Sanford, FL, is having such a horrendous time selecting a jury. Our rush to judgment some 15 1/2 months ago has made it difficult for Trayvon and his family to receive any true justice. I think that the outrage that is being voiced by Reverend Al Sharpton should be the ONLY public face of outrage as he, truly, represents those of us who agree with the waste of this young man;’s life for no reason other than he was wearing a hoodie. President Obama made his feelings known 15 1/2 months ago, and has not, since, voiced any opinion, obviously, agreeing that justice must take its :natural” course. So, instead of using Trayvon and his cause as wallpaper, why not select several photos and post only one per day, revolving them as a tile rather than wall paper?

    It takes “stones” to publish divergent views that either agree or disagree with your point if view. Kudos for being fair minded!

    • Welcome to this blog Mr. Norm. Barack is ME. Thats my personal reason for voting for him 4 times, two Illinois Senates runs, and two Presidential runs. Being a Black man, my reason that he is Me, comes from a place not comprehended by “most” caucasian people.

      Thank you for your comments…..common sense is not so common in America.

  19. I love your blog. I wouldn’t dare leave a smartass comment cause I agree with you.

    • U are very rare….many do not agree with me because I say exactly what I feel. I am thrilled you are here. How are you? ;-)

  20. Just another Obama Supporter, stopping by.

    • I like your blog/website. I will be following you from now on. I am a fan of bloggers and have learned much from fellow bloggers. Thank you Ms. Adela for stopping by. ♥ ❀ ✿ Namaste ❀ ✿ ♥

  21. This is full of it all right. Not going to even attempt to change your mind, can’t do that for someone who has no mind. You castigate Ron Paul, for example, as being a white supremacist, but you’re a black supremacist. So what? You’re both pigs in the same poke – racists. You wouldn’t know common sense, truth or honesty if it walked up and smacked you in the face. You and all your illiterate followers. What a bunch of bigoted, racist losers. obummer will go down as one of the worst presidents this country has ever had.
    Why do you think we now have an Obamanation? I realize the metaphor is too copious for your diminutive comprehension.

    • “GSADF.” Ms. Rachel. That translates to Go Suck A Dick…..Fool. Just in case your mind is too copious to comprehend that suggestion.

    • I’m a follower, Rachel, and I’m not illiterate. I understood every word you tried using correctly. It was a bit difficult with the grammatical errors. I didn’t vote for President Obama because he is black. I did vote for him, twice, for all the other reasons Jueseppi said up above. And I am lily white. So what reason are you going to “make-up” for why I voted for a decent human being? The sooner you face it, the better a person you will become. Barack Obama’s approval rating is RISING. The stuffy, old farts of congress are at an all time low, EVER. As far as the worst POTUS ever, that belongs to the Bush duo. They made sure we would NEVER vote little boy Bush into office, EVER!

      • Amen. Hallelujah. Glad a “lily white woman” is speaking the truth. Thank you Ms. Barron. ;-)

      • I was on board with Barack in 2004 during his Senate run. I actually met both him and Michelle while working in Chicago’s West Loop area. They are kind, smart and very concerned citizens, exemplary parents and just plain good people. Rachel, you should be ashamed of YOUR illiteracy and unabashed ignorance. The saying says “Ignorance is bliss!”, but you are far too blissful for polite company! Get a life!

      • (° ͜ʖ ͡°)

        ♥ ❀ ✿ Namaste ❀ ✿ ♥

      • Sing it!! Rock on Sandra Brown. He’s not only a decent human being, he is one of this country’s SMARTEST presidents…..EVER!! but then you knew that. sorry Jueseppi for getting a little carried away on your blog tonight. I never read the comments here until tonight. there are certainly some winners here :D

      • ;-)

    • um, WRONG!!! he will go down as one of this country’s BEST presidents. It is you who doesn’t know common sense, truth or honesty. project much?

      I find it interesting that these idiots have to leave their comments here on a blog where most of that come here are Obama supporters. Do they just like to see their thoughts in writing? anyway, Rachel. good luck to you.

      • I don’t even notice much of the hundreds of stupid comments I get daily here. Most go straight to spam or trash. I have filters that send the idiots there. I don’t usually even respond or discuss. I’m allergic to stupid. ;-)

  22. I voted for President Obama because during his campaign whenever he would speak in public, I found myself often weeping tears of something that bordered on an inexplicable unexplainable boundless joy and his words were making me feel as if I were in the presence of probably one of the greatest figures in our National History.

    My friend and I were always transfixed whenever our President spoke ( still are by the way) and there is something about the way he says things that just seems to ring the chimes of truth in the depths of my being. I cannot explain it. It is kind of like I have been privileged by God to live long enough to witness this transformational moment in history ( I am 74-years old) and the feelings I get when I hear President Obama speak are very similar to the ones when I heard President Kennedy speak – – – the same clarity of vision and purpose is always there. In my personal opinion, this President was more “Sent” to America by something bigger than all of us than he was merely “elected” by The People.

    The Bible tells me that it is God who ordains kings,princes and rulers of nations and that we are to honor and respect them and to pray for their well being and their success for that very reason.

    The fact that this President has been subjected to so much vitriol and disrespect by those who oppose him is the surest proof to me that his mission is a righteous one.

    The evil of this world always tries to attack the good and as far as I am concerned in my wizened old age here, my President – – Barack Hussein Obama – – – is good and whether or not he finally prevails on the political scene, the principles that he stands for surely will prevail because good always wins in the end.

    • Amen John, well said. Now if we could only get ALL of America to think using their collective common sense, we’d once again be a great Nation. ;-)

  23. Amazing blog. I respect your passion. And that first paragraph is hysterical times 10. LOL. Thanks for stopping by… Cheers.

  24. Congrats POTUS, for being chosen TIME Person of the Year!

  25. These a re fantastic photos. Such warmth and caring. It shines through without effort. Love these!

    • Thank you, I love the photos of the First Family, they are such a loving and warm people. You can see the love in their eyes for one another.

      • Yeah. They are a “Family” alright. I still laugh When I see Obama promising his daughters a puppy after winning his 1st term. He is a great guy. Real respect for the man.

  26. WOW, Michelle is beautiful and GENUINE! No stepford wife like you know who!!!!

  27. keep those positve photos of the first family coming…this shows a stark difference from the Romney’s romance which we know is ONLY financial!

  28. Thanks again for what you do for the POTUS, the Repubs what us to think this mild, sweet man is mean, bad and different…which planet are these people on? Kolob? I didn’t vote for Obama the last time (my family always voted Republican), but I will be voting for Obama in Nonember! This BEAUTIFUL family need to stay in the WH and finish what they started.

  29. Bro I just wanted to say that I am grateful for your work. The reality is that if our President were white the things that he has accomplished thus far would be considered legendary. Keep the truth coming!

    • His accomplishments would be labeled legendary AND Congress would be sending an amendment to the House Floor to allow him to skip the Presidential term limits. Racism is a mutha. Thank you for those kind words of support. “BARACK” The Vote

  30. Lovely post Mr. JB ~ I have never felt as passionate about a “first family” in my lifetime as I do about the Obamas. Was in awe and inspired by President Obama from the first time I witnessed him address the public. Thank you for offering such a wonderful tribute to them here ~ RL

    • Thank you RL, my mission in life right now is to see him re-elected.

      • Very noble and admirable mission ~ I hope you do see this goal come to fruition!

      • Oh it will come to fruition RL, as long as Lyin Mitt continues to wake each morning & open his mouth here & abroad, it’s game over. Can you imagine Lyin Mitt engaged in the 4 debates scheduled for October? I can’t wait.

  31. Just beautiful and a great example of family and leadership to many of us. I especially love the first lady in that black power suit. Thanks for sharing and stopping by my blog

  32. So glad that some one is finally telling it just the way it is, just the way it is, just the way POTHUS REALLY IS

  33. This is the most lovely family……..

  34. I absolutely LOVE this site. It is full of information that I want to see and hear about. This first family page, is amazing. Thank you for posting such beautiful pictures of such a beautiful family.

    • I am honored by your kind words….I thank you for finding me and following me. You have made my week.

  35. Best First Family Ever…at least in my lifetime, and that goes back to Eisenhower.

    • I agree with you 500% Ms. Livingston, best in my lifetime as well. Thank you for visiting here.

  36. What a fabulous group of pictures! Michelle is SO beautiful and Barack seems like such a wonderful father and husband! LOVE our First Family!!!! SO proud to be able to say I voted for this man, and plan to do the same in November!

    • I know what you mean China….it give me such joy and pleasure to have witnessed this historical Presidency in my lifetime. People who are dumb enough to ask me why I am so proud, always get this answer….intelligence, morals, smartness, savvy, diplomacy, grace, swag, Love Of Country, kindness, concern, empathy, understanding, love of ALL Americans…words to define BOTH our FLOTUS & our POTUS.

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