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Geraldo Attacks O’Reilly Over Contentious Obama Interview: You ‘Minimized’ The President!


By Jueseppi B.




Geraldo Attacks O’Reilly over Contentious Obama Interview: You ‘Minimized’ the President!


Published on Feb 8, 2014

Geraldo Rivera took on Bill O’Reilly Friday night over whether O’Reilly was disrespectful to President Obama in their big Super Bowl interview. Rivera gave O’Reilly some benefit of the doubt, but other than that thought O’Reilly was a bit too confrontational and didn’t give Obama the kind of respect a president normally deserves.




Rivera argued it was less like an interview and more like a meeting of the minds with the “President of Most of the White Guys of America” (O’Reilly) against the president of the rest of the country, and told O’Reilly that it was out of line for him to refer to Obama as a “community organizer.”


He said it was “unsettling to watch,” and the president deserves “all the respect and dignity” of the office. O’Reilly fired back that his job is not to please, it’s to “get information” and ask “the tough questions,” and believed that he gave enough deference and respect to the office of the presidency.


Bill O’Reilly interviews President Obama before the Super Bowl


Published on Feb 2, 2014

Bill O’Reilly sits down with President Obama at the White House to discuss the IRS scandal, Benghazi, the Affordable Care Act and the Super Bowl.




Rivera concluded that the larger point O’Reilly made about inner-city families was “obscured” by how he “minimized” the president.









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From Crooks & Liars: Groundswell Group Stoked Scandals with Help From GOP Leaders, By karoli


By Jueseppi B.





Leaked Audio Tape Proves that Republicans Are Conspiring to Manufacture Obama Scandals


From Crooks And Liars:


July 30, 2013 07:00 AM

Groundswell Group Stoked Scandals with Help From GOP Leaders


Fox News On Journolist Vs. Groundswell



Leaked Audio Tape Proves that Republicans Are Conspiring to Manufacture Obama Scandals

Leaked Audio Tape Proves that Republicans Are Conspiring to Manufacture Obama Scandals



Published on Jul 26, 2013

After heavily covering Journolist, a listserv where progressive journalists supposedly “coordinated” attacks on Republicans during the week the story broke, Fox News has yet to mention the report that conservative members of the media — including Fox News contributors — participate in Groundswell, a listserv whose members meet weekly “to concoct talking points” and “coordinate messaging.”




When David Corn broke the Groundswell story last week, the general reaction among the politerati was a shrug and a giggle. Even influential NYU journalism professor Jay Rosen called it “no big deal.


But audio of a May Groundswell meeting obtained by C&L from a source who wishes to remain anonymous reveals Groundswellers met with top Congressional leaders to lobby for a select committee endowed with subpoena power to investigate the White House. Lobbying may be too mild a term, since they really are plotting with those same leaders to invent very real scandals with very real investigations in order to sink the country into a mire of inaction and sabotage the remaining years of President Obama’s term.


Messaging is a part of their activity, but there is also an entire set of marching orders and demands made by this group and granted by Congressional leadership. It isn’t limited to the Benghazi ‘scandal’, and it may not be limited to Congress.


Catherine Engelbrecht “facilitated” the May 8th Groundswell meeting. Engelbrecht is the president and founder of True the Vote, a Texas group dedicated to challenging voting rights among the poor, students, and minorities. In addition to their regular work attacking sections 4 and 5 of the Voting Rights Act via lawsuits, Engelbrecht was the media go-to person for the media on the phony IRS scandal. That storybroke on May 9th, after the Benghazi hearings had more or less fizzled out the previous day.


There was wave after wave of headlines about these so-called scandals. Some people wrote about what an awful week the White House had. It wasn’t coincidence. It was orchestrated and planned by this group of people, who had the will and the power to secure the participation of people like Darrell Issa, John Boehner and more.


True the Vote led the charge to sue the IRS and serve the highest-profile plaintiff among the “aggrieved” groups. Yet this audio recording shows their president “facilitating” a clearly partisan, right-wing activist group meeting of people who claim to be fighting a “30-front war.” No big deal? When is the last time anyone you know could ring up the Speaker of the House and the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee and take a face-to-face meeting in the wee hours of the evening with approval from the wife of a sitting Supreme Court justice?


In the first 20 minutes of the meeting, a lot of ground was covered. The audio of the final hour or so is available, but the quality is not clear enough at this time to publish it. However, they helpfully provided handouts at the meeting relating to their voter suppression efforts discussed later on. Here are some highlights from the audio and then parts that came later.



Benghazi “Scandal”

At 3:45, Jerry Boykin advises the group of the meetings he and Frank Gaffneyhad with Speaker John Boehner and Rep. Darrell Issa concerning Benghazi on the evening of May 7th about how the Benghazi investigation is progressing. This was the night before the last Congressional Oversight Committeehearing was held on Benghazi, where the so-called whistleblowers were to testify.


In the late-night meeting with Gaffney and Boykin, Boehner advised both that they needed to allow the regular order of committee meetings to play out before he would push for a select committee. Issa told him the same thing. Boykin and Gaffney reported this to the group, along with a promise that there “would be answers.” Both reiterated that they and former Rep. Allen West were very concerned about the lack of a military response and assured the group that “what we’ll find today is that Hillary Clinton made some egregious decisions and the president was basically absent from his post and did not make the decisions that as the Commander-in-Chief he should have been making…because he was focused on some other things.”


They further assured the group that they weren’t backing away from their demands, but instead they “kind of have a pledge from…Issa and the Speaker.”



Future Debt Ceiling Battles

Just past the Benghazi discussion, the group received a report about upcoming debt ceiling negotiations, where they are advised that a survey has gone out to conservative lawmakers to see “what they’re looking for in exchange for their votes raising the debt ceiling.”


Of course, you’d never know from the press they get that there was any intention of raising the debt ceiling at all. Now we all can see that they will in fact do it reluctantly, as Shonda Weery reports when she advises that it’s “not a vote they’ll want to give without getting back something in return.” Let the horse-trading begin.



Voting Rights

During the meeting, True the Vote made a presentation (document below) about their plan to attack groups who are actively working to protect voting rights around the country, particularly after the Supreme Court gutted most of the protections. Code-named “Hydra”, True the Vote argues that the left is undermining voting rights, and must be stopped, by hook or by crook.


Let’s review that timeline.


On May 8, 2013, True the Vote is a facilitator and presenter at a meeting where Ginni Thomas and others are key players. TTV presents their plan to attack “the left” for daring to register voters. They’re committed to stopping them from challenging any and all efforts to disenfranchise voters. Or as they describe it,securing the vote. Others might call it democracy corrupted.


On May 9, 2013 the IRS “scandal” breaks after Lois Lerner plants a question in a conference Q&A about IRS “targeting.”


On May 21, 2013, True the Vote, represented by ActRight Legal Foundation, sues the IRS for not granting their tax-exempt status and targeting them for their beliefs. ActRight Legal Foundation uses Cleta Mitchell as one of their consulting attorneys. Mitchell is a well-known and very high profile litigator on behalf of conservative causes. There are very few conservative nonprofits that don’t have Mitchell’s fingerprints all over them.


True the Vote goes all over conservative media with their tale of woe. Their message: The IRS was used as a tool by the liberal president to target conservatives and suppress their free speech rights. Until True the Vote was a victim of the terrible IRS, they were under Congressional investigation for voter suppression, by the way.


In fact, the IRS had ample reason to believe they were a partisan, political group who was not simply acting on behalf of voters everywhere. But that did not stop Engelbrecht from pushing forward with her anti-voter initiatives while simultaneously leading the charge against the IRS.


But wait, there’s more. True the Vote wrote a letter in opposition to the nomination of Thomas Perez for Secretary of Labor, complaining that “Mr. Perez, through political appointment and action, has made clear his intent to ignore key functions in federal election law – namely Section 8 of the National Voter Registration Act of 1993 (NVRA).”


In TTV’s document entitled “Hydra with Footnotes“, the battle lines are drawn with very partisan rulers. After making their case that the “Organized Left is preparing a massive campaign to promote ‘Universal Registration’ and threatening to block citizen observers from the polls,” TTV vows to target those groups however they can and defeat the terrible lefty Hydra by “attack[ing] the source of its strengths”, which they view as the usual right-wing targets: unions, the NAACP, Common Cause, Project Vote, Demos, Center for American Progress, The Nation Foundation, and more.


While this flurry of organizing and activism is happening, TTV is front and center in the press with loud, strident claims that the IRS “targeted” them.


Another active member of Groundswell, J. Christian Adams, contributes content to the True the Vote site on issues such as whether any fix to the Voting Rights Act is possible after it was gutted by the Supreme Court in June. Adams serves as counsel to the Election Law Center, yet another right-wing effort to suppress the vote.


The efforts of this group should not be marginalized, given that what they are saying is repeated in the halls of the House and the Senate on a daily basis. It isn’t just right-wing crazy people being crazy. These are activists with contacts in high places who are using those contacts to strip people of their rights, to invent scandals to undermine the President at every turn, and to marginalize Hillary Clinton if she should choose to run in 2016. Those are just a few of their goals. They have power and they’re not afraid to use it.


Group members are the water-carriers and action arm of the billionaires’ tea party. Listen to the full 20 minutes of that audio, or read the transcript here to see just how destructive they intend to be.


This is the first of a two-part series. Tomorrow, I’ll look more closely at Ginni Thomas’ involvement to see whether Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas engaged in unethical conduct or colluded with his wife and her associates.


True The Vote’s Hydra document presented at the meeting:

Hydra Plan – Plan to Attack Voting Rights by Karoli

By karoli
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What Exactly Do “We” Care About?


By Jueseppi B.




A seventeen year old kid is shot down like an animal on a hunt, for being Black and wearing a hoodies in a neighborhood he had every right to be walking through, and we are not upset over that, instead we’re upset over skin color, race, self defense and Stand Your Ground. Since when is it self defense to shoot & kill an unarmed human, no matter the skin color, age or gender?


What Exactly Do “We” Care About?



We have a jobs bill sitting in Congress for over a year that would put out of work Americans back to work. We have a sequestration problem that has laid off, hurt and crippled American workers and American families.

We have immigration reform problems effecting 11 million undocumented “Americans” who contribute revenue to America’s bottom line daily.

We have Gun Reform legislation that 96% of Americans want and 2% of America needs to kill, for a continuation of profits. The 2% profiteers are winning…..so far.


Yet, we are concerned with the fate of a criminal traitor treasonous former American who stole 4 laptop computers full of American intelligence and information about American National Security secrets, and plans to use them as a citizen or person with asylum in a foreign country. AND some misguided stupid Americans call him a hero in the mold of MLK & Ms. Rose Parks.



What Exactly Do “We” Care About?



We have a President Of The United States Of America, who on a daily basis is out there fighting the 113th Congressional body for OUR rights. A 113th Congressional body interested in vacations, breaks, lining their pockets with lobbyist cash, sucking up to racist all caucasian & all male organizations, and ignoring the very people who voted them into office.

A 113th Congressional body who hates women, people of color, LGBTQ community members & supporters, student, the elderly and our own veterans. Oh, almost forgot, they hate anyone not exactly like them……(caucasian & wealthy and christian)…especially immigrants.


BUT we are all so concerned with The NSA, The IRS, Benghazi, how many times the hardest working President in Presidential history plays golf, drone strikes on foreign land in time of war, what a trip to Africa cost, what brand of toilet paper the POTUS uses.



What Exactly Do “We” Care About?



Climate Change is not real because TeaTardedRepubliCANTS tell us it “ain’t real.” TeaTardedRepubliCANTS don’t like Tesla Motors because they manufacture an automobile that omits no greenhouse gases.

TeaTardedRepubliCANTS are being payed by big corporations to push fossil fuels because fossil fuels make big corporations, billionaires.

TeaTardedRepubliCANTS push The Keystone XL Pipeline because big oil tells them to push it, the hell with the vital damage such a pipeline will do to the American environment.


The NRA is directly responsible for Five Thousand Seven Hundred & Eighty deaths by guns in the 203 days since The Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.


Thats 5,780 dead Americans since 12/14/2012.


Thats also 28.4 deaths a day by guns in America, land of the free & home of the brave.



What Exactly Do “We” Care About?



Americans are more concerned about what a woman does with her uterus, her reproduction choices, her birth control decisions and her right to have an abortion.

Americans are so involved in what happens with a woman’s unborn fetus, yet as soon as that human life reaches adult hood, those same Americans don’t care if the state of Texas executes that once fetus, even if said human is innocent (Troy Davis).


Americans care while in the womb about keeping that life, alive. Once it reaches adulthood, lets kill it.



What Exactly Do “We” Care About?



Americans don’t want people of color to vote. Americans don’t want women to vote. Americans don’t want the elderly to vote. Students, immigrants who are American citizens, the disabled, veterans and our soldiers fighting on foreign soil….you don’t need to vote either.


The only Americans that Americans want to vote are wealthy caucasian Americans who think like, look like and vote like, TeaTardedRepubliCANTS.



What Exactly Do “We” Care About?



Everybody can have their own sets of opinions, thoughts & ideas.


There are only one set of facts.


What Exactly Do “YOU” Care About?







perfectmichelle michelle_obama_2016_bumper_sticker__34989












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G.O.P. (Guns Over People) Party Posters


By Jueseppi B.
































Benghazi Investigation




































U.N. Ambassador Susan Elizabeth Rice, MIGHT, Gets A Promotion And TeaTardedRepubs Have A Stroke!


By Jueseppi B.


UN Ambassador Susan Rice Briefs The Press On The UN General Assembly

Insiders with ties to the Obama administration tell The Cable that U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice has become the heir apparent to National Security Advisor Tom Donilon – a post at the epicenter of foreign-policy decision making and arguably more influential than secretary of state, a job for which she withdrew her candidacy last fall amid severe political pressure.



Report: Susan Rice Likely To Be TappedFor Promotion




Susan Rice, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, is likely to be tapped as the next National Security Advisor, according to a report in Foreign Policy.


The report quotes a pair of sources who said that Rice will inevitably succeed current National Security Advisor Tom Donilon whenever he leaves the post.


“It’s definitely happening,” one source said.


Rice was thought to be the favorite to succeed Hillary Clinton at the State Department, but her would-be nomination never got off the ground ostensibly due to Republican criticism over her appearances on Sunday talk shows following the attack in Benghazi, Libya.









Will Benghazi furor keep Susan Rice out of the White House?


Posted By John Hudson for Foreign Policy


“It’s definitely happening,” a source who recently spoke with Rice told The Cable. “She is sure she is coming and so too her husband and closest friends.”


“Susan is a very likely candidate to replace him whenever he would choose to leave,” agreed Dennis Ross, a former special assistant to President Obama and counselor at the Washington Institute. “She is close to the president, has the credentials, and has a breadth of experience.”


Both sources said the timing of succession was uncertain. “I don’t believe Tom Donilon is about to leave but would be surprised if he were to remain for the whole second term,” Ross said. “But in answer to your question, [Rice's appointment] is very logical.”


Rice’s candidacy for secretary of state imploded in November after she recited talking points about the Sept. 11 attack in Benghazi on five Sunday talk shows that turned out to be erroneous.


The question now is whether Benghazi’s return to the spotlight will affect her potential appointment at a time when the White House is reeling from revelations about the IRS’s scrutiny of conservative groups and the Justice Department’s subpoena of the calling records of AP journalists.


For now, prominent Republicans don’t seem inclined to make a fuss.


In November, Arizona Sen. John McCain pledged to “do everything in my power to block her from becoming secretary of state”; South Carolina Sen.Lindsey Graham said, “I don’t think she deserves to be promoted”; and Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker said she’d make a better DNC chair: “I think most of us want someone who is more independent minded.”


But now — even as Benghazi fever reaches a crescendo following last week’s dramatic “whistleblower” hearing and Wednesday’s release of 100 pages of Benghazi emails — the GOP’s desire to check her rise has seemingly evaporated, and Republicans have few tools to prevent her appointment, which would not require Senate confirmation.


When asked if he was concerned about a future National Security Adviser Susan Rice, Corker, the ranking member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, told The Cable he was sitting this one out.


“In the case of national security advisor,” he said, “whomever serves in that position serves at the pleasure of the president. So it’s totally his prerogative.” When The Cable asked Graham and McCain the same question, their spokesmen declined to comment.


In some ways, the deflated interest in Rice is only natural. Though the testimony of State Department witnesses last week served to highlight the inaccuracy of Rice’s talk-show appearances, new details of the editing process of her talking points show her nowhere near the drafting process — just as the administration has long maintained.


Meanwhile, a more tantalizing GOP target has emerged in the form of Hillary Clinton, the overwhelming favorite to assume the Democratic presidential nomination in 2016. Democrats, Republicans and witnesses fixated on Clinton 32 times during discussions in last week’s hearing.


Rice spokeswoman Erin Pelton declined to comment for this article. White House National Security Council Spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden said, “We don’t have any personnel announcements to make at this time, and Mr. Donilon has no plans to depart at this point.” She added that Donilon is “fully engaged in managing our national security agenda, from his recent trip to Moscow and major address on global energy, to planning for a trip to China in late May and more upcoming speaking events.”


The administration hasn’t shied away from heaping praise on Rice. Last week, at a gala for the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, Vice President Joe Biden told the audience that the U.N. ambassador has “the absolute, total, complete confidence of the president,” and that when she speaks on issues of foreign policy, nobody doubts she’s speaking for Obama.


Back in March, when colleague Colum Lynch first reported whispers of Rice’s comeback, Ben Rhodes, deputy national security adviser for strategic communications, spoke glowingly of Rice’s relationship with the president. “Susan always maintains close relations with the president and his national security team, and that continues to be the case,” he said. “If anything, the way she handled the Benghazi situation — and then the withdrawal — only enhanced her relations here, because she did so with grace and good humor.”


The president himself has gone out of his way to wink at an expanded role for Rice within his administration. “I have every confidence that Susan has limitless capability to serve our country now and in the years to come, and know that I will continue to rely on her as an advisor and friend,” Obama said in a December statement.


Thank you John Hudson & Foreign Policy.














I make no excuses or apologies for these gratification photos…..Ambassador Rice is fabulous.














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