The Death Of Michael Brown: Some Racist Racial History From “The Show-Me Racism State.”


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Absolutely mind-boggling, don’t you agree? In this day and age, a stone-age mindset is allowed to exist in America. The Land Of The Racist And The Home Of The Cowardly.


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It’s Raining Videos™


It's Raining Videos™

It’s Raining Videos™


Raw: Aftermath, Rescue Efforts After China Quake


Published on Aug 5, 2014

Rescue teams search for survivors as they dig through thousands of collapsed homes following a strong earthquake in southern China that killed hundreds and left thousands homeless on Sunday. (Aug. 5)




Israel withdraws ground forces from Gaza as 72-hr truce starts


Published on Aug 5, 2014

An Egypt-mediated truce between Israel and the Palestinian factions in Gaza has begun Tuesday morning minutes after an exchange of cross-border fire. RT’s Paula Slier reports. READ MORE




Groups Say US Effort in Cuba Hurt Aid Work


Published on Aug 4, 2014

A U.S. program in Cuba that secretly used an HIV-prevention workshop for political activism was assailed by public health officials and members of Congress who declared that such clandestine efforts put global health programs at risk. (Aug. 5)




Footage Of Rap Video Shooting Released By NYPD


Published on Aug 4, 2014

“A music video shoot at a Bronx bodega turned violent after one member of a rap duo reportedly opened fire on his partner, wounding him in the head, legs, and chest. According to the bodega’s owner, the shooting was triggered by an argument over who was the video’s star.


“They were fighting over who’s the star, who’s better,” owner Ali Abdul told the New York Daily News. “They were drunk. They spit at each other then one guy pulled out a gun and shot the other guy five times.”


See the full video here:…



News for TYT, a video of a “rap” shooting is no more news worthy than the 30 or so shootings in Chicago over any weekend.



Residents return to rubble in Gaza video released Aug. 4


Published on Aug 4, 2014

In a video released Aug. 4, the International Red Cross documents the return of residents to their homes that were destroyed by rockets in the eastern Gaza neighborhood of Shijaiyah. – LoneWolf & The Three Muskadoggies “Please…. Remember Our Homeless, Hospitalized & Disabled Veterans & Fallen Heroes! Thank You….America!”




The Lasting Impact of Reagan’s Firing of Air Traffic Controllers (1/2)


Published on Aug 4, 2014

Prof. Joseph McCartin and former PATCO spokesperson Elliot Simons discuss the anniversary of the firing and Ronald Reagan’s betrayal.



Ronnie Ray-Gun is STILL fucking with America.



‘It was a criminal presidency’


Published on Aug 4, 2014

Legendary journalists Carl Bernstein and Dan Rather reflect on Watergate on the 40th anniversary of Nixon’s resignation.



This asswipe of a President never ever had “impeeeeechment” proceedings started against him for breaking the law. Never was he sued by a dumbass CongrASS either.



Fox News Exclusive: Tom Marino over Pelosi’s bizarre behavior at the House floor


Published on Aug 4, 2014

Rep. Tom Marino Speaks Out About Pelosi Spat
Monday evening on the Kelly File, Pennsylvania Republican Congressman Tom Marino joined Shannon Bream to discuss his recent dust-up with House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, of California, on the House Floor.


Rep. Marino had made remarks criticizing Pelosi’s former Speakership in the scope of immigration policy. Leader Pelosi then broke normal decorum and walked over to where the Williamsport Representative was speaking and responded to his criticism. Her comments were largely indecipherable on the chamber’s microphones.



Faux Spews has some of the most dumbass on air morons in history. This blonde bottle bitch is one of the premier stupids.



PBS NewsHour | Full Episode | Monday, August 4, 2014


Published on Aug 4, 2014

Tonight on the program, we take a look inside Toledo, Ohio, and examine how weather and nutrient pollution can create a toxic algae bloom. Also: the U.S.-Africa summit aims to focus on burgeoning markets, keeping safe in Ebola territory in West Africa, Europe pays tribute to WWI soldiers 100 years later and remembering Reagan press secretary and gun control activist James Brady.




NYPD assaults, arrests half-naked grandmother


Published on Aug 4, 2014

The New York City Police Department is again in hot water after footage emerged showing officers wrestling to the ground a half-naked 48-year-old woman who had just exited the shower, and then arresting her entire family. Reportedly responding to a possible domestic violence call, the officers attempted to cuff the naked Denise Stewart, who lost her towel after being drug into her apartment building’s hallway, for over two minutes. Shouting for her oxygen during the length of the ordeal, the asthmatic woman eventually collapses to the ground while her neighbors shout for assistance. RT’s Anastasia Churkina takes a look at the chaotic scene.




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The Worldwide Protest For Gaza And Palestine. Are YOU Listening Israel Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu?



Strike Kills 10 Near UN School in Gaza


Published on Aug 3, 2014

GRAPHIC VIDEO: Authorities in Gaza say at leat 10 people are dead and 35 have been injured following an air strike at a U.N. school housing displaced Palestinians. (August 3)




Uncut Chronicles: Gaza-Israel War. Deadly July 2014


Published on Aug 3, 2014

The IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) began their current operation against Hamas after three teens were kidnapped and killed. The military op has already claimed over 1,500 civilian lives in Gaza. The fragile humanitarian ceasefires end within minutes of creation pushing the region into further bloodshed.







The World Mourns And Protest In Favor Of Gaza/Palestine


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The Case FOR Palestine/Gaza. The Case AGAINST Zionist Israel……And Words From Sarah Palin As Well.

The Militant Negro

The Militant Negro


 The Case FOR Palestine/Gaza. The Case AGAINST Zionist Israel.


The bold Italics you will see throughout this post are MY comments, if you wish to avoid MY comments, do not read anything that appears to look to you as this sentence looks to you. You have been warned.



Click the map image to enlarge the image


The Israeli–Palestinian conflict


The Israeli–Palestinian conflict is the ongoing struggle between Israelis and Palestinians that began in the mid-20th century. The conflict is wide-ranging, and the term is sometimes also used in reference to the earlier sectarian conflict in Mandatory Palestine, between the Zionist yishuv and the Arab population under British rule. The Israeli–Palestinian conflict has formed the core part of the wider Arab–Israeli conflict. It has widely been referred to as the world’s “most intractable conflict”.


Despite a long-term peace process and the general reconciliation of Israel with Egypt and Jordan, Israelis and Palestinians have failed to reach a final peace agreement. The remaining key issues are: mutual recognition, borders, security, water rights, control of Jerusalem, Israeli settlementsPalestinian freedom of movement, and resolving Palestinian claims of a right of return for their refugees. The violence of the conflict, in a region rich in sites of historic, cultural and religious interest worldwide, has been the object of numerous international conferences dealing with historic rights, security issues and human rights, and has been a factor hampering tourism in and general access to areas that are hotly contested.


Many attempts have been made to broker a two-state solution, involving the creation of an independent Palestinian state alongside the State of Israel (after Israel’s establishment in 1948). In 2007, the majority of both Israelis and Palestinians, according to a number of polls, preferred the two-state solution over any other solution as a means of resolving the conflict. Moreover, the considerable majority of the Jewish public sees the Palestinians’ demand for an independent state as just, and thinks Israel can agree to the establishment of such a state. The majority of Palestinians and Israelis in the West Bank and Gaza Strip have expressed a preference for a two-state solution. Mutual distrust and significant disagreements are deep over basic issues, as is the reciprocal scepticism about the other side’s commitment to upholding obligations in an eventual agreement.


Within Israeli and Palestinian society, the conflict generates a wide variety of views and opinions. This highlights the deep divisions which exist not only between Israelis and Palestinians, but also within each society. A hallmark of the conflict has been the level of violence witnessed for virtually its entire duration. Fighting has been conducted by regular armies, paramilitary groups, terror cells, and individuals. Casualties have not been restricted to the military, with a large number of fatalities in civilian population on both sides. There are prominent international actors involved in the conflict.


The two parties engaged in direct negotiation are the Israeli government, currently led by Benjamin Netanyahu, and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), currently headed by Mahmoud Abbas. The official negotiations are mediated by an international contingent known as the Quartet on the Middle East (the Quartet) represented by a special envoy that consists of the United States, Russia, the European Union, and the United Nations. The Arab League is another important actor, which has proposed an alternative peace plan. Egypt, a founding member of the Arab League, has historically been a key participant.


Since 2006, the Palestinian side has been fractured by conflict between the two major factions: Fatah, the traditionally dominant party, and its later electoral challenger, Hamas. After Hamas’s electoral victory in 2006 the US, EU, and Israel refused to recognize its government and much of the funding to the Palestinian National Authority was suspended. A year later, following Hamas’ seizure of power in the Gaza Strip in June 2007, the territory officially recognized as the State of Palestine (former Palestinian National Authority – the Palestinian interim governing body) is split between Fatah in the West Bank, and Hamas in the Gaza Strip. The division of governance between the parties has effectively resulted in the collapse of bipartisan governance of the Palestinian National Authority (PA). The latest round of peace negotiations began in July 2013 and were suspended in 2014. As of 17 July 2014, intensified, widespread rocket attacks emanating from Gaza have led to a ground invasion by the Israel Defense Forces.


Israeli–Palestinian conflict
Part of the Arab–Israeli conflict
West Bank & Gaza Map 2007 (Settlements).png
Central Israel next to the West Bankand the Gaza Strip, 2007 
Date Mid-20th century – present
Main phase: 1964–1993
Location  Israel
 State of Palestine
Status Israeli–Palestinian peace process
low-level fighting, mainly between Israel and Gaza
Establishment and dissolution of Palestinian administration(1948–1959) in Gaza
Jordanian annexation of the West Bank (1948–1967)
Occupation of West Bank and Gaza by Israel in 1967
Transition of “A” and “B” areas from Israeli Civil Administration

to the Palestinian National Authority in 1994–95
Israeli disengagement from Gaza in 2005

 Israel  All-Palestine(1948–1959)
Palestine Liberation Organization(1964–93)
 Palestinian National Authority (2000–04)
Gaza Strip(2006-present)
Casualties and losses
21,500 casualties (1965–2013) 


The maps I have chosen to display throughout this post will show the deletion of Palestinian landmass from 1948. It makes one wonder how Israel can look itself in the mirror knowing they walked into a settled Palestine and just simply did to Palestine what Hitler and the Germans did to jews in Germany and Europe during World War II.


By Jueseppi B. The Militant Negro




Israel Palestine praying hands


Do Palestinians Really Exist?


By Dean Obeidallah


We’re not all terrorists, we’re not “cockroaches,” and we’re certainly not an “invented” people. What you don’t know about Palestinians.


Luke MacGregor/Reuters

Luke MacGregor/Reuters


Palestine. My late father, Abdul Musa Obeidallah, was born there in the 1930s. When I say Palestine, that’s not a political statement. It’s just a statement of fact. When he was born, there was no state of Israel. There was no Hamas. No PLO. There were just people of different faiths living together on the same small piece of land called Palestine.


And to be honest, but for the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, I doubt you would’ve heard much about Palestinians. My father, like the seven generations of Obeidallahs born before him in his sleepy farming town of Battir, didn’t harbor grand dreams or bold plans. They lived a simple life of growing fruits, vegetables, and lots of olive trees. (Palestinians love olives!) Their biggest battles weren’t with other people, but with the elements.


Most of my Palestinian ancestors lived and died within a few miles of where they were born. That would likely have been my father’s path as well. But as we are all keenly aware, fate had far different plans.


I share this story because I think that lost in the current Gaza conflict is the story of the Palestinians as a people. Instead, they’ve been continually defined as being the “bad” part of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. They’ve been broadly labeled as terrorists or seen as acceptable losses. Some Israeli leaders have alleged Palestinians don’t exist, or called them “cockroaches,” “crocodiles,” or a “cancer.”


As you might imagine, being Palestinian is unique. When you tell someone you’re of Palestinian heritage, it’s not just an ethnicity, it’s a conversation starter. In fact, just saying the word Palestine inflames some. People will tell me to my face that there has never been a Palestine and there are no such thing as Palestinians. To them, I guess Palestinians are simply holograms.


When I ask these people what the land where Israel is now located was called before 1948, they tend to stammer or offer some convoluted response. The answer is simply Palestine. Not a big deal, really.


Indeed, the United Nations debate in 1947 over the creation of the state of Israel was described in terms of the “question of Palestine.” The U.N. even explained in its official summary that “It is recognized that Palestine is the common country of both indigenous Arabs and Jews, that both these peoples have had an historic association with it,” adding that “Palestinian citizens, as well as Arabs and Jews who, not holding Palestinian citizenship, reside in Palestine.” It’s hard to hold legal citizenship of a place that doesn’t exist.


Nowadays, few disagree there is a Palestinian people. After all, there are more than 5 million Palestinians in the West Bank, Gaza, and Israel alone. Of course, that didn’t stop Newt Gingrich from commenting during his failed 2012 run for president that the Palestinians are an “invented” people. Here, I thought for years my father had been a cook, but apparently he was an inventor. If Gingrich—who was simply parroting his then-benefactor Sheldon Adelson’s views—had engaged in the most basic of research, he would have found that most historians mark the beginning of the Palestinian Arab nationalist movement as happening in 1824, when the Arabs there rebelled against Ottoman rule.

The Palestinians, along with Israelis, have been through a lot, to say the least, since 1948, when Israel was created and the boundaries of Palestine were revised by way of UN Resolution 181. That moment immediately changed the destiny of countless Palestinians who until then had been living a humble life.


As most know, a war immediately erupted, resulting in hundreds of thousands of Palestinians being driven from their home or fleeing. Ironically, this war was waged by the surrounding Arab nations—Egypt, Jordan, etc.—which claimed they were doing it for the Palestinian people. But when Palestinian refugees sought to move into these Arab countries after the war, they often were met with horrible discrimination. In some instances, they would not be able to obtain government benefits, were not hired because of their ethnicity, or worse, were fired from a job because a citizen of that country wanted it.


To this day, many are relegated to overcrowded refugee camps, which still exist in the occupied territories as well as in Lebanon and Jordan, which is home to 22 refugee camps and millions of registered refugees per the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). I’ve visited some of these refugee camps in the West Bank, and the Sabra and Shatila refugee camp in Lebanon. The Palestinians there don’t live in tents, as we see with the more recent Syrian refugee crisis. It’s more akin to overcrowded ghettos where dreams are deferred on a daily basis.


That’s the life of millions of Palestinians. They have survived upon the “kindness of strangers.” You see, there’s nothing that truly links Arabs across the region. Moroccans don’t have much in common with those in Dubai. Egyptians view themselves as leaders of the Arab world, while many in Lebanon, which is relatively close to Egypt in terms of kilometers, see themselves as more European than Arab. But sympathy for the Palestinians, on varying levels, is one issue that unites them.


My forebears didn’t flee their homes in Battir during the 1948 war. Since then, they have been under Jordanian rule and then Israeli after the 1967 war. They have endured intifadas and an often cruel military occupation. My grandmother’s land outside Bethlehem was even confiscated by Israeli settlers, who made it part of a Jewish-only settlement. Not because she did anything wrong but simply because she was the wrong religion.


In the 1950s, my father, along with many other Palestinians, immigrated to America in search of a better life. I’ve often wondered what would’ve become of me if I had been born in the West Bank instead of New Jersey. Would I have been able to go to college and law school? Would I have a job? Would I even be alive?


When I think back to growing up in New Jersey, I realize it was a far different time for Palestinians than today. Then we were generally unknown, almost exotic. Sure, the PLO was starting to grab headlines with its deplorable terrorist attacks, but the overwhelmingly negative images we currently see associated with Palestinians had not yet taken hold.


In fact, when I was about 9 years old in the late 1970s, my teacher asked about the ethnicity of each student so she could pin it on a map of the world. When she came to me, she was stumped—she didn’t know much about Palestinians, and of course she couldn’t find it on the map since it wasn’t there. Thankfully for her I’m also half Sicilian, and she found that easily, since most of my classmates were Italian.


Later that night, I relayed that story to my father and asked him: “Where is Palestine?” He paused for a moment as he gathered his thoughts. He then touched his heart and head and responded: “In here.”


I wonder what my response will be if I have children and one day they ask: “Where is Palestine?” Will I be able to take out a map and simply point it out, like most people do when they are asked about their heritage? Or will my only option be mimicking my late father’s answer? What’s most painful to me is not that those are my two options but that I feel powerless to change which answer I will be able to offer.


Thank you Dean Obeidallah. This article can be read in it’s entirety at The Daily Beast.


Netanyahu to World Leaders: “Stand With Israel”


Published on Aug 2, 2014

Israel’s prime minister has warned Hamas that it will pay an intolerable price if it continues to fire rockets at Israel and that Israeli troops will operate as long as necessary to restore calm for Israeli citizens. (Aug. 2)



Fuck you  Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and fuck Israel.



VIDEO – Sarah Palin Launches Subscription-Based Online Video Channel


Published on Jul 27, 2014

Sarah Palin has just launched a new subscription-based online video network. Any guesses as to its name? The former Republican Alaskan governor-turned-VP-candidate-turned-real­ity-TV-star and Fox News contributor announced the Sarah Palin Channel this Sunday evening on her Facebook page. “Tired of media filters? Well, so am I,” she wrote. “So, let’s go rogue together and launch our own member-supported channel! This will be OUR channel, for you and for me, and we’ll all get to call it like it is.”

According to Variety, Palin’s eponymous channel was created with the help of TAPP, the online-video venture formed by former NBCUniversal chairman Jeff Gaspin and former CNN U.S. president Jon Klein.


In a promotional two-and-a-half minute video, Palin tells her viewers: “I want to talk directly to you on our channel, on my terms, and no need to please the powers that be. Together we’ll go beyond the sound bites and cut through the media’s politically-correct filter.”


Subscriptions will reportedly cost $9.95 per month, or $99.95 for a one-year plan. Content for the channel will largely be based on Palin’s speeches, commentary, Q&A sessions, and other curated items.



Fuck you Sarah Palin as well.




I have often listened to and observed people, mostly Americans who have never left their neighborhoods, spew hatred and vile opinions against Palestine and all Palestinians over this war in Gaza. The trouble about most Americans who have never visited that region is they are ignorant about what is actually going on Inside The Gaza Strip. It was not always a “strip.”



This is the Gaza “Strip” today.

This is the loss of land going back to 1948. Click on this map to enlarge and see how Zionist Israel has become the new improved Germany of Hitler....with American assistance.

This is the loss of land going back to 1948. Click on this map to enlarge and see how Zionist Israel has become the new improved Germany of Hitler….with American assistance.


I have been a staunch supporter of MY President, Barack Hussein Obama, since 2000, when he was knocking around the streets of Hyde Park, Chicago. It hurts my heart to split with him over any issue, but not on this issue. Israel and Zionist Israel are dead wrong on this issue. The world watches as the Palestinian people are slaughtered by a superior force and a powerful oppressor, the Israeli government….and her ally, The American government.


The mass murder of children, the bombing of schools, hospitals and U.N. safe zones are the exact tactics used by Nazi Germany and Adolph Hitler during the apex of World War II. There is no difference between what Jews the world over experienced during the horrific genocide of World War II, than what  Benjamin Netanyahu, the current version of Hitler, are doing to Palestine and Palestinians, right this second.


America and her political process has supported and financed Israel, Zionist Israel and all things Jewish in that region for years, based on the American needs/desires to have a force in the Middle East that will assist and support America’s goal  for it’s dominance over Arab nations. Israel is a force to be reckoned with in the Middle East because America supports Israeli efforts against the people of Gaza.


America needs a police force in the Middle East, and Israel is it….which is why Benjamin Netanyahu has the balls to speak to America is such a way as this…


Netanyahu Tells U.S. ‘Not To Ever Second Guess Me Again’ On Hamas


sraeli Defense Minister, Moshe Ya’alon, left, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, center, attend the cabinet meeting at the defense ministry in Tel Aviv, Israel, Thursday, July 31, 2014. (AP Photo/Dan Balilty, pool) | AP

Israeli Defense Minister, Moshe Ya’alon, left, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, center, attend the cabinet meeting at the defense ministry in Tel Aviv, Israel, Thursday, July 31, 2014. (AP Photo/Dan Balilty, pool) | AP

This idiot thinks he is God almighyt because America needs Israel in the Middle east, and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu knows America needs him and Israel. 


Who am I to give advice to POTUSA Barack Hussein Obama, but I will just the same: This is your last term, you have no more elections ahead, there is nothing that you have to “be careful with” any longer….so stop all financial support of Israel. Stop all public and private alliance with Israel. Break all diplomatic and political contact with Israel.


The American government has put in place extensive sanctions against Russia and Vlad Putin based on Russia’s involvement in the invasion and death of a sovereign Ukraine. What are the differences between what is happening in the Ukraine by the hand of Putin and Russia, and what Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Israel forces are doing right now to Palestinians in Gaza?


If anyone has an answer to this last question, please provide the answer to me personally:





Dead Children Names Too Threatening For Israel


Published on Aug 2, 2014

“The Israeli Broadcasting Authority has banned a radio advertisement from a human rights organisation which listed the names of some of the scores of children killed in Gaza since the conflict began 17 days ago.


B’Tselem’s appeal against the decision was rejected on Wednesday. It intends to petition Israel’s supreme court on Sunday in an effort to get the ban overturned.


The IBA said the ad’s content was “politically controversial”. The broadcast refers to child deaths in Gaza and reads out some of the victims’ names.




Israel calls off Friday’s 72-hour ceasefire as sides slip back into fighting


Published on Aug 1, 2014

A 72-hour humanitarian ceasefire between Israel and Hamas disintegrated Friday, just hours after the deal was struck. At least 50 Palestinians have been killed in the Gaza strip on Friday, with Israel also alleging that Hamas had fired early morning rockets. Lindsay France gets the latest on the volatile situation from RT’s Bel Trew in the Gaza Strip. She also updates us on why RT’s Harry Fear was expelled from the area.




Gaza Death Toll Nears 1500 As Cease Fire Breaks Down; Dozens Trapped Near Rafah Crossing


Published on Aug 1, 2014

TRNN’s Lia Tarachansky speaks with Gaza blogger Nalan al-Sarraj
who is among dozens trapped near the Rafah border crossing with Egypt and also comments on the renewed wave of protests
spreading through the West Bank




Gaza in Ruins: Israel strikes university, flattens buildings


Published on Aug 2, 2014

Israel launched dozens of airstrikes across the Gaza Strip early on Saturday as part of a large-scale search for a soldier suspected of being captured by Hamas militants. Palestinian officials reported more than 150 airstrikes including one against Islamic University in Gaza City.




Raw: Israel Bombards Gaza, Searches for Soldier


Published on Aug 2, 2014

Israel bombarded the southern Gaza town of Rafah as troops searched for an officer they believe was captured by Hamas in an ambush that shattered a humanitarian cease-fire and set the stage for a major escalation of the 26-day-old war. (August 2)




GRAPHIC: Bodies piled in Gaza flower shop as morgue evacuated from Rafah


Published on Aug 2, 2014

About a dozen bodies were piled in a cold storeroom at the back of a flower shop in Rafah on Saturday as the city’s main hospital morgue was evacuated the day before due to the Israeli attack. Meanwhile, survivors kept trying to salvage anything from debris and rubble of the totally destroyed residential neighborhood.




Violence in Gaza muddles long-term peace talks


Published on Aug 2, 2014

After an Egypt-arranged cease-fire between Israel and Hamas broke down after only hours on Friday, it was unclear Saturday if or when a longer resolution might play out — especially as violence on the ground intensified during one of the most aggressive assaults yet in the conflict. Jodi Rudoren of The New York Times joins Hari Sreenivasan via Skype from Jerusalem




Israeli PM Netanyahu Addresses Gaza Situation 8/2/2014 (FULL SPEECH)


Published on Aug 2, 2014

Netanyahu Makes A Statement in Tel Aviv: Gaza operation will continue as needed (Live Updates and Video)
Netanyahu: Israel Army “continue to act full-scale … to severely harm the terrorist targets”
Netanyahu: “We will do everything to bring our kidnapped soldier home.”




Inside Israel’s Pro-War Nationalist Camp


Published on Aug 2, 2014

The Real News looks into who are the groups chanting “death to Arabs” throughout Israel and attacking anti-war demonstrators.




Lastly, to the many dumbasses who say Hamas is as wrong in this conflict as Zionist Israel…..consider this: Hamas was created out of a need to strike back against Israel and her well financed and American assisted military forces. You see, when a people are oppressed they have two choices, die under oppressive rule or fight back to win freedom. Hamas was formed as a resistance force against the Nazi tactics of Israel. Sound familiar? If not, Google War World II and Nazi Germany.






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Hume bloggers-for-piece-badge BP3

The President’s Day In California.




President Obama: The full interview


President Barack Obama discusses a wide range of subjects in an exclusive interview with CNBC‘s Steve Liesman. On the docket: Tax inversions, Washington inaction, the stock market and dealing with Russia.




Barack Obama to CNBC – ” FAA Israel Decision Not Based on Politics “


Published on Jul 24, 2014

7-24-14 – ( CNBC ) – At the very end of an interview with CNBC’s Steve Liesman Thursday, President Barack Obama addressed the accusations, from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and others, that the Federal Aviation Administration’s decision to ban U.S. flights from landing in Israel for 48 hours was politically motivated. Obama called the move “purely technical,” saying the United States does not make “decisions when it comes to airline safety” based on “politics” or “even our strong alliance with Israel.”


He elaborated:

“The initial ban that was imposed by the FAA was based on Israel needing to show us that in fact it was safe for commercial airlines to fly in. They worked through a checklist of concerns and mitigation measures that needed to be taken. Having completed those, and convinced the FAA, we moved forward. And by the way, the European governments in terms of the regulating their airlines, did the exact same thing. So I think what happened here was in light of some scary moments a couple of days ago, the FAA took some prudent action. But it also engaged with Israel and Israel was able to answer those questions.”

After the FAA announced the ban on Tuesday, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg swiftly flew to Tel Aviv on an El Al plane to demonstrate just how safe it was to land at that airport. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly confronted Secretary of State John Kerry about the ban during a phone call that day.


The concern for Israel and its allies was that Hamas would view the ban as a victory, possibly emboldening its rocket campaign. Those fears were given credence when a Hamas spokesperson admitted that Israel’s Ben-Gurion airport was, in fact, a target for the rocket strikes.



See the full interview here.





President Obama Delivers Remarks on the Economy in Los Angeles


Published on Jul 24, 2014

President Barack Obama delivers remarks about the economy at Los Angeles Trade-Technical College in Los Angeles, California.




Pres Obama and Crowd Brilliantly Destroy Repeat Heckler Who Calls Him “Antichrist”




President Obama in LA: “You are why I ran for President in the first place.”


President Barack Obama delivers remarks at Los Angeles Trade and Technical CollegePresident Barack Obama delivers remarks at Los Angeles Trade and Technical College in Los Angeles, Calif. July 24, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)


This afternoon, President Obama addressed an excited and energized crowd under sunny skies at the Los Angeles Trade-Technical College.


In his remarks, the President said that he was excited to be back in L.A., where he spent a few “good years” in college — and quickly explained what he was there to talk about.


“I’m here because I am listening to Kati’s story,” the President said. Kati Koster wrote a letter to the President a couple years ago about the effect of student loans. Kati introduced the President — and the President sat down with Kati and three other Americans earlier in the day at Canter’s Deli, to chat about the issues that matter to them.


I’m listening to Americans all across the country, everybody who works their tail off, is doing the right thing, who believes in the American Dream, just wants a chance to build a decent life for themselves and their family. You are why I ran for President in the first place.


And we’ve made a lot of progress since the President took office. Months before the President was sworn into office, the economy tanked, millions of Americans lost their jobs, some of them lost their homes, and almost everyone suddenly was much less certain about America’s future.



But we’ve bounced back.


Today, our businesses have added nearly 10 million new jobs over the past 52 months. The unemployment rate is at its lowest point since September of 2008. And this past year, we saw one of the fastest drops in nearly 30 years in the unemployment rate. The decisions we made not only to rescue the economy, rescue the auto industry, but to rebuild it on a new foundation — those decisions are paying off.


We’re more energy independent. We’re the world’s number-one oil and gas producer. We’ve done more to reduce our carbon footprint than any other country over the past eight years. Our high school graduation rate is at a record high. More young people are going to college than ever before. And millions more Americans now have quality, affordable health care.


“None of this was an accident,” the President declared. “It’s thanks to your resilience and resolve that America has recovered faster and come farther than almost any other advanced country on Earth.”



“We’ve recovered faster, we’ve gone farther than almost any country on Earth since the economic crisis.”


The President also visited Los Angeles Trade-Technical College to focus on one thing in particular: training more Americans for the types of jobs that we’re creating in the 21st century.


Right now, there are more job openings in America than any time since 2007. That doesn’t always make headlines, it’s not sexy so the news doesn’t report it, but it’s a big deal. And the job training programs can help folks who fell on hard times in the recession, help them find a solid path back to the middle class.


“Americans are the best workers in the world — if we’re given a chance,” the President said. He then called on all of us to work together to help more Americans to learn the skills that the 21st-century economy needs.


Earlier this week, President Obama signed into law the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), which makes our federal training program more geared toward high-quality jobs that are in demand today. The President stressed that we should be doing things like this more often — that Congress should be taking efforts to strengthen the middle class and help create more opportunities for all Americans.


President Barack Obama delivers remarks at Los Angeles Trade and Technical CollegePresident Barack Obama delivers remarks at Los Angeles Trade and Technical College in Los Angeles, Calif. July 24, 2014. (Official White House Photo by Lawrence Jackson)


But there’s one specific issue where the President suggested Democrats and Republicans could come together — a type of corporate tax loophole called an “inversion.”


“Even as corporate profits are higher than ever,” the President said, “there’s a small but growing group of big corporations that are fleeing the country to get out of paying taxes.”


Corporations don’t want to give up the perks of doing business in the United States — the best universities, a strong economy, the best military — they’re just not trying to pay for those perks. “So they’re technically renouncing their U.S. citizenship,” he said. “They’re declaring they’re based someplace else even though most of their operations are here.”


It damages the country’s finances. It adds to the deficit. It makes it harder to invest in things like job training that help keep America growing. It sticks you with the tab to make up for what they’re stashing offshore through their evasive tax policies.


The President pointed out that a nurse or a construction worker or a teacher doesn’t get to pick the tax rate that they have to pay — so neither should these companies.


But the good news is that we’re able to do something about this. In this year’s budget, the President proposed closing these “unpatriotic tax loopholes for good.”



“You shouldn’t get to call yourself an American company only when you want a handout from American taxpayers.”


And the President stressed that has wasn’t interested in punishing these companies for what they’ve done — he’s simply interested in an economic patriotism where everyone in this country contributes their fair share.


Instead of tax breaks for millionaires, let’s give tax breaks to families to help on child care or college. Let’s stop rewarding companies that ship jobs overseas; give tax breaks to companies that are bringing jobs back to the United States. Let’s put America back to work rebuilding roads and bridges and airports. Let’s make sure the next generation of good manufacturing is happening right here in Los Angeles, and in Wisconsin, and in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


The President noted that the hardest thing to do in politics is to change the status quo. There’s an entire industry in Washington that feeds off of people staying cynical.


Cynicism is fashionable these days. But I got to tell you, cynicism didn’t put a man on the moon. Cynicism did not create the opportunity for all our citizens to vote. Cynicism has never won a war, or cured a disease, or started a business, or fed young minds.


I believe in optimism. I believe in hope.


“Cynicism is a choice, and hope is a better choice,” the President said. “And if we can work together, I promise you there’s no holding America back.”


Barack’s Day In Cali


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President Obama Surprises Canter’s Deli With Surprise Visit


Published on Jul 24, 2014

 President Obama made a surprise visit at Canter’s Deli on Thursday greeting the crowd and workers. He got tea and pastries to go. No corned beef!? Amy Johnson reports.




Obama Admits His Basketball Shot Is ‘Broke’


Published on Jul 24, 2014

(ABC) President Obama‘s basketball game isn’t what it used to be, he revealed during a surprise stop for lunch at Canter’s Deli in Los Angeles today.
After shaking hands with the people behind the counter at this family-owned landmark, the president talked a little basketball with two older gentleman sitting in a booth.
Asked about his game, Obama told them “My shot’s broken… My elbow keeps going out.”
Rubbing his shoulder, he told them he probably makes about 80 percent of his shots (free throws, not in a game).


“I get that chicken wing,” he said motioning with his elbow. “I’m just getting old.”


The president made his way to a booth in the back where he sat with four people who wrote him letters, part of his effort to “meet with folks from across the country to listen to their stories, struggles, and successes, as well as the issues in their lives that matter most,” according to the White House.






10:35 PM: The President arrives Joint Base Andrews, Joint Base Andrews.


10:50 PM: The President arrives the White House, South Lawn.





On Friday, the President and the Vice President will welcome President Otto Perez Molina of Guatemala, President Juan Orlando Hernandez of Honduras, and President Salvador Sanchez Ceren of El Salvador to the White House. The four leaders and Vice President Biden will discuss how to reinforce our ongoing collaboration to stem the flow of undocumented migrants from Central America to Mexico and the United States.


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