Common Sense Ain’t So Common……Racial Hatred And Stupidity Are


By Jueseppi B.






Ok, so you hate The President because he is a Black man. We get that part. What we don’t get is how you poor, uneducated Americans are voting for and siding with wealthy, corporate sponsored politicians who wouldn’t piss on your burning body, if they happened to be in your trailer park, when you set yourself on fire, smoking meth.


In other words, you hate Barack Hussein Obama SO much that you side with and support a group of politicians whom care so very little about you, your family, or your future….which means you lack one ounce of common sense.


Common Sense Ain’t So Common.



These same politicians, all members of the TeaTardedRepubliCANT Pseudo-Freudian Psycho-Sexual Secret-Whore Pro-caucasian Pro-Racist Anti-LGBT Anti-Feminist Reich Wing GOPretender Conselfishservative NRAsshole-Gun Loving Nut Bag racist white supremacist caucasian Party….and Harry Reid….want to allow the sequester to happen, forcing a government shutdown…..which effects us all.


EXCEPT Congress.


Congress has set itself up so not one single solitary stupid thing they do effects them. Just US.


Yet, you racist, poor ass, middle class caucasians who continually vote for them (them being any politician who obstructs legislation designed to help YOU) and allow them to lead you (YOU being anyone living below the poverty level, or if you call yourself the middle class) down a path to bankruptcy.


Can’t pay that light bill, rent or house note, not to mention that car note, without a job. Can’t have much of a life living from paycheck to unemployment benefit each week. Welfare benefits are almost history, and if the very politicians YOU continue to vote for and support have their way…..Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid are G.O.N.E.


TeaTardedRepubliCANT Pseudo-Freudian Psycho-Sexual Secret-Whore Pro-caucasian Pro-Racist Anti-LGBT Anti-Feminist Reich Wing GOPretender Conselfishservative NRAsshole-Gun Loving Nut Bag racist white supremacist caucasian Party members, …..and Harry Reid…..don’t give a shit about you.


YET YOU still vote for ‘em.


Common Sense Ain’t So Common.


The Mid Term elections are in 20 months, “NO”vember 4th, 2014. Now that would be a wonderful opportunity to kick these lazy ass politicians from the Reich wing…..and Harry Reid….out of Congress. Replace them with people who fight and stand for common sense legislation and who DO NOT obstruct government, just because the POTUS Is Barack Hussein Obama…..and a Black man.


The list is extensive, lets start with …The Obstructed Obstructionist:


1). John McCain….Gotta go, he is senile. Benghazi… McCain’s McCarthy moment.

Under Ronald Reagan in 1983 241 marines were killed. The GOPretenders were silent.

Under Dubbya Bush, there were 2,779 killed on 9/11 & the ILLEGAL Iraq war cost 4000 American lives…. Not one GOPuke Senate Hearing.

Under POTUS Obama, 4 dead in Benghazi Embassy attack, which might have been prevented, had this same GOP (Grand Obstructionist Party) passed funding for additional security for all American embassies worldwide……GOP screams like bitches over this incident.


2). Lindsey Graham…..his name makes me wonder if he’s confused on who he is…..gotta go. Lindsey has his entire head, up to his waist, so far up McCain’s anus…..his breath smells like McCain’s dinner. From last week.


3). Michele Bachmann…..she’s a stupid ass woman, disgrace to her gender. 1st day of the 113th Congress, this witch introduced the 34th attempt to repeal The Affordable Heath Care Act. While Superstorm Sandy victims froze and starved waiting on Congress to pass hurricane relief legislation.


4). Rand Paul……look beside the definition of asshole in Websters and you find a photo of Rand Paul.


5). Paul Ryan…..look beside the definition of dumbass…….just see number 4 above.



I could go on and on and on and…..well you get the gist of this. If you want real change, you must change the politicians who obstruct the forward movement of government. Start with your local politicians who push through all this anti abortion legislation in violation of the U.S. Constitution they scream about when talking of the President.

Vote out anyone attempting to pass voter suppression legislation….they are after YOUR voting rights.


Then remember on “NO”vember 4th, 2014, who blocked legislation on gun reform, abortion rights, women’s health issues, immigration, and remember who took so many vacation breaks while a Congressperson, that this brand new 113th Congress allowed the fake ass sequester issue, to tank Americas economy.


Above all remember who used racial hatred to stoke the fires of fear. Remember who used code words to get the Reich wing followers all riled up to vote against their own best interest.



And remember….Common Sense Ain’t So Common……Racial Hatred And Stupidity Are.








Photo of the Day: Meeting with Our First Responders………..



President Barack Obama studies a challenge coin presented to him by an emergency responder during a greet in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building South Court Auditorium Ante Room before remarks urging action to avoid the automatic budget cuts scheduled if Congress fails to find a path forward on balanced deficit reduction, Feb. 19, 2013. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)



Why do YOU support New Gun Reforms? Share Your Stories.


My dad, Reuven Rahamim, was killed this past September in a mass shooting.


I was 17 years old, one of 15 children who lost a parent that day.


I’m honoring his memory — and those of many others who have fallen — by doing something about gun violence.


Whether you’ve been personally affected by gun violence or not, you need to be part of this fight, too.



Sami’s Story





Share your story: Why are you in this?



Since my dad’s death, I’ve learned that my family’s experience is not as uncommon as one might expect.


The statistics are horrifying: 12,000 Americans are murdered with guns every year. But the true toll of gun violence is borne by the tens of thousands of sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, and wounded survivors left behind.


When I think of the number of lives that could have been saved by universal background checks or better access to mental health services, I simply don’t understand why Congress doesn’t act right away.


So join me in speaking out. Our stories from all across the country will reaffirm the all-too-real consequences of this unending violence and the need for sensible solutions. Share why you support legislation to keep dangerous weapons out of the wrong hands:



I know my dad is watching right now as I fight alongside many other Americans for common-sense legislation.


He deserves a vote. We all deserve a vote.


Now is the time.




Sami Rahamim
Minneapolis, MN


P.S. — You can see my story right here. Please add your own.






















Make The Sandy Hook Elementary School Promise

By Jueseppi B.






I made the Promise to honor the 26 lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Please join me and learn more about the Sandy Hook Promise campaign.



Make The Sandy Hook Promise. This Time, Help Us Secure Real Change!


To: Community of Newtown and The Nation

I promise to honor the 26 lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School; I promise to do everything I can to encourage and support common sense solutions that make my community and our country safer from similar acts of violence.It’s time to do something. Please “Make the Promise”.
There was a gathering of people in Newtown. It was in someone’s kitchen, and it was filled with friends and neighbors who knew they needed to be together. They knew they had to hug each other. Gradually, as they spoke, they also realized something else. They understood that they had a responsibility. To honor the kids and teachers they’d lost, as well as the survivors. They promised to do whatever they could to not let this tragedy stand as just another in our country’s history.
Moving forward, the mission of Sandy Hook Promise is to work to identify and implement holistic, common sense solutions that will make our community and our country safer from similar acts of violence through education, outreach and grass-roots discussion. SHP believes the time has come to enter into these discussions with equal parts of Love, Compassion, and Common Sense.
Please honor this Promise by making one of your own – Promise that this is the time. The time to stand up and say that our society should not live under the threat of this kind of violence. When you make this promise, you join the people of Sandy Hook, who want their town to be remembered as the place where we came together both as a community and as a nation … and decided that tragedies like this must come to an end. Let Sandy Hook go down in history as the place where real change began. This is the Sandy Hook Promise.
To learn more, go to
new obama-logo-bottom

Common Sense Says…….

By Jueseppi B.

Common Sense Says….

This morning, Mitt’s up with a new ad in Michigan slamming Rick Santorum for supporting earmarks. The thing is, before he ran for president, Mitt Romney was a pretty big fan of earmarks himself. In 2002, he requested “hundreds of millions of dollars in federal aid” for the Salt Lake City Olympics. He did it as governor of Massachusetts for the Big Dig project too, saying “I’d be embarrassed if I didn’t always ask for federal money whenever I got the chance.” Can you say hypocrisy.

Common Sense Says….

This week, after President Obama released his 2013 budget plan, Rick Santorum called it “preposterous, not only in overall funding but in priorities.” But a closer look at Santorum’s plan shows he’d cut taxes for the wealthy, raise taxes for some families with children, and slash Social Security and Medicare under the “Cut, Cap, and Balance” plan. Here’s the best part: Santorum’s plan won’t balance anything — it actually adds to the deficit. Preposterous, indeed.

Common Sense Says….

In response to President Obama’s decision that all women should have access to contraception, free of cost, Senator Rubio introduced a bill that would let any organization, religious or not, sidestep this rule, putting a woman’s access to contraception at the whim of her employer. His solution for women who still would like it? Pay for it themselves, or find somewhere else to work. Folks need to hear what the GOP’s trying to do.

Common Sense Says….

When it comes to the auto recovery, Romney and Santorum continue to argue that a “managed” bankruptcy would’ve been better. Romney’s famously said “Let Detroit go bankrupt,” and Santorum would’ve preferred an industry “meltdown.” This week, GM posted its largest profit in its history, and last month, it reclaimed its title as the “World’s Largest Automaker.” 1.4 million jobs were saved under the auto recovery. They’re refusing to admit that the recovery’s working, and it’s time to call them on it.

Common Sense Says….

As a senator, Barack Obama co-sponsored hate crime legislation because he believes that “…nobody in this country who should suffer violence because of who they are, what they look like, what they believe in, what faith they worship.” As President, he kept his word, signing the Matthew Shepard & James Byrd Jr. Hate Crimes Prevention Act to strengthen protection against crimes based on race, color, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, or gender. This is a promise kept.

Common Sense Says….

Three years ago today, President Obama signed the Recovery Actinto law. Since then, more than 70,000 small businesses were able to receive loans to get started or stay on their feet. We put together a short video on the story of Bill, one business owner who has benefitted from the Recovery Act.

“America is back. Anyone who tells you otherwise, anyone who tells you America is in decline or that our influence has wained, doesn’t know what they’re talking about.
This nation is great because we built it together. This nation is great because we world as a team. This nation is great because we get each other’s back.
We need to end the notion that the two parties must be locked in a perpetual campaign of mutual destruction.”

~  President Barack Obama. ~

Go Out On “NO”vember SixthTwenty Twelve & Vote Democratic.

Vote For Barack Hussein Obama.

Four More For Forty Four.

“BARACK” The Vote.

“Disagree Intelligently, Use Facts, Truth & Common Sense.”


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