People Go Stark Raving Mad Over Christopher Jordan Dorner

By Jueseppi B.



<> on February 7, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.





I am amazed, I mean totally amazed at how dumbass Americans can be when it comes to issues concerning everyday life in America. I have been involved with a person, who I assumed was a decent person, in comments on my blog, about this lunatic, Christopher Jordan Dorner, and his methods for calling attention to his issues with the LA Police Department.


Following is our back & forth comments, followed by their response on their blog of their thoughts & feelings about me and my thoughts and feelings. I use this method of example because it shows just how a nation can be divided by issues…..when there should be no divide at all.


The following has not been edited for spelling or content and is provided just as it was typed, except the name has been replaced with XXXXX’s to protect the person’s identity…….



Back & forth comments from the blog post:

The Associated Press: Christopher Dorner Charged With Murder “Special Circumstances”.




From The Commentor:


Submitted on 2013/02/12 at 03:29

What about all the dirty racist cops in LA who have been abusing and killing innocent blacks for years. They have not been held accountable. Dorner is trying to bring attention to the ugliness that already exist, I don’t think it’s right that he is killing innocent people but he is doing what he thinks will change the racist behavior of not only the LAPD but all PD’s around this country. What he is doing is no different then what Nat Turner did when he revolted against slavery. Turner killed innocent white families. Dorner is taking a stand for what he believes in and is ready to die for the justice he hopefully obtains for innocent black men who are stopped and frisked every day in 2013 for being the wrong color. Black men are arrested, cuffed and beaten, It happens too often and this may be what is needed, an angry black man skilled in tactical forces. To demand justice in the language they understand and will pay attention to. God have mercy on those he killed and mercy on his soul.



My response:


Submitted on 2013/02/12 at 09:15 | In reply to XXXXXXX…..

I don’t care what Dorner is attempting to bring attention to XXXXX, ANYONE who justifies killing humans for ANY reason is insane as the person doing the killing. So what is the LAPD has killed Blacks for years, so what if racist discrimination is the hallmark of the LAPD? Killing people because he was fired/terminated/dismissed….is unacceptable. There is NO reason that makes it OK to murder cops or members of cops families.


This phrase…..”To demand justice in the language they understand and will pay attention to.” is something I’d expect from a racist caucasian NRAsshole gun nut.


It’s just wrong. I still love & respect you, but you are wrong to support or defend murder for any cause. Use the legal system to fight your cause against discrimination. Nat Turner is dead, and so shall that be the result of Dorner…..with no solution to the problems that drove him to insanity.




From The Commentor:


Submitted on 2013/02/12 at 09:52 | In reply to Jueseppi B..

I said I DON’T THINK IT’S RIGHT HE’S KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE. But if his actions bring about change it in the PD then good. From what I read he isn’t doing this solely for losing his job it is because he went up against the blue wall of silence. He is angered that the cops who kicked a man under arrest were given a slap on the wrist. He was suspended with pay other words a two week vacation for using excessive force. In Dorner’s mind, I’m sure after feeling the racism in the department himself he is doing what HE BELIEVES IS RIGHT.




My response:


Submitted on 2013/02/12 at 09:56 | In reply to XXXXXX.

So if he kills your children or grandchildren, based on this stupid comment from you…..”But if his actions bring about change in the PD then good.”…….then thats OK in your mind?


This conversation is finished.


Enjoy your day XXXXX.




From The Commentor:


Submitted on 2013/02/12 at 10:01 | In reply to Jueseppi B..

Yes it is because some people in order to bring about change some must die. Each of us has an opinion I don’t have to agree with you and you don’t have to agree with me. You have a good day too.




My response:


Submitted on 2013/02/12 at 10:16 | In reply to XXXXX.

When it’s YOUR children or grandchildren who die, then come talk to me about your opinion that “some people in order to bring about change some must die”. Talk to me then. You continue down this path, saying these stupid things, and I will lose all respect for you. As a parent, your thoughts on how little human life means to you is disgusting.


I ask you again, please stop commenting on this. You are way wrong.




Now this is from this person’s own personal blog, concerning their feelings about the exchange on my blog…..


“On February 3, 2013 I reached the ripe young age of 53. I am proud to say I am no longer a child. I don’t have to abide by anyone’s authority, except for the laws of the universe. I don’t even have problems with man-made laws because I don’t break them. Especially those, that coincides with the laws of nature. Such as I do not steal, I do not kill nor do I condone stealing and I especially I do not condone killing. However I can understand why humans in their sometimes limited ability to reason, may find just cause to do both. A parent with hungry children will steal to feed their babies. A person who feels they have been treated unfairly may believe they have no other recourse but to retaliate, pick up arms and kill innocent people. That does not make it right but none the less it is understandable.”


“This is my standpoint and as an adult, which I am, it is my right whether you agree with me or not. In every meeting of the minds there are always differing opinions. As it has been said, opinions are like ass holes everyone has one. There are some ass holes that have opinions and do not respect your right to yours and resort to calling you stupid and dismissing you, if your views differ from theirs. That is wrong and a total lack of respect. This is a form of bullying.”

“In our universe there are balancing forces. Where there is darkness there is light. Where there is joy there is sadness. Where there is health there is sickness. Where there is ugly there is beauty. Where there is negative there is positive. To find peace inside ourselves we have to respect these laws of nature and understand the opposing opinions. Sometimes we must agree to disagree. To say I have lost respect for you because you have a thought that is contrary to mine is ignorant. It is one-sided and limiting mine and your intelligence.”


This is a complex issue and it should not be a complex issue. Opinions are fine and dandy, but when your opinions are that breaking the laws of the land, and killing humans because you’re pissed off….is acceptable…well that is stupid.


I’ll repeat myself…when you take the law into your own hands and murder innocent people because you are upset and pissed off that you got terminated from a job you should never have had in the first place……you are indeed wrong. Any critical thinking person that uses common sense, will never connect or associate slavery, Nat Turner, civil rights and oppression to what Christopher Jordan Dorner is doing.


The civil rights movement, the fight against slavery, and common decency has no connection to this fake ass Robin Hood wanna be. Intelligence is something that we all have access to, whether we choose to make use of our own inherent intelligence is really up to us.


This person is entitled to their opinions, thoughts and ideas.


Just not on my blog, or in my universe.


Christopher Jordan Dorner is wrong. He is a typical insane criminal. No different than Adam Lanza, James Holmes or Jared Lee Loughner.


He is NOT out there fighting for Black American civil rights. He is NOT defending the hundreds of Black men who have been discriminated against or killed by the LAPD.


Christopher Jordan Dorner is a cold blooded killer with expert & marksman rankings from the U.S. Military.


Be very careful.











The Associated Press: Christopher Dorner Charged With Murder “Special Circumstances”.

By Jueseppi B.


<> on February 7, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

Pictures provided by Los Angeles Police Department of alleged suspect Christopher Dorner are displayed during briefing on February 7, 2013 in Los Angeles, California. A former Los Angeles police officer Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, who had allegedly warned he would target law enforcement, is suspected three police officers killing one. Dorner is also a suspect in two weekend killings of Monica Quan and Keith Lawrence who were found dead in a car inside a parking structure. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)




From The Associated Press:


Christopher Dorner case: Fugitive ex-LA cop charged with murder of officer

by Gillian Flaccus and Tami Abdollah, The Associated Press | February 11, 2013

RIVERSIDE, California (AP) — A fugitive ex-Los Angeles police officer with a $1 million reward on his head was charged Monday with murdering a police officer and special circumstances that could bring the death penalty.


Riverside County District Attorney Paul Zellerbach said Christopher Dorner was also charged with the attempted murder of another officer in Riverside, about 55 miles (90 kilometers) east of Los Angeles, as well as two police officers in Los Angeles.


The LAPD officers and the two Riverside officers were fired on in two separate shootings early Thursday after Dorner became the target of a manhunt suspected of killing a former LAPD captain’s daughter and her fiance the previous weekend.


“By both his words and conduct, he has made very clear to us that every law enforcement officer in Southern California is in danger of being shot and killed,” Zellerbach said.


Southern California authorities were investigating hundreds of tips Monday after offering the $1 million reward for information leading to Dorner’s arrest.


The manhunt for Dorner, 33, coupled with added security at Sunday’s Grammy Awards, left the ranks of the Los Angeles Police Department stretched thin.


Along with responding to routine calls for service, police have been protecting dozens of families considered possible targets of Dorner, based on his alleged Facebook rant against those he held responsible for ending his career with the LAPD five years ago.


“Our dedication to catch this killer remains steadfast,” Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa said. “We will not tolerate this reign of terror.”


Police and city officials believe the $1 million reward, raised from both public and private sources, will encourage the public to stay vigilant.


“This is not about catching a fugitive suspect, it’s about preventing a future crime, most likely a murder,” LAPD Chief Charlie Beck said. “This is an act, make no mistake about it, of domestic terrorism.”


Beck deflected questions about whether the reward would be paid if Dorner was found dead or alive. He called the phrase “ugly” and said he hoped no one else was injured in the ordeal, including the suspect.


As the search dragged on, worrisome questions emerged: How long could the intense search be sustained? And, if Dorner keeps evading capture, how do authorities protect dozens of former police colleagues?


LAPD Cmdr. Andrew Smith said the department has deployed 50 protection details to guard officers and their families who were deemed possible targets.


And there are no plans to reduce protection until Dorner is in custody, Los Angeles police Sgt. Rudy Lopez said.


“We realize it costs money and it gets expensive,” said Chuck Drago, a Florida-based police consultant. “But this is as clear of a threat as you can get. The money is always an issue but not when it’s somebody’s life at stake.”


One tip led police to surround and evacuate a Lowe’s Home Improvement store on Sunday in the San Fernando Valley, but a search yielded no evidence that Dorner had been there.


Residents remained on edge in suburban Irvine, where the first two killings occurred. Some residents have kept their children at home, others no longer walk their dogs at night.


“If he did come around this corner, what could happen? We’re in the crossfire, with the cops right there,” said Irvine resident Joe Palacio, who lives down the street from the home of retired police Capt. Randal Quan, who is being protected.


Monica Quan and her fiance were found shot dead on Feb. 3 in Irvine. Dorner was named as the suspect on Wednesday.


Two law enforcement officers who requested anonymity because of the ongoing investigation told The Associated Press they were trying to determine if Dorner made a call telling Randal Quan that he should have done a better job protecting his daughter.


The violence escalated Thursday, when police say Dorner got into a shootout with police in Corona, grazing an LAPD officer’s head with a bullet before escaping. Authorities believe Dorner then used a rifle to ambush the two Riverside police officers, killing one and seriously wounding another.


Until Sunday, police had withheld the names of victims, fearing Dorner might target their families. But Riverside police said the officer killed was Michael Crain, 34, an ex-Marine and 11-year department veteran.


Officials decided to proceed with the identification and public memorial despite the possible dangers, Riverside police Chief Sergio Diaz said.


“We’re not going to fail our officer and our hero,” Diaz said. “We’re going to bury him.”


Late last week, the manhunt focused on Big Bear in the San Bernardino Mountains, where authorities found Dorner’s burned-out truck with weapons and camping gear inside.


Though Dorner has not been found, Beck said Sunday that Big Bear remained his most likely location, and that planning may have helped him elude authorities.


Thank you The Associated Press.












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