Dumbfuckery Of The Day: Boehner: Why We Must Now Sue The President. {Cause We Can’t Beat Him Legally}











From CNN:


Boehner: Why we must now sue the President


 Rep. John Boehner, R-Ohio, is speaker of the House of Representatives. The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of the author. Which means he does jack shit all day long.





(CNN) – Every member of Congress swore an oath to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. So did President Barack Obama.


But too often over the past five years, the President has circumvented the American people and their elected representatives through executive action, changing and creating his own laws, and excusing himself from enforcing statutes he is sworn to uphold — at times even boasting about his willingness to do it, as if daring the American people to stop him.


Boehner: Why we must sue the President


Published on Jul 6, 2014

House Speaker John Boehner says he will introduce legislation that will authorize Congress to sue the President.



That’s why, later this month, we will bring legislation to the House floor that would authorize the House of Representatives to file suit in an effort to compel President Obama to follow his oath of office and faithfully execute the laws of our country.

The President’s response: “So sue me.”


What’s disappointing is the President’s flippant dismissal of the Constitution we are both sworn to defend. It is utterly beneath the dignity of the office. I know the President is frustrated. I’m frustrated. The American people are frustrated, too.

After years of slow economic growth and high unemployment under President Obama, they are still asking, ‘where are the jobs?’ The House has passed more than 40 jobs bills that would help. But Washington Democrats, led by the President, just ignore them.

Even worse, the President’s habit of ignoring the law as written hurts our economy and jobs even more. Washington taxes and regulations always make it harder for private sector employers to meet payrolls, invest in new initiatives and create jobs — but how can those employers plan, invest and grow when the laws are changing on the President’s whim at any moment?


I don’t take the House legal action against the President lightly. We’ve passed legislation to address this problem (twice), but Senate Democrats, characteristically, have ignored it.

In the end, the Constitution makes it clear that the President’s job is to faithfully execute the laws. And, in my view, the President has not faithfully executed the laws when it comes to a range of issues, including his health care law, energy regulations, foreign policy and education.


There must be accountability. We have a system of government outlined in our Constitution with the executive branch, the legislative branch, and the judicial branch. Congress has its job to do, and so does the President. When there are conflicts like this — between the legislative branch and the executive branch — it is my view that it is our responsibility to stand up for this institution in which we serve, and for the Constitution.


If you look back over American history, there has always been a tension between the inherent powers of the executive branch versus the inherent powers of the legislative branch. This issue is as old as Marbury vs. Madison and as fresh as the unanimous Supreme Court ruling last week that the President overstepped his authority on recess appointments.

Over the last five years, starting — not coincidentally — when his political party lost the majority in the House of Representatives, the President has consistently overstepped his authority under the Constitution, and in so doing eroded the power of the legislative branch.

The legislative branch has an obligation to defend the rights and responsibilities of the American people, and America’s constitutional balance of powers — before it is too late.


Opinion: Dear Speaker Boehner: Do your job instead

Opinion: GOP left Obama no choice but to act on immigration



Obama: Boehner’s lawsuit is ‘a stunt’


(CNN) – President Barack Obama called House Speaker John Boehner’s plans to file a lawsuit over the President’s use of executive action “a stunt,” in an interview with ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos.

“You notice that he didn’t specifically say what exactly he was objecting to. I’m not going to apologize for trying to do something while they’re doing nothing,” the President said.


Barack Obama Dismisses John Boehner Lawsuit as a Stunt on GMA Interview 


Published on Jun 27, 2014

6-27-14 – (ABC) – The first part of George Stephanopoulos’ interview with President Barack Obama aired Friday morning on Good Morning America (more to come Sunday on This Week) and during their talk the president addressed House Speaker John Boehner’s proposed lawsuit against him for the first time. “You notice that he didn’t specifically say what exactly he was objecting to,” Obama told Stephanopoulos during his trip to Minnesota. “I’m not going to apologize for trying to do something while they’re doing nothing.”


“The suit is a stunt,” he added.


“What I’ve told Speaker Boehner directly is, ‘If you’re really concerned about me taking too many executive actions, why don’t you try getting something done through Congress?’” Obama continued, mentioning immigration reform as one area in which Americans want action. “You’re going to squawk if I try to fix some parts of it administratively that are within my authority while you’re not doing anything?”


On Wednesday, Boehner held a press conference in which he announced the planned lawsuit and criticized Obama for “bragging” about taking executive action on issues. But, he added, “This is not about impeachment, this is about his faithfully executing the laws of our country.”




“You know, the suit is a stunt. But what I’ve told Speaker Boehner directly is, ‘If you’re really concerned about me taking too many executive actions, why don’t you try getting something done through Congress?’”


The interview aired on ABC’s “Good Morning America”Friday morning. It was conducted Thursday during the President’s trip to Minneapolis, where Obama held a town hall meeting.


The President touted the accomplishments of his first five years in office but lamented the tone in Washington.


“What I do worry about is that right now we’ve got a Republican Party that seems to only care about saying no to me.” Obama said.



Obama Dismisses Boehner Lawsuit as a ‘Stunt’ on GMA


Published on Jun 27, 2014

The first part of George Stephanopoulos’ interview with President Barack Obama aired Friday morning on Good Morning America (more to come Sunday on This Week) and during their talk the president addressed House Speaker John Boehner’s proposed lawsuit against him for the first time.




He repeated his frustrations about the immigration reform bill passed a year ago by the Senate that’s been stalled in the House, and having to use executive action.


“The majority of American people want to see immigration reform done. We had a bipartisan bill through the Senate, and you’re going to squawk if I try to fix some parts of it administratively that are within my authority while you are not doing anything?’” the President added.


Responding to Obama’s comments, Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said Friday in a statement that “the American people, their elected representatives, and the Supreme Court have all expressed serious concerns about the President’s failure to follow the Constitution. Dismissing them with words like, ‘smidgen’ or ‘stunt’ only reinforces their frustration.”


Republicans argue that the President is breaching his constitutional power by side-stepping the legislative process. Obama has used executive actions as a way to bypass a deeply divided Congress, avoiding inaction on issues the White House has made hallmarks of the President’s second term agenda.


So far, the Republican-controlled House has passed two bills aimed at curbing executive orders by the President, neither of which have gone anywhere in the Democratic-controlled Senate.


At this point in his presidency, Obama has issued less executive orders than his most recent two-term predecessors in the White House, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Ronald Reagan.


In speaking of immigration during the interview, the President was asked about the thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America coming across the southern border. He implored their parents to not send their kids.


“Our message absolutely is, ‘Don’t send your children unaccompanied on trains on through a bunch of smugglers.’ That is our direct message to the families in Central America. ‘Do not send your children to the borders. If they do make it, they’ll get sent back. More importantly, they may not make it’,” he said.


CNN Senior Congressional Producer Deirdre Walsh contributed to this story



The United States Of AmeriKKKa

The United States Of AmeriKKKa


The following video has nothing to do with the topic of this post, but is so magnificently stupid that I felt compelled to post it here and now….


Waitresses openly carry guns at restaurant in Rifle, Colorado


Published on Jul 8, 2014

While “open carry” firearm laws are being debated across the country, there’s been a push back from some businesses about allowing owners to carry handguns in public. Barry Petersen reports on a Colorado establishment taking the opposite approach.




Doc Holiday was a gunslinger/killer……John Henry “Doc” Holliday (August 14, 1851 – November 8, 1887) was an American gambler,gunfighter, and dentist of the American Old West who is usually remembered for his friendship with Wyatt Earp and his involvement in the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral


Doc was no joke, he’d shoot you as soon as look at you. Doc wore his peacemaker in the only position proven to allow  fast draw with accuracy…over his left hip high up with the handle angled to his right side, at hand height. The dumbass females in the above video, as well as the patrons of Shooters Grill, all have their weapons on them for show only. You can not fast draw with any accuracy with a weapon holstered on the hip low down on your dominant side.


In other words, if “bad guys” were to walk into Shooters Grill to kill, every last idiot armed with a weapon, they would all be dead.




Now this is a real gunslinger, and this is how real killers wear their side arms…..this ain’t for show.



This is an example of fools ready to die…….




This bullshit is clearly a marketing tool to get dumbass rednecks into this place of business….





So when in Rifle, Colorado…stop into Shooters Grill….where you’ll be safe cause good guys with guns hang out there.









Sunday Weather Report: It’s Raining Videos™ During A Twitter Storm™








It's Raining Videos™

It’s Raining Videos™


U.S. Vet held in Mexican prison hopeful


Published on Jul 6, 2014

CNN’s Nick Valencia talks exclusively to an imprisoned former US Marine locked up in Mexican jail for more than 3 months.




Four-star Admiral Michelle Howard on the situation in Iraq 


Published on Jul 6, 2014

Four-star Admiral Michelle Howard on the situation in Iraq




Full program: PBS NewsHour Weekend on July 6, 2014


Published on Jul 6, 2014

On Sunday’s program, Israeli authorities make arrests for what they believe was the revenge murder of a Palestinian teenager. Later, Hari Sreenivasan reports from the Aspen Ideas Festival in Colorado, on the breadth of what data brokers know about you. And, from California, a report about a debilitating and potentially deadly disease — Valley Fever.




Suspects Arrested in Palestinian Teen Death


Published on Jul 6, 2014

Israeli authorities confirmed they arrested Jewish suspects connected to the death of a Palestinian teenager whose death ignited violent protests. Another American teen speaking out after an apparent police beating. (July 6)




Be the next Steven Spielberg


Published on Jul 6, 2014

Stephanie Elam reports on the Echo Park Film Center a popular place where Angelinos can learn to make films.




Man carries gun around Carytown to spread gun rights awareness


Published on Jul 6, 2014


A self-proclaimed gun rights activist found a unique way to display his right to bear arms by walking down Cary Street with an American flag and a long gun.


Jason Spitzer says his goal is to start a healthy debate about guns.


“I’ve had people say we should be ashamed and what not,” Spitzer said. He says he’s even been called names.


“I’ve been called the scum of the earth, I’ve been called every name in the book.” But that doesn’t stop him from spreading his message. He says the goal is to educate.


“We’re spreading information about the constitution and spreading information about the men and women who died for our country.”


This is the fifth time he has walked like this down Cary street. The event gets mixed reaction.


Annalise Borrel works in Carytown and has seen Spitzer do this walk several times. While she agrees with his message, she says his method may need some work.


“Some people you have to take into consideration,” Borrel said. “Little children will hide behind their mom or something and that’s not cool.”


Spitzer is also used to encountering police along the way.


“It’s our constitutional right to bear arms and we’re not doing anything wrong,” Spitzer said. “We’re not breaking the law.”


After Cary Street, the two men took their message to Broad Street. Spitzer says only the hand gun was loaded—the long gun is not.





Apartment fire kills NYC firefighter died searching for victims of a two-alarm fire 


Published on Jul 6, 2014

A New York City firefighter died searching for victims of a two-alarm fire Saturday night.






























If “I” Were God…….










If “I” Were God…….

Every parent, family friend, babysitter or caregiver that leaves a child, toddler, baby, kid, infant, pet of any type….in a hot car in summer, unattended, for more than 30 seconds….would experience their genitals seize up and become set afire to reproduce the exact temperature of that vehicle that the moron in question, left the child, toddler, baby, kid, infant, pet of any type…..IN. In other words your crotch, penis, balls, vagina, would reach the temperature of 170° in seconds.



If “I” Were God…….

Any human responsible for lying 935 times to the American people, and in particular the stupid mindless drones who inhabit CongrASS, about the original wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, if these lying dumbasses were to ever open their mouths to offer “opinions and advice” to the current POTUSA….I’d immediately fill those mouths with camel feces. On camera. After which they would instantaneously be transported to Iraq to be face to face with a group of ISIS idiots.




If “I” Were God…….

John Boehner would have a 4 inch penis growing from the middle of his forehead so he could jerk himself off instead of the American citizens whom he is supposed to work FOR, as his oath of office states, and not the Koch Brothers, special interest groups such as A.L.E.C., the NRAssholes or alcohol distributors.





If “I” Were God…….

Harry Reid would have a pair of nuts growing from his chin, big, hairy, full balls, He would then possess what he lacks, so he could stand up on the Senate floor and fight for what THIS Black President needs from his number one Congressional point man. Instead of acting like a frightened 4 year old confronted with the monster under the bed.





If “I” Were God…….

Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Ann Coulter, Pat Boone, Donald Trump, Joe Arpaio, Ted Nugent, Rush Limbaugh and a few others, they know who they are, would come see Me. Soon. They would not stay up here but for a few seconds as I read from the book of major fuck ups…..but I’d have them all visit Me before their final destination.



If “I” Were God…….

Elizabeth Warren would have a moment of complete clarity and realize the reason I put her down there, among the lost souls in the Senate, was so she could gain the necessary tools to become the first Female President Of The United States. Much why I inserted Barack into the Senate back in 2004. Get in the game Elizabeth….you know why I choose you. I got this, you have bigger loaves to share and fish to fry.





If “I” Were God…….

Hillary Clinton and William Jefferson Clinton would vanish. On that same disappearing bus would be Tricky Tiny Dick Cheney, Lyin Still Unfitt Mitt Romney, Chuck Todd, Jake Tapper, Don Lemon, The Entire Fox News Staff, Wolf Blitzer, The Morning Joe folks, The Entire Fox News Staff, (did I say that already) The Koch Brothers, Millionaire mooks who believe money buys elections, and the following dumbasses: John McCain, Lindsey Graham, Louie Gohmert, Mitch McConnell, Mark Rubio, Ted Cruz….I already took care of that Cantor moron. I keep Chris Christie around cause ya’ll still need some comedic relief.


If “I” Were God…….

The 300 plus young Nigerian girls would be united with their families and the Boko Haram cowards who abducted them, would all be captured and sold into slavery, forced kicking & screaming into made marriages to men who care not what orifice they violate and used as indentured servants on a Clive Bundy spread.






If “I” Were God…….

ANYone who utters the word “Impeachment” would immediately have his/her colon stuffed with fire ants and bed bugs….because dumbfuckery must be met with extreme pain and suffering when spread against MY chosen one, the anointed Barack Hussein Obama, and his immediate White House staff. Oh yeah, the word suit against Barack, will bring down upon it’s instigators a complete darkening of the skin to the tone of Black Strap Molasses.  You sue My Anointed One, yo do so as a Negro.



If “I” Were God…….

The very next human whom violates all My rules of creation and goes on a shooting rampage, will be guided, by Me, to the nearest rally and campaign event held by the NRAssholes, he will then proceed to shoot and kill all NRAsshole hierarchy and leadership executives. Or, if I’m that kinder, gentler God you speak of, I’ll just resurrect the original members of the Black Panther Party and send them into local Target stores armed with semi automatic rifles and THEN you will see some gun reform laws take effect on the chickenshit Senate/House floor.


Cause nobody wants to see Negro’s armed with the exact same weapons you now see caucasian dumbasses carrying in public places where there are children……do you.  If “I” Were God.



Evolve — Playthings

Published on Jun 25, 2014

Play things: kids find everything. Their play things….and yours. Have a gun? Lock it up.




Enjoy the Slid Show.


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5-Year Old Fatally Shoots Sister With His Shiny New Rifle; Grandma Says It Was ‘God’s Will’.












Excuse my language but this fuckin bull shit gun moron mentality is making my asshole need a drink of water……..


5-Year Old Fatally Shoots Sister With His Shiny New Rifle; Grandma Says It Was ‘God’s Will’

He added that in the area it is not uncommon for parents to give their young children weapons. “In this part of the country, it’s not uncommon for a 5-year-old to have a gun or for a parent to pass one down to their kid,” he said.


The rifle that killed Caroline Sparks is a Crickett single-shot, and has a child safety, according to Cumberland County Coroner Gary White. The company’s web site features three .22-caliber rifle models for children and the slogan, “My first rifle.”


The family, while upset, is happy that little Caroline is in a “better place.”


“It was God’s will. It was her time to go, I guess,” grandmother Linda Riddle told WLEX. “I just know she’s in heaven right now and I know she’s in good hands with the Lord


Slide Show Of Caucasian Gun Moron Dumbfuckery


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Evolve — Playthings

Published on Jun 25, 2014

Play things: kids find everything. Their play things….and yours. Have a gun? Lock it up.




Dildo Fight! An Awesome Gun Safety Ad


Published on Jun 27, 2014

It would be mortifying if this happened to anybody! Can you imagine if these kids had found and were playing with guns. We love this ad. In the year following Sandy Hook Elementary School Massacre at least 100 children were unintentionally killed by gun fire. These deaths are completely preventable. You can never be careful enough when it comes to storing your guns.




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It’s Raining Videos™ (I Know….You Were Hoping For “Raining Men.”)


By Jueseppi B.
















Israel’s search for missing teens


Published on Jun 27, 2014

Israeli troops storm refugee camps to search for missing teenagers. CNN’s Ben Wedeman reports.


Maybe Nigeria should watch & learn.




Cobra Bites, Critically Injures Animal Sanctuary Worker,Florida


Published on Jun 27, 2014

A spectacled cobra bit the hand of a worker at a Florida wildlife sanctuary when she was cleaning the snake cages Thursday morning, critically injuring her.


The woman, 37, was transported to Palms West Hospital in critical condition, after emergency officials received a call from McCarthy’s Wildlife Sanctuary in Loxahatchee at about 5:45 a.m., Capt. Albert Borroto of Palm Beach County Fire Rescue said.


Miami-Dade Fire Rescue‘s venom unit went to West Palm Beach since they’re the closest venom unit, officials said. Doctors from Jackson Memorial Hospital also went to help administer antivenin.


The sanctuary boasts of “the coolest collection of snakes around” on its website. Officials said the spectacled cobra that bit the woman is from India, and has been contained.




Shia LaBeouf Arrested for Disrupting Musical


Published on Jun 27, 2014

“Transformers” actor Shia LaBeouf was arrested on Thursday night for allegedly disrupting a Broadway show. A spokesman says LaBeouf was escorted from the theater after disrupting a performance of Cabaret. (June 27)




O’Reilly: ISIS Will Use Iraq as Staging Ground for Terror If US Doesn’t Stop Them


Published on Jun 26, 2014

Wednesday night on The Kelly File, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (Ret.) called President Obama a “coward” for not making tough decisions on Iraq to defend America.


Tonight on The O’Reilly Factor, Fox News military analyst Col. David Hunt (Ret.) said, “Calling the president of the United States is ridiculous and adds nothing to the discussion and Ralph ought to know better.”


Hunt believes Iraq is already gone and added that the U.S. will be seen as helping Iran by bombing ISIS, the terror group that has taken over cities in Iraq.


Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer (Ret.) responded, “Since we talked, price of gas has gone up. [...] So inaction is not serving us.”


Shaffer said he would use air strikes to attack ISIS and observed that the policy of the president is to “do nothing.”


Bill O’Reilly warned that ISIS could use Iraq as a staging area for other terrorist activities like Usama bin Laden did in Afghanistan.


He said bombing ISIS will hurt them, but Hunt maintained that there will be consequences to doing that.


“We had 11 years of this. We should’ve learned. We lost thousands of guys. Bombing them will not stop this,” Hunt said.



ANYone who wishes war in Iraq, needs to be the first to enlist to go into Iraq, for front line combat duty. Or sit the fuck down and shut the fuck up.



The Constitutional People and Slavery by Another Name – Bob Moses on Reality Asserts Itself (8/9)


Published on Jun 26, 2014

Mr. Moses says mass incarceration helped build the American steel industry, and while there has been progress, there is still slavery by another name.




Krauthammer: Obama Feels He Can ‘Abuse the Constitution’ to Push Agenda



Some mortician, someplace, is missing a cadaver. 



North Korea Threatens War Over Dopey Seth Rogen Movie


Published on Jun 26, 2014

“North Korea has promised ‘merciless’ retaliation if a forthcoming Hollywood movie about killing Kim Jong-un is released, say agencies.


A North Korean foreign ministry spokesman said in state media that the movie’s release would be an “act of war”.


He did not mention the title, but a Hollywood movie called The Interview with a similar plot is due in October.


Hollywood actors James Franco and Seth Rogen star in the action-comedy film.


Rogen, who is also one of the directors of The Interview, has sinceresponded on Twitter saying: “People don’t usually wanna kill me for one of my movies until after they’ve paid 12 bucks for it.”


Franco and Rogen play a talkshow host and his producer who are invited to interview Kim Jong-un, and are subsequently recruited by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to assassinate the leader.” *



If our planet gets any dumber, it’s going to explode. #DUMBFUCKERY



Obama asks Congress to send weapons to Syrian rebels


Published on Jun 26, 2014

President Barack Obama asked Congress on Thursday for $500 million to arm Syrian rebels. The White House believes the assistance is necessary so they may defeat the jihadist Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant, and also says any groups that receive weapons will be carefully vetted to ensure they do not fall into the hands of radicals. Skepticism was immediately raised, however, as there is a long record of US arms winding of in the possession of those they were not intended for. RT’s Marina Portnaya has more details on this major announcement out of Washington.



Bad move. America must stay the hell out of ALL conflicts EVERYwhere.



Former Sen. Howard Baker, Jr. of Tennessee passed away at the age of 88.



Statement by the President on the Passing of Howard Baker

Michelle and I were saddened to hear about the passing of Howard Baker.  Howard was many things over the course of his career – from Senate Majority Leader, to White House Chief of Staff, to Ambassador.  Yet, it was his ability to broker compromise and his unofficial role as the “Great Conciliator” that won him admirers across party lines, over multiple generations, and beyond the state he called home.  Over an 18-year Senate career, Howard fought for the people of Tennessee and helped lead America through difficult times. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Howard’s wife Nancy and the entire Baker family.



June 25 House Democrat Leadership Press Conference


Published on Jun 26, 2014

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi discussed the Export-Import Bank, the child migrant crisis at the southern border and the congressional hearings on the IRS at her weekly news conference on June 25.




PBS News Hour For Thursday, June 26, 2014


Published on Jun 26, 2014

Tonight on the program, we examine the Supreme Court’s rulings on presidential appointment powers and abortion clinic buffer zones. Also: assaults on Iraq’s oil fields raise international worry about gas prices, a lake in Cambodia could face a future without fish, whistleblowers come forth in the Veterans Affairs scandal, Team U.S.A. advances in the World Cup and poet Vijay Seshadri.




Lawyer: Sterling not competent to be a trustee


Published on Jun 26, 2014

Wolf Blitzer talks to Bertram Fields, who will question Donald Sterling during a trial to determine his mental competency.



Sterling is also not competent to be a human being either.



Dad egging on daughter’s fight caught on camera


Published on Jun 26, 2014

Crazy Brawl at Hillside Elementary School
Cell phone video captured a fight over the weekend involving at least four teenage girls and one adult.
It happened Sunday at Hillside Elementary School in New Cumberland. No one was seriously hurt.


In the footage, the adult — identified by his fiance as the father of one of the girls — can be heard yelling at the group to “keep going, keep going” and to “(expletive) her up” as another girl was punched in the face and kicked in the head.


The man’s fiance, who spoke with abc27 on the condition of anonymity, says his daughter and her daughter were both involved, and have both been the victims of bullying for months.


“I think enough was enough and his back was against the wall. You know, you have your kids coming to you, ‘Dad this, Dad that,’ over and over, and you go to the school, you go to the police — how much does one take?” she said. “Did he go overboard that day? I think we all lost our cool.”


Mike Genna, the father of a girl who witnessed the fight, said he wants charges filed against the dad.


“Kids will be kids and fight. And they were wrong for that — there’s nothing right about children fighting each other,” Genna said. “But it happens, and having a parent there telling her to hit a kid while she’s bleeding — that’s wrong.”


New Cumberland police are investigating this incident, and said they believe at least two adults may have been involved. They are currently reviewing video and other evidence, and said the West Shore School District is cooperating.




Small town America at it’s best….Father Of The Year 



It’s Amazing Out There




Thats All Folks.




For Now.


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